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Avery White just got out of military school. She flew straight to New York with the hopes of redeeming her past. But what happens when another obstacle hinders her plans and it came in the form of devilishly handsome and powerful billionaire. Stefano Ranallo, one of the world's powerful businessman, would teach her a lesson not to meddle with his business. And to Avery's nightmare, he found out her darkest secret. One she regrets for the rest of her life. What's worse, he contacted her parents ones who threw her to military school, and in which she never got in touch with for years. Trouble sure has a way with her. Now that her family left her with him, she ended up becoming the handsome billionaire's driver. I guess will have to find out how they'll handle each other with the hot boss and the sexy annoying driver he newly acquired.

Romance / Drama
Joe Sakura
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Chapter 1

I stare at the apartment building right in front of me with the suitcase on my side and a bag on my back. New York will be a new start. I promised myself that.

Just as I get inside, I hear people yelling at the hallway.

"Tell that arrogant man I will not ever sell this land to him! Not now, not ever! Now get out of my building, you scumbag!" An old woman who seemed to be almost in her seventies screamed at the suited man.

"Please, it will only take a moment of your time to talk to him." The middle aged man pleaded.

"I said get out! I already told you that I don't want to and will not sell anything to him!" She screamed with frustration. I could see she's already exhausted and frail. Surely any moment now she'll collapse from stress that this annoying man is giving.

He tried to talk again but I cut him off." I suggest you should go now. Can't you see you're giving her an awful lot of stress? If she faints, you're going to answer to everything. " As I tried to guilt trip him. He tried to open his mouth but I cut him off again.

"I said leave, you dumbfuck! Before I break your bones!"

He understood and gave a sigh. He then left the poor woman. I turned around to look at her behind me. She doesn't look too good.

"Are you alright, ma'am?" I asked with concern.

"Thank you for what you did. The man has been bugging me for days now. He couldn't seem to understand what it meant to say no. I swear I spoke with every language saying no. He can't seem to get it." She said frustrated.

"Whoa. Calm down there. I don't think it's advisable for you to stress yourself out. Where's your room? I'll take you there. You should take a rest." I took her arm and supported her.

The grandma soften her eyes and smiled at me lovingly. "Oh dear. It's rare for people to find a good girl like you but I can take care of myself. I'm just tired of that man always pestering me. However, I'm fine. I'm good. Thank you for your concern. Please whatever you're doing, you should go on." She then notices my suitcase. She raised her brow and wondered. "Are you looking for a place to stay?"

"Yeah." I nervously rubbed the back of my neck.

"That's great. I have a spare room upstairs. You could take it. Come. I'll take you there." She said with excitement.

I looked at the room. It was so perfect and beautiful that I'm having second thoughts. I'm sure I can't afford this.


"It's Nancy, dear. Nancy Willis."

"Mrs. Willis -" She suddenly cut me off.

"No. Just call me Nancy, dear." She smiled heartily.

"You have another room here, Nancy? I think I can't afford this one. It's just too... grand." I said as I thought of ways to describe it. "And I'm sure the price is the same. I just got out of... the academy and I don't have that much money to afford this place." I said as I continue to look around.

"It's fine, dear. You can have this place. You can pay me however much you want. You can stay here. It's thanks for rescuing me a moment ago."

"I can't." I shook my head. "This is just too much. And I just did what I had to do."

"Young lady, if you don't take this place, I'd be sad and hurt and it's not good for my heart. I'm sure you don't want to be the one to take me to the hospital, do you?" Her hands were on her waist while scolding me. To think I guilt trip that man a while ago.

"Oh o-okay. I'll take it. I'll take it." I sighed. "Thank you, Mrs. Willis- I mean Nancy." I smiled and she returned it. I offered my hand to her. "Avery. Avery White. Thank you for having me, Nancy. The room is beautiful."

"You can stay here as long as you want, dear." She shook my hand.

"If I may ask, who was that guy earlier? You said he's been pestering you for days. Is there a reason why?" I asked concerned.

"Yes." She sighed. "His boss sent him here to talk to me about selling this entire place, this land. I already said no a million times but he and his boss couldn't seem to take my refusal. So he came here almost everyday to pester me."

"If there's anything I could do to help you, Nancy, please let me know. I would be happy to help you."

She smiled at me and held my hand. "Thank you, dear."

When everything is settled, I took a shower. I smell like shit and piss all together. No, I'm exaggerating. I smell like that right after training when we're all rolling and crawling in the mud. Honestly, I'm so happy I finally graduated from the academy. I hate waking up at dawn just to run around and do push ups and of course, get ordered around by captains.

I dried my hair and lied down on my bed. The comforter was so nice that I immediately fell asleep.

I turned to my right and saw the clock. Fuck! Seriously, it's 10am?! How did I sleep that much? This is a toll for always waking up early every damn day. I showered and got changed. When I thought I'm all ready, I got out of my apartment ready to leave. I sighed.

I was supposed to find a job today. University isn't cheap. Maybe I should have two jobs until college starts. As soon as I near the exit, I heard shouting. No doubt that's Nancy again.

"What are you doing?" I looked at them glaring.

It's the suited man from yesterday with another suited man. I walked towards them and stood in front of Nancy to cover her. The man from yesterday let out a huge sigh. He rolled his eyes I can obviously read the thought in his face. 'This woman again' was written all over it.

"I asked you-"

The man beside him cut me off. "Stay out of this, little girl. This is not your place to interrupt."

Little girl? I scoffed. "Just because your huge doesn't make me a little girl. And FYI your stressing an old lady out. No offense, Nancy."

"None taken, dear." She replied.

I eyed the suited man yesterday. "And you, I can't believe you brought a bodyguard. Afraid that I'd break your bones? It was just a threat but if you don't leave the poor lady alone, I'm afraid I might just do it."

"Miss, like I said this is not your place to-"

Nancy cut the body guard off. "No, you two leave my building. How many times have I said no to you? You can never take this place. Tell that to your boss." Nancy said with frustration.

I smirked. "You heard her. Now, go." I pushed them towards the door. The bodyguard pulled me back from him. His grip was tight on my left arm. The bad arm I almost broke from training. I struggled from his grasp. I could hear Nancy from the back shouting to let me go. He wouldn't let me go. I saw his other hand reaching for my other arm.

Fuck my arm! As soon as I yelled this in my head, I punched him square in the face. I saw him staggered, nose bleeding. I could clearly hear Nancy say 'oh dear' while being frightened. The other guy reached for me but I grabbed his arm and twisted it in his back while pushing him in the wall.

"What did I say, huh?" I said near his ear. He struggled and groaned in pain. Every time he moves, my grip tightened. His bodyguard was literally useless.

"What's going on here?!"

A deep voice made us stop. My grip loosened as I turned my head to look at the man who just yelled at us.

Oh, fucking hell.

There stood all in his glory and power... a devilishly handsome man.

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