Love was not the Reason

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Chapter 6

Mr Knox's POV

After my secretary left I sat down facing Hailey. "I have something to share with you that I couldn't share before your twenty first birthday" I told her with a straight face.

"Ok" she said quietly, looking at me anxiously, I continued "your mother's last request, is that you marry the son of her best friend. Sh..."

I was cut off by her as she immediately stood up, shock written on her face. "what? what are you saying? That is not possible." Covering her face with her hands, she shakes her head "no not possible, not happening" she says, sitting down slowly, still shaking her head.
"Hailey, you want a family and this is your answer. Your mother's best friend and her family will fill that gap in your life and maybe share whatever you need to know about your actual relatives, that I don't have any information about." I told her.
She instantly removed her hands from her face and looked at me. I can see that she was deep in thought with her brain running. I got a bit uneasy now looking at her wondering what she is planning to do with the little information I just shared with her and wondering if I should have shared it.
Quickly trying to get her attention, I interrupted her thoughts by continuing" Mrs. Knights is a wonderful lady who already loves you like a daughter and I am sure that she will answer all of your questions concerning your family." I said softly.
She just stares at me, so I got up and walked around and stood in front of her, reaching out for her hands. I held her hands as she continues to stare at me, still looking confused.
"Hailey, if you have a family somewhere, I can't give you anything on that. Just remember that your mother made sure that you had everything that you would need to live in peace and comfort in case she couldn't be here with you." I softly says to her. She just continue to stare.
The balls are rolling in her head. Her eyes are fluttering, as she tries to make a decision.
Thank you for your vote of confidence. Stay Safe. Luvs
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