Love was not the Reason

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Chapter 7

Hailey's POV

"Okay" I answered

"What?" Mr. Knox asked with a shocked expression.

"I said okay, I will take your advice. It is my mother's desire after all" I said, feeling as if I have to convince Mr. Knox.

"Okay. I will call Mrs. Knights to inform her of your answer. She will be so relief to know that." He smiles with happiness about my future.

Observing his expression, I became concerned. "Are you happy that I have accepted the proposal " I asked

Nodding, "yes, yes, I am happy that you will soon be ...."

Cutting me across, she mutters, "you don't seem too convince". She didn't asked, she simply stated.

"Oh, I am convince that your life is going to change drastically and you will become a stronger person with the decisions you make along the way" I told her. "I am actually excited to see your future unfold and see the great woman you will become." He concluded.

With tears in my eyes, I gazed at him, the only constant I have in my life.

Changing the topic I asked "so what now? when do I meet him, or them? What is his name?"

"All in good time" he responded to me

"At least tell me his name" I tried to convince him to fill me in with the details.

Shaking his head "I will speak to her today and make the necessary arrangements to meet them at as soon as possible." he promised

He stares me directly in the eyes, "You, you Hailey, you are my first priority. I have already drawn the necessary documents to keep all of your assets safe. Upon your marriage you will receive your family's business legacy." he says

Stunned, I looked at him bewildered. Legacy? Business? My so confused.

"I'm sorry, What? I am part of a business? I can get a job? I have been searching for so long." I keep babbling. Mr. Knox started laughing.

Still laughing, He asked me "you want to apply for a job at your company?"

Forgetting everything, all that kept lighting up in my head is that I finally get a job, that will surely pay more than the Coffee house. I love the Coffee house, but I want to used my college Cooperate Law Degree. Yah! I just can't stop smiling.

"Yes" I quickly responded. "How can I set it up?"

"Okay, I will organize it. Actually I should have done it before." he says mostly to himself.

Remembering why I am here, I ask, "so what's his name?"

"Huh? he asked

"His name" looking at like it's obvious, duh

Stilling looking at me confused, I told him "my future husband"

Smiling, he simply responded "soon Hailey, soon"

Huffing, I said "oh! so I guess I'll be calling him Mr. Stranger."

Mr. Knox placed a file in front of me.

"This is another part of your inheritance. When you are married, you will receive somethings openly, while certain monies, properties and investments will be only for your eyes." He said.

"So no one will know what I have?" I asked. Everything sound incredible. I felt as if my life was going to change and it has.

He continues, "as your lawyer, I recommend that you keep your properties, investments and additional monies confidential. Even from your husband and in-laws," he looks at me sternly when he is done.

"Would they take advantage of me?" I asked concerned

He quickly responds "No, your future husband will never do that, but I want to make sure things are well between you before that information is shared." Cautiously he continues "Do you understand?" he questions.

Nodding, he continues "the decision is up to you, I am simply making my recommendation as your lawyer. Monies have been added to your account and another working account has been set up with with the necessary information and card inside inside. File it safely when you get home. Your penthouse belongs to you and all bills will continue to be paid as it has been for the past sixteen years. My fees have been paid as usual, so you have nothing to worry about." he concluded.

So overwhelm with all I have heard today, all that I could ask was "so I still get a job?" smiling, he nodded his confirmation.

"I suggest you resign from the Coffee House, because by next week you would have another job. Also keep your identity confidential at the work place." he advises.

Thanking him, I picked up the file, hugged Mr. Knox and then my cake to bid good bye to Kathryn

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