Love was not the Reason

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Chapter 1

Hailey's POV

Waking up to face another day after an exhausting night, to do the same thing all over again.
I dragged myself out off bed and rushed into the bathroom, using the toilet because my bladder is still as weak as ever. I decided to shower and dress before going to prepare breakfast and to take to work.
I already called in to inform my boss that I will be late to work because I have to visit Mr. Knox, the attorney, the only person who knows who I am.
I grew up with the knowledge that I am an orphan and lived of an inheritance from my late mother. I have searched and have found nothing about her or any other family. Other than the last name Sullivan, I have not even found a name for my mother. I will beg Mr. Knox again today to tell me more, knowing full well that he will refuse me.
Checking the time again I realized that I am getting late cause I spent too much time thinking. Rushing into the kitchen I quickly made a cup of coffee cause my day just won't start without it and toast two slices of bread. After swallowing it quickly I washed my cup leaving it to drain, doubling checking to make sure everything was clean. Since I was late, I decided to buy lunch today because I don't have the time to prepare anything.
Yes it's all good so I took my phone, my keys off the table and my handbag rushing out to see what tomorrow holds for me.
I hustle out of my apartment building, smiling at Amos the front desk security. "A pleasant morning Ms. Sullivan, my bones tells me we are having a hot day today, so you enjoy your day and be safe" Amos greeted me smiling.
"Morning Amos, I will have a great day as usual, you enjoy your day and be safe". I replied to Amos. "Be safe" is a regular part of Amos and I greeting each other. Waving at Amos, I stepped outside the building to get a cab to go downtown to Mr. Knox's office.
I got a cab and gave the driver Mr. Knox's address before settling into the seat of the cab, to let my mind wonder.
I celebrated my twenty first birthday two weeks ago. Since then Mr. Knox's secretary kept calling me to come in, to meet with him. I kept delaying because if I go, it might be the last time I meet Mr. Knox and then, I will have no more connections with my my mom, my only family.
"Are you ok miss?" the cab driver ask. When I looked at him confused, he said "you're crying".
Embrassed, I bent my head, quickly wiped my cheeks before lifting my eyes up to the driver. Meeting his eyes in the review mirror, smiling sadly.
"I'm fine thank you, just memories" I whispered softly, not sure if he heard me as I continue to stare out window into the slow flowing traffic.

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