Love was not the Reason

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Chapter 4

Adian POV

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Adian shouted, throwing the empty beer bottle against the wall in his father's home office. Staring at his mother he continued shouting "Why are you fucking with my life? With my future?" he wanted to know.
Placing her hands on her hips she faced him angrily, controlling her emotions, she responded "First of all I am still your mother and I demand more respect from you and another thing." She paused as she got his attention and continued, "Future? What future? Do you honestly see yourself having a future with the pace you are going? You are twenty five years old and if you continue to live the way you have been for the past two years, then you will have no future. " Annette Knights told her son, her expression softening eyes starting to shimmer with unshed tears.
Walking towards him, she stood in front of him reaching out to hold both his elbows looking up at his six foot, three inch frame. She softly continued,
"I love you son, you are my life and I only want your happiness cause you're still angry and hurting. I know, you need someone positive in your life to help you, not those girls who just want to be in the tabloids. You need a girl like Hailey. She's the kind of girl who will support you and help make your dreams come through" she emphasized.
Looking at his mother, his biggest support in his family, placing both his hands on her shoulders pulling her towards him in an embrace. Resting his chin on her head he held her tightly, then releasing her slightly for her to look up at him, he quietly said "ok, I agree to get married, but I will choose my own wife." he gently pushed her at arms length with a bland look covering his eyes. With a less gentle voice he says " I simply refuse to marry a orphan, a nobody in society, someone I already hate."

"She's not a..... " she started to say then stopped. "ok then, she's at the lawyers office right now, if she refuses then you can make your own decision, providing your father and your grandparents agree" she says turning away, walking out the door, only to turn and stare at her son who was looking at her frowning. She smiled and walked through the door leaving him to his own thoughts.
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