Love was not the Reason

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Chapter Nine


Raising my eyebrows, with a smirk, "see what your pretty smile did?" I observed, eyeing the cutlery the waiter bought to our table.

Hailey gently pushes the cake to the center of the table, "since it's your favourite, you cut it" she invited me.

With a twitch of my lips, I agreed and preceded to take the cake out of the bag, smiling, I hope this f****** cake is as good as it looks.

I cut two generous slices for the both of us. Hailey stares at me, "Aren't you eating it?" she asked with a frown.

I dug into my slice, savoring the first taste and I have to admit it's good but nothing beats chocolate.

I raised my eyes to see Hailey smiling before she starts taking bites of her slice, with eyes closed, savoring the taste.

F***! I would love to taste a piece directly from her lips.

Taking a deep breath I looked away from her mouth, that is extremely enticing.

"So what's your plan for the balance of the day?" I enquired, making conversation so that I will not dwell of how turned on I am right now.

Shrugging her shoulders, "just a run to the supermarket and dinner" she says casually.

Deep in thought as I consider inviting her out. F**k tomorrow and whatever mom's lawyer says.

"Would you care to join me for dinner tonight?" I formally invited her, as if it's my first f****** date.

Hailey gasps, and some specs of cake flew out of her open mouth, which she instantly covers, confirming that my invitation definitely surprised her.

Raising my hands, "no strings attached, I promise. It's just the right of passage for someone to celebrate their twenty first birthday with a certain pomp' I tried to convince her, hoping she would accept as I help wiped the table with the cake she spew out.

Why does she keep doing that?

Looking at me with interest, "how did you celebrate yours?" she taps her fingers softly on the table

Shaking my head, "that's not a good memory?" I responded, remembering that dreadful day.

Sensing a change in my mood, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be prying." she say regretfully.

Sighing, "Huh! Yeah, it's not you" I told her, drinking my now cold coffee, as a way of distraction.

"I should have a do over." I chuckle.

Confused, "a do over?" Hailey repeats.

Nodding as a brilliant idea hits me, "yeah, we should celebrate our twenty first birthday together." I said, the idea of doing it sounds appealing in my head.

Smiling, "yes, consider my dinner invitation a birthday dinner for both our birthdays." I continued, like a salesman hungry for a sale.

"Mines will be five years later" I added, hoping she understands.

Smiling sweetly, like the innocent girl that she is, "I would like that, but I am intrigued. Why you didn't celebrate yours." she said shyly.

Leaning back on the chair with folded arms, "so if I tell you about my horrible twenty first birthday celebration, you would agree to go with me?" The businessman in me negotiated.

Leaning forward, her elbows on the table, "I will even foot the bill" she agrees, leaving me wondering if I should hire her at my company instead.

Stretching out a hand towards her, "deal" I agreed. She placed her small soft hand into mines. Keeping her hands in mines, I caress her palm with my thumb "and if my reason is sad, we hit the a nightclub" I added quietly, holding her hand firmly in mines, before she pull away.

Hailey, smiles awkwardly, definitely nervous. She nods instead of verbally agreeing.

"Right" I held her hand, placing both our hands on the table looking beyond her with a far off look.

"Uh, yeah. I was at university, with a major exam falling on the morning of my birthday." I started. "And yes, I was engaged to my girlfriend of three years." Her fingers tenses as I said that. "I had my own apartment which I shared with my fiance, but spent the night at the dorm of a guy from my study group." My fists tightening up as I recall that morning for ten billionth time.

"Our professor extended our study time, giving us some extra time, which I used to return to my apartment and to my fiance." I chuckle dryly.

Hailey didn't interrupt nor did she complain about how tightly I squeezed her hand, even though she wince in pain, but I couldn't let go, needing someone to hold on too.

"As a norm, when I return late, I would quietly move around, but I saw wine glasses and a half bottle of wine of the kitchen counter, with a shirt, that looked familiar and my fiance's top and bra. I stayed rooted in that spot for maybe a minute, before I quietly walked up the stairs and into my our bedroom."

"Hey," Hailey tried to stop me for continuing, but I need to continue. I needed to say out loud what happened. I needed to remind myself, to keep myself alert.


"I guess you know by now, what awaited me," I looked at her for the first time since I started sharing my past with her. Her eyes were sad as she stares back at me.

"Yea" I chuckle, humorously. "My sweet girl was rolling in the sack with my bestfriend." I admitted, clenching and unclenching my jaw. "I was numb!" My eyes growing cold, "I slid to the floor outside the room, my room and listened" I heard them having sex on my bed for more than and hour but what added to my horror was their pillow talk." I smile ruefully.

"Apparently, they have been going together behind my back for two years and their plans were to take me for every cent I had."

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