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Skylar and Star have been best friends since 2nd grade, but little does Sky know, Star loves him.

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The StarGazer

Hi. I’m Star and I’ve got this friend named Sky, his name is Skylar but that’s what we call him. We’ve been best friends since 2nd grade but little does he know, I’ve been in love with him since 5th. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but now being a junior in high school, him a senior, I know what it is but still haven’t had the guts to tell them. I Love him, I really do, I just don’t wanna ruin the relationship.

“HEY STAR, WAZZUP!” He walks over to me and puts me in a headlock, ruffling my hair. I laugh and push him away, red, speaking loudly.

“Get off me dork!” He laughs as I speak, and I throw my pencil at him. “What’s so funny?!” I playfully glare at him, laughing.

“Nothing, you’re just like, bright red.” He flicks me as he speaks again, “And you’re the dork here” I roll my eyes, flustered. I wish I could tell him how I felt but I’ll save that for later. I walked beside him as he walked to his class, talking about our latest project, the StarGazer (Yes, I came up with the name, but it fits anyways.) The StarGazer is a device that projects the galaxy onto your ceiling and room around you that comes with a remote where you can click what galaxy or nebula you wanna go to and it will take you there, along with showing you what the previous days sunset and day cycle looked like. The StarGazer was collaborate with just about any bluetooth device if the remote is lost. Sky and I have been working on it for about a month in our coding classes, we each have two, one together and one apart since we’re different grades. I should be in the same grade as him, but I was held back, that’s why I have a class with him. Skylar means a lot to me, the way he smiles and laughs makes my day, so I’m okay with his constant laughing, he laughs at the tiniest of things, but not as much as he used to. Skylar puts up a face at school, acting happy, but it’s a different story when he goes home and lets his guard down. He changes. Not a bad change! Just a sad one. He doesn’t laugh or smile as much, and tends to stare blankly into space, every so often hugging his dog that stays with him in his room. His dog lies beside his feet most of the time. His room is covered in posters of bands and fashion stuff while mine is full of musicals, games, and instruments. It was kind of funny to see his reaction when he saw my room the first time he came over.


We walked home from school that day, deciding not to ride the bus. As Sky walked he watched the ground and oncoming things.

“So KawaiSky, how’d your day go and are you excited to work on The StarGazer at my place?!” I said, smiling. KawaiSky was his nickname I gave him. He pepped up, nodding and laughed, saying.

“Well duh! I haven’t been to your house yet! How is your family and stuff? Are they gonna hate me?” I look at him and cock an eyebrow, laughing.

“Totally. He’ll kick you out for your converse.” I said sarcastically. He looked surprised as he said,

“Wait.. What? Do I need to change them? Why doesn't he like con-” I cut him off, saying.

“Skylar. I was joking. He’ll love you. You make me happy as my best friend!” You could see him cringe as I said that.

“Oh- Sorry! I’m just worried. Haha”

“It’s cool”

We kept walking until we got to my house, walking up the stairs and bursting through the door as I said, “WELCOME; THE INCREDIBLE, SKYLAR STRAYOW!” Letting him walk through the door now red as ever he spoke.

“O-oh.. Haha, I’m not that important Starkid!” He shoved me playfully, using my nickname. My dad came up to him and looked him up and down, speaking.

“So, you’re the one my daughter keeps talking about, her best friend?” He spoke deeply, seemingly trying to scare Sky. It worked. Sky backed up and nodded.

“Y-yes sir. I am.”

“Well...” He said deeply again, then lightened up his tone, “Welcome to the family son! Why’d you back up? Give me a hug!” My dad put out his hand to Skylar, and when Sky took it my dad pulled him into a hug, as I clearly saw Sky ease up, hugging him back as he said,

“Jeezus. You scared me there for a second!” My dad looked at him and laughed.

“That was the entire point.” They both laugh and I started for my room.

“KawaiSky, I’m headed to my room, you coming?” I said, on the first two steps down the stairs. He nodded and smiled back at my dad, following me. I could see my dad out of the corner of my eye shake his head smiling. When we got to my room Skylar sat on my bed, looking around.

“Wow Star! Your room is pretty cool!” My room was the basement so yeah, I agreed with him.

“I know. Watch this. ” I went over to a stereo system and turned it on, putting on a song we both love, called Discord. His eyes went wide when I put it on full blast and the things around it started shaking from the bass.

“STAR AREN’T YOU GONNA GET YELLED AT?!” He yelled. I turned it down and looked at him.

“He can’t even hear it. My room is soundproofed so I can play music and my instruments and he doesn’t have to hear my practicing, which is bad at first” I laughed and handed him a guitar, knowing he can play. I picked up my piano and turned it on, turning the system up, now connected to the instruments. We both looked at eachother and at the same time said,

“Let’s jam!”

End of flashback

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