Love was not the Reason

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Chapter 3

Mr Knox's POV

The ringing of my cellphone distracted me from reading the documents in front of me. Checking the caller ID I answered the call, "Good morning, Knox speaking".

"Good morning Carlton, how are you?" Mrs Knight asked me with a chipper tone.

"Ah Mrs Knight, I am good this morning. How are you and the family?" I responded to her dreading this conversation as much as I am dreading the conversation I will be having with my first client this morning.

"Everyone's fine thank you. We are anxious about the outcome of the situation at hand" Mrs Knight responded.

"Yes yes I understand. How is Aidian? I haven't seen him in a while. I trust that he is well?". I asked making polite conversation with her.

"Adian is Adian, silent and angry". She said, which left me uneasy about my next client.

"Do you think we are doing the right thing here?" I asked with concern

" It's written in Melenie's will for her daughter to marry my son. I am just honoring a promise I made to my best friend. Adian always knew about it so he will comply. Don't worry." Mrs Knight stressed

I am concern though "Adian could be difficult, as we all know and I am concerned about Hailey" I told her

"Don't worry about Adian. He's been off doing God knows what for the past month. He needs to take life seriously if he hopes to inherit the family businesses. He cannot continue to be a playboy for the media to follow his every move. Especially his failures and embrass the family anymore. You know that." Mrs Knight angirily stated.

"I know, I know all will be fine. I will convince Hailey about her mother's desire for her. She will do the right thing, cause all she wants is a family to belong too" I said crossing my fingers it will go well

"Oh just don't let her know that she has an option" Mrs Knight pleaded

Before I could respond my intercom beeped and my secretary's voice came on loud and clear

"Mr Knox, Ms Sullivan is here." I quickly said my goodbye to Mrs Knight after informing her that Hailey is outside.

I press the intercom, "send her in please" I told Kathryn as I stood up adjusting my tie and straightening my already neat shirt. I heard a soft knock. Clearing my throat I said "come in".

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