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Love was not the Reason

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chapter 2

Hailey's POV

I felt uncomfortable when the driver kept taking peeks at me through the rearview mirror.

Plastering on my face, I hope to hide the fact that I am lonely and always afraid. Now a stranger saw me weeping. It's a good thing I never have to see him again.

With my fake happy smile plastered on, no one will ever see my brokeness.

Yesterday Mr. Knox called again stressing that it is important for me to come in today. So here I am making a trip to his office, hoping I will finally have answers to my questions and end up walking away with a lighter heart.

About fifteen minutes later, the cab driver had already stop in front of the lawyer's office, before I became aware of it. "Miss we are here" said the driver pulling me from my thoughts again.

"Thank you, how much do I owe you?" I asked, then paid him adding a tip before exiting the cab with my signature fake smile plastered on. I remained on the curb, watching him drive off, before turned towards the building that houses Mr. Knox's office, ready to face my demons alone.

Straightening my blouse, I walked into the lobby of the building that houses Mr. Knox's office.

The elevator doors were opening as I got closer, so I dashed in joining the lady and gentleman already inside and again the fears of not knowing about my parents and then there is the fears of the people who haunt me in my dreams and that's by greatest fear, who are those people why do they scare me so much?

Yes I know this chapter is short.. but we are heading to meet Mr. Stranger


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