Love was not the Reason

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Chapter Seven

Adian's POV

Walking briskly out the room, I rushed into Chubbs, my baby sister, "hey watch where you're going", I held her shoulders, pulling her in for a hug.

"I was rushing to meet you before you ran off" she says panting.

Guiltily, "now when have I ever run off without having breakfast with my favorite girl" I tell her.

"When you and mom fight" she answers mischievously.

"What?" pretending ignorance.

"She had tears in her eyes" she added smiling.

"Yeah, you know her and her drama in order to have her way. Tears" I exaggerated.

"So breakfast?" she asks hopefully.

Debating that I should run but seeing the look in Chubbs eyes, I change my mind. "Ok, just a quick bite" I agreed.

"Sweet" she says pulling me as she dances into the kitchen.

"Are you sure you're going to be sixteen?" I ask grinning at her.

We sat down at the kitchen counter where Mrs. Harris, our motherly maid already started dishing out food.

Putting out a hand to stop her from fulling my plate "not so much" I started to say as she swapped my hand away to the enjoyment of my sister.

"Mrs. Har, I'm going to be spending an extra hour in the gym this afternoon because of all this" I said spreading my arms across the food laid out.

Smiling, "oh hush now and eat" she says placing a cup of coffee in front of me, before walking out of the kitchen, leaving Chubbs and I alone.

As Mrs. Har left a sullen look overtakes Chubbs face.

Worried, "are you okay" I ask touching her hand that was playing with her food.

Shaking her head, "mom and dad are fighting again" he says.

"Again? Sounds more like 'as usual'," I quoted for her, suddenly matching her mood.

She looks at me sadly, "dad wants to send me to boarding school" she sniffs,

"What the hell. What the fuck is wrong with that ass now" I shouted, slamming my hands on the table, causing my coffee to spill.

I stood, leaned over my sister giving her a tight hug. "I will deal with him, don't worry!" I promise her. "I have to go and help me out with this please" I indicated my unfinished breakfast.

Grinning with tears still in her eyes, "I love you, AD" she says.

"I love you Chubbs" kissing her on top of her head, before walking out.

Stomping out of the house enraged, I hate the poor excuse of a father more and more each day. His treatment of Chubbs is unacceptable. He's constantly pushing her out. FUCK BOARDING SCHOOL!

I angrily drove out of the compound, ignoring our faithful employees who are more like an extended family. They would not hold it against me, I thought.

I drove into the streets uncaring about any traffic ticket because hatred for my father surpasses everything else.

He was not always like this beast. He was a loving caring dad who loved me unconditionally, but after my tenth birthday I started to see changes in him and when Chubbs came along it got worst. He still treated me with the same love and and support, but with mom and Chubbs it was not the same. Mom would cry and plead for forgiveness from that uncaring bastard but all he did was walk away. Why would she beg him for forgiveness? He was the mean hateful one. They use to believe I was asleep, but I stayed awake to keep an eye on Chubbs.

They constantly fought over her, but I will continue to protect her.

Idling at a traffic light, still burning with anger, my eyes landed on a beautiful girl, balancing a bag in her hand, as she puts on a pair of shades. As I looked closer, I saw the shades covering a beautiful set of greys.

She stands on the sidewalk oblivious of the stares she receives as guys pass her by. Apparently making a decision, she turns left walking down the sidewalk.

Having no destination in mind, I continued driving in the busy traffic, when I spotted mystery girl again as she stands looking up at a sign before walking in. As I pass by, I realize it's a coffee shop, deciding to follow her in I parked in the alley after the shop.

Without rethinking my decision, I got out of the vehicle, looking around to see other vehicles parked there.

I walked out of the alley and headed to the coffee shop like a fucking stalker.

Upon entering the shop, I stood in awe, admiring the beautiful wooden decor, which instantly reminded me of my family cottage in the mountain.

"Good morning sir, welcome to Villa Cafe. Would you like to have a seat or join the line?" she asks, smiling coyly.

Instantly annoyed, I looked around seeing the person I came in to meet. Turning to stare at the waitress, "can you give me a moment please? I see a friend" I said walking away not waiting for a response from her.

"Excuse me, don't be afraid, I'm not a serial killer or a stalker or anything" I say, pulling out the chair opposite her and sitting down. "I'm hungry so I came in here, but the waitress is all flirty and annoying" I say, "no, no, don't look" I plead as she turns to look.

I saw the waitress walk pass the table, "I'm Adian," stretching out my hand, introducing myself, hoping the waitress doesn't notice.

Reaching out, she shook my hand, "Hailey," she responds softly.

I'm good! "have you ordered yet?" I asked

Frowning, she looks around, then return those gorgeous greys to my eyes travelling up until the table top, moving back up meeting my eyes again.

With a small smile, she nods. I raised a hand signaling the waitress, who was already staring at me, definitely furious!

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