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A Non-commercial English translation of OXYGEN novel written by Chesshire, which has been adapted into an upcoming Thai Bl series, "Oxygen The series" directed by Jane Pongpisit Bottasri to be released in 2020. This work was published NOT for any commercial use and NOT to gain any profit. This is just a translated version for non-Thai speakers and for myself. I just want to quench my thrust from the series. However, I'm not Thai and not a Thai native speaker. I'm just a human who is learning the language by myself. Therefore, the grammar may not be 100% perfect, but I'm trying my best to translate it as accurate as possible. _____________ One was born without parents, earning money for himself, just a smile accompany him as his friend. While the other one...has everything but without a smile. One night, they meet each other in a small coffee shop, with warm milk and warm smile again and again continuing night by night. Before they realize it, they have become each other's breath. Become an indispensable thing like Oxygen. This is a love story between a 4th-year student of Engineering Faculty, Gui Jirayu who worked at a small cafe with a freshman of Music Faculty, Solo Siwarokin who always comes to have warm milk every night, otherwise, he won't be able to sleep. "Guitar is my happiness." - Solo "So is everything to P." - Gui

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Chapter 0

If 'my' love is the same as living...

Air and breathing are one of the most important things that helped humans to survive on this earth.

The air consists of many elements in it. And a human cannot live without oxygen.

Oxygen is the second-largest gas element in the system.

To me, 'he' is like an Oxygen.



"Gui, a glass of cold cocoa with two sugar cubes."

I smile at Mui who's one of the regular customers of the university café where I worked as part-time. Her finger excitedly pointed to the menu.

This café is owned by P'Kaew who is my senior code. After graduated, she found a full-time job, so she doesn't have enough time to come to look after the café. As for me, I had to earn money to take care of myself, so I volunteered to look after this café for her together with few other staffs. Most of the time, I will work the night shift until the shop closes at 10 pm except for some days when maybe the shifts will be shuffled with other staff depending on the occasion.

"Why did you have an afternoon shift today? Usually, it's N'Khim." Mui took the cup of cocoa and drank a sip.

"Khim wasn't feeling well. So, I asked her to go home. And I was free, so I volunteered to do the job..."

Khim is a person who has been working here for a year and just entered her Second Year. At first, P'Kaew said she wouldn't hire Khim because she already had enough staffs. But after seeing the effort and Khim's diligence came from the Faculty of Humanities building which is located far away, but still keep coming by here to ask for a job in this hot weather for a week. Therefore, I asked P'Kaew to hire her.

"Gui is so kind. Who will be the lucky one to have you?" Mui giggled with her friends which I can only smile back because I didn't know what to answer.

"Speaking of which, you're pouting while working on today's post. So many people will come to this café later."

I turned to thank Mui's friend named Nun. I'm glad that she tried to help to attract the customers to come.

I was about to ask what page is it...

"That's right! If you post it on 'Cute Page', definitely it will attract more customers to come here. Then Gui will feel so happy."

The page is a page for handsome good-looking men.. something like that. I once used to be photographed while working then the photo gets posted on the page. It's unbelievable at that time the number of my followers on Facebook has reached thousands of people. But then the picture was taken down. Even so, thanks to the people who took the photos, it helped this café to get more customers and earn more.

And as what they just said, a few minutes later the café was flooded with customers. There were no more seats left, especially at the counter where I worked. K.Café is the name of this café. But people at the university just called it 'K' in short. I don't know why this place has become a gathering place

for the students, even though it's just a small café. But sometimes I think maybe it's because it was located in the middle of the university. Realizing this, P'Kaew planned to rent another small shop to expand this café.

I am a Fourth-Year student from the Faculty of Engineering and now, I'm free for the next two weeks, so I have to find an extra job to earn more income. I can say that I'm quite lucky that I don't have to pay for the tuition fee because I have a scholarship since my first year. But I have to admit that my life is more tiring than the average people. Kring.

The sound of the café's door opened making me, the person who was cleaning the table to looked up in surprise because usually at this hour no one would stop by because it's already late. And, currently, it's still semester break.

I turned my head to look at the clock on the wall and saw it's already five minutes after the closing time. But even so, I still turned and smile at the tall man who just came in alone.

"Welcome." He turned his eyes toward me. The expression of the other man looks calm but also looks exhausted until I can feel it.

"Is this café already closed?"

I smiled a little wider at the person's politeness.even though his face was just a still face.

"That's right. It's time to close. But I haven't gone back home yet. You can come in and take a sit first."

The other man frowned a little before he nodded. Then came to sit at the counter, looking at the menu and the slices of cake on the cabinet with an expressionless face.

I took this opportunity to not pay much attention to the appearance of the other man.

But I must admit that he is a handsome looking man and very eye-catching from the first sight, sharp black eyes, black hair, prominent nose, thin lips, white skin, tall, fit, muscular and also wearing clothes from a brand that I know but wasn't dare to buy it. He seemed to be taller than 180 cm tall. And most importantly, the piercings on both ears didn't make him look bad. But instead, it's reinforcing his look even more. I have to admit that this man is looking good from head to toe.

And at the moment, I was observing his face. Then the pair of black eyes moving towards me and caught me in the eyes. I was a bit startled, I just blinked my eyes then smiles at him without saying anything. And he just looked without avoiding my gaze.

"Sweet Espresso and crêpe cake."

Even though feeling tired, but to drink coffee at 10 pm, wasn't it unhealthy?

"Drinking coffee at this hour is not good." I just said that then turned to prepare the menu that he ordered without explaining anything further to him. Then the other man raised his head to look up.

"... Then what should I drink?" The face remained still, even though he just spoke one sentence but I felt that it sounds very fascinating.

I smiled without answering anything. After changing his drink menu suddenly, I turned to pick up the crêpe cake and placed it on a plate before serving it together with the drink

He sat down in front of the counter. I can see from his pair of eyes that he was surprised as he was looking at the drink that I served.


"Yes." I smile a little wider. Pushing the cup of milk closer to him, "... warm milk can help you to sleep well."

He nodded, removing the name tag that was hanging on to his neck and placed it on the table. That is a name tag for people who are participating in the Moon-Star Contest. I knew it because I saw the label on the tag that was written clearly, it's for Moon-Star representative of a faculty. And I have worn the same tag before. Presumably, right now a group of Moon-Star was doing activities together to get to know each other. I immediately understand why this person in front of me looked tired, even though the new semester hasn't started yet.

"Eat up quickly then hurry back home to rest... Solo."


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