Love was not the Reason

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Chapter Eight

Hailey's POV

Wow! Did this guy really seek refuge at my table? Of course he did, even though I'm not that appealing.

I felt hypnotize by his eyes, as he places his order without taking his eyes off me.

As the waitress, walks away, he looks at my bag on the table. "Picking up an order?" he enquire.

"Uh, no!" I said looking at the bag. "Am," I chuckle shyly, "actually it's a birthday cake from a friend" I added

With a small grin, "oh, I should be treating you to your coffee instead?" he suggests.

"No, that's okay." I said as the waiter approached with my coffee, "thank you" I said,

"Would you like to have anything else?" the waiter asks politely.

"Uh, no, no thank you" I responded softly.

Turning his attention to Adian, "sir, can I get you something?" he politely asks.

Smiling at the waiter, "I'm good, thanks. I have a order inside" Adian told the waiter.

With a smile, the waiter, nods before walking away.

"How old are you, if you don't mind my asking?" Adian asked, after the waiter left.

"Uh um, twenty one" I responded, wanting to slap myself

What's with me acting like a giddy schoolgirl? I'm much more confident than this.

Chuckling, he slightly leans across the table, "maybe we should be toasting with something other than coffee" he whispers.

Giggling, "I've had a few glasses of bubbly already, so the coffee, is to burst the bubbles" I admit, shyly

"Ah, no wonder you didn't kick me to the curb when I came to your table" he smiles.

"Yeah, I still numb" I said, looking at the coffee cup in my hand. Lifting the cup I took a sip, totally enjoying the taste and the aroma.

Observing me closely, "you make that cup of coffee seem so enticing" Adian said seductively.

Looking up to see him staring at me, without wavering. I smiled awkwardly, taking another sip of my coffee. Darn!

The waitress arrived with Adian's order and she places his coffee and wrapped beef sandwich in front of him, as he kept his eyes on me.

"Thank you" I told her softly, because Adian just continued staring at me.

She just glared at me, turning to look at Adian, who was still ignoring her, before walking away.

Chuckling, "I hope she didn't spit in my coffee" Adian said lifting his cup taking a sip.

I choked and spilled some coffee when I heard what he said.

Handing me his napkin, "you ok?" he asks with concern, dabbing the napkin on my chin as I quickly pushed his hand away.

Taking the napkin from his hand, I wiped my lips and the drops that fell on my black top, thankful that my blazer was open.

"Not much damage done" Adian said as he looks at my chest.

Pulling my blazer together, "it's your fault" I muttered

Looking at me, "me? What did I do?" he ask innocently, taking a bite of his sandwich.

"Do you think they do that?" I ask cringing, staring at my coffee.

Laughing softly, "If they did, then I would have drank a lot of waiters and waitresses saliva" he said casually, taking a sip of his coffee, while I wanted to puke because of the thoughts he put in my head.

As if he realize what he did, he gives me a deep grin, causing the dimple in his left cheek to deepen, adding to his sexiness.

God, what's wrong with me and this stranger, whom I may never see again.

"Are you still in college?" he asked, watching me

With a small smile, "no, I graduated two months ago" I said

Holding his sandwich midair, "seriously?" he frowned

Chuckling at his expression, "I was an early entry at seventeen through a scholarship. I doubled up classes so that I could get my degree early" I explain.

Trying to read me, "I'm guessing that college lifestyles didn't keep you occupied?' he said

Grinning, "Nope!" I agreed. " I wasn't a nerd, or stuck into myself, I studied hard, so that I could return home and start another chapter of my life." I said, getting lost in my thoughts.

Narrowing his eyes on me, "so have you? I mean, started living your life?"

A humorless laugh, escape my lips, "I'm still waiting on a job in the city. I've had offers, but so far it's out of state. Actually, I got an offer this morning, so I'm considering it" I babbled on, wondering why I'm tell a stranger so much about my future plans.

"That's good to know. Taking life one step at a time" he muse.

Giggling, "Oh please, I don't have a life plan. It's where I am right now." I answered

"Your parents live in the city?" He asks as he drinks the last drop of coffee.

"Her saliva, taste good, huh?" I smile, avoiding his question

His burst of laughter, sounded contagious, as I joined him.

The waiter came to our table again, "would you like to add anything else to your order" he enquire politely, looking at me.

"Uh, um," I look to Adian, "would like anything else?, Um maybe a cup of coffee?" I ask mischievously.

With the same glint of mischief in his eyes, "yes" he says looking at the waiter.

"It's Hailey's twenty first birthday and we have a cake here, but I would like to impose on you for two saucers, two forks and a knife, please" he request politely.

With a wide grin, "of course, of course" the waiter says, quickly walking away.

"What type of cake is it?' Adian asks when the waiter left.

"Red velvet. Do you like it?' I ask him curious

Grinning, and there's that dimple again. "Of course, it's my favorite kind" he lies

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