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Love was not the Reason

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Walking towards the altar, eyes shimmering with fresh tears to give myself to 'Mr Stranger', the husband my late mother chose for me. Mr Knox tried holding my again to escort me and I shrugged him off for the third time. I know he loves me and wants the best for me, but this? Marrying a stranger? No! No! No!, screams through my head. I notice the bestman next to Mr Stranger nugging him and giggling at my attempts to shove Mr Knox. Why did Mr stranger choose me? Why? Why? Why? Then I am standing infront of Mr Stranger, my end game?

Romance / Drama
Sabry Singh
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Chapter 1

Hailey's POV

Waking up to face another day after an exhausting night, to do the same thing all over again.

If I wasn't experiencing it, I would have never known how tiring thinking can be.

Dragging myself out off bed, I had to rushed into the bathroom, because my bladder is still as weak as ever. I decided to shower and dress before preparing breakfast and lunch.

I already called in to inform my boss that I will be late to work or maybe take a day off because of my impending visit Mr. Knox, the attorney, the only person who knows who I am.

I grew up with the knowledge that I am an orphan and lived of an inheritance from my late parents but after numerous searches, I have found nothing about them or any other family members. It's as if they didn't exist and if they didn't exist, then who am I really?

Other than the last name Sullivan and knowing that my parents died in a car crash, I have nothing!

I will beg Mr. Knox again today to tell me more, knowing full well that he will refuse me but to get the truth, I am not beneath begging.

Checking the time again I realized I am getting late for my appointment because of the amount of time I've been spending on thinking.

Again, I ended up rushing into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, a drink I need to start my day, especially with the one I will be having and two slices of toast.

After swallowing it quickly I washed my cup leaving it to drain, double checking to ensure everything was clean. Since I was late, I decided to buy lunch today because I don't have the time to prepare anything in case I go to the office.

Yes it's all good, I smiled sadly as I took my phone and keys off the table and my handbag before rushing out to see what today holds for me.

I hustle out of my apartment building, smiling at Amos the front desk security. "A pleasant morning Ms. Sullivan, my bones says, we are in for a hot day, so you enjoy your day and be safe" Amos greeted me smiling.

"Morning Amos, I will have a great day as usual, you enjoy your day and be safe". I replied to Amos. Be safe is a regular part of Amos and I greeting each other. Waving at Amos, I stepped outside the building to get a cab to go downtown to Mr. Knox's office, with butterflies fluttering in my stomach, despite having a cup of coffee!

I got a cab and gave the driver Mr. Knox's address before settling into the back seat and again, I allowed my mind wonder about what could be!

I celebrated my twenty first birthday two weeks ago and since then Mr. Knox's secretary has been calling for me to come in, to meet with him. I kept delaying because if I go, it might be the last time I meet Mr. Knox and then, I will have no more connections with my my parents, my only family.

"Are you ok miss?" the cab driver ask. When I looked at him confused, he said "you're crying" indicating my wet cheeks.

Embarrassed, I bent my head, quickly wiping my cheeks before lifting my eyes up to the driver and saw him still staring at me in the rearview mirror, smiling sadly.

"I'm fine thank you, just memories" I whispered softly, not sure if he heard me as I continue to stare out the window into the slow flowing traffic.

Thanks for reading. Please don't be too hard on comments although I know constructive criticism improves anyone.
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