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Emily Clark (18) Fall in love with Ashton Black (19) ...then heartbroken. Victoria, aka Emily (24), becomes a sensational Supermodel and Ashton Black (25), a young, most powerful, and successful Industrialist. When Emily sees Ashton after six years, it brought the ache of painful memories. He’d broken her innocent heart and left her. She now trusts nothing. Ashton sweeps her off, determined to win her over sway his way back into her heart. This time forever...

Romance / Mystery
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His mind was dull at the moment from last night’s shenanigans.

“We are here, Sir,” said the driver.

He’d lost everything; his house, his car. He already lost all his friends who came to his place for all the parties he’d thrown; they drank his expensive alcohol, ate gourmet food, and some even crashed at his house. And now that he’d lost everything and living on the street, he’d have no real friends, and not to mention his gold digger girlfriend--everyone left him.

Ashton Black was flat-broke and homeless.

Eddie Black, the youngest son, was betrayed by his own brother and sister shortly after their father died. Eddie was throw away, abandoned from the company he’d worked so hard, developed, building up from bricks to upraised columns--discarded from his Father’s small family business. ‘Black brothers co-operation.’ He cared about the company. He cared about the people who worked in the company.

Now they have no place to live. When Eddie’s childhood best friend heard what had happened with him, he offered a shelter—a friend who never missed his birthdays or Christmas.

“Ashton, let’s go, buddy,” Eddie said to his Twenty-two-year-old boy.

Ashton paused his game on the phone and looked at his dad, and when he saw the tiny two-story cozy house behind his old man. “Are we going to live here, in this dump?” Ashton looked at his father with disappointment.

“Ashton, if you want to stay at the cheap motel, you’re more than happy to leave,” said his father and opened the door. “He is my best friend. He’d opened his arms while others have pointed fingers at us. He reached out when no one did and opened his heart and house for us. So quit whining and help me get our stuff out of the trunk, come on now.”

Ashton groaned, rolled his shoulder, and got out of the cab.

Eddie Black hesitated to ring the bell, then he took a deep breath and pressed the little doorbell.

The door opens, and “AHHH!!” A girl screamed, filled with fear. It came from upstairs. All three men got frightened.

“Jesus, EMILY!!” The man of the house shouts, then he looks at the two vulnerable men standing at his door. “Sorry, Eddie, Ashton,... please come in.”

“Dad, there’s a spider in my room, hurry please, it’s moving, and it’s staring at me,” cried Emily.

“I’m coming, Em.” The man rolled his eyes and moves away from the door for Eddie and his son to walk inside the house. “Excuse me; I’ll be right back. Please make yourself at home.” He discharged himself and left to rescue his eighteen-year-old daughter.

“Dad,” she shouts, her eyes horror-stricken. “He went under my bed.”

“Emily, calm down. It’s just a spider.” The older adult said. Emily was on the bed lying on her stomach and following every move the spider made.

“They have fangs, dad; they bite.”

Her father got a tissue from the bathroom, caught it, and then went to the window and threw it out. “There, my princess, you’ve been rescued.”

“My hero,” She exclaimed. “Thanks, daddy.”

“Em, Eddie is here with his son Ashton. Tidy up and come downstairs for dinner.”

“I can’t stay for dinner, dad. It’s Michelle’s birthday today, remember.”

“Alright, before you leave, come and say hello.”



Eddie and Clark were in the kitchen talking. Ashton had made himself comfortable on the living room sofa, busy with his phone.

He heard the heel click on the staircase. Ashton tore his eyes from his phone and saw a pair of sun-kissed tan long slim legs coming down. His eyes traveled from her heels- to calf- to thighs, then defeated by her skirt that had covered the rest of her legs, and he sat up a little straighter as she came down.

‘More.’ Anticipation gripped him.

Her fitted belt snugged on her tiny waistline—a young girl dressed in a pretty red skirt and a white crop top showing her flat stomach.

Her full breasts bounced as her heels hit on the wooden staircase.

His eyes trailed up to her chin and then lingered on the corner of her mouth. ’Who knew there was a gem living in a place like this.’ He thought. Speculation stir in his eyes, in his mind.

She left the last stairs and swiveled around the corner of that staircase. She was so damned attractive and sexy as hell. She made his insides ache and his palms sweat.

“Oh!” She got startled, seeing a shadow sitting in a semi-dark living room sofa. She seemed shy and very young, younger than him.

Starstruck, Ashton studied her lean-looking physique, every sensual curve of her perfect body. Slim-toned arms and flat stomach. He guessed she has to be very flexible, like a ballerina dancer that hinted at him with a dangerously sexual desire.

Now at least something will keep him entertained in a shitty place like this. His thoughts were going psych on himself.

“Hi, you must be Ashton.” She glides towards him. She wasn’t a shy golden-haired girl like he’d thought. ‘My kinda girl.’

What would she do, he wondered, if he pulled her into his arms and kissed her quite senseless? His mind forming all sort of suggestive images.

He stood up, keeping his phone on the coffee table. “How do you know me?” He asked her; then, he felt stupid for asking her the dumbest question.

“My dad told me about you, and Eddie...” She trailed off. “I’m sorry what hap--”

“Don’t. You don’t know anything about me, and I don’t need your pity or from anyone for that matter.” Ashton spoke angrily. He averted his gaze from her, feeling disheartened and shameful with himself for what’d happened with him. He didn’t deserve that, not him nor his father.

Emily could have a snappy comeback to that, but she held her tongue. Rude. Arrogant, but oh, was he a good-looking. “You look tired; you should eat something and rest.” She said calmly. “I hope you like my cooking.” She added with a sweet smile.

“Emily!” Her father called.

“Yes, dad.” She replied, looking in the direction of the kitchen, and then she turned to see Ashton. Their eyes beheld, and for the very first time, she felt something in his dark gaze and felt this mysterious power grasped her. Ashton felt—a need; his glance dropped on her lips. Then he came back to her eyes.

She was above to turn away when he grasped her wrist and pulled her into his body, and wrapped his arms around her. This action from him startled the girl.

“Ashton, what are you doing?” She spoke softly, like a secret.

“I...I just... need a hug.” He mumbled. Ashton couldn’t describe how infinitely tender this moment was for him. It surprised him too. Maybe he felt sorry for his behavior or maybe he didn’t want this person also to leave him as everyone did.

Emily’s mind went completely blind, and her body responded to him on her own accord. She copied him, hugging him back.

This simple gesture coming from her was so passionate, so vehement. Tears had pooled in his eyes, and he tried his hardest to save them until he was alone in a room to let them run down freely.

“Em,” her dad called her again.

“Coming.” She hollered back. “I’ve to go.” She told Ashton, but he still had her in his tight grip. Her perfume engulfed him. Everything intensified by this inexplicable move he’d made.

“Let me go...” She squirmed, “...Ashton.”

“Yeah… okay,” his voice was husky, which sent goosebumps over her skin. He freed her, and it bothered her when he let her go.

Ashton had kept his face low. ′Why was he crying?’ She noticed and lifted her hand to touch his cheek. “Ashton…”

“Just leave me alone.” He spat rudely and sagged back down on the couch, picked up his phone, and started to look through.

She sighed and walked away from him. He glanced from the corner of his eyes and watched her walk away. He felt abandoned.

“Emily…” Eddie said. “My godchild, you look beautiful.” He praised, raising and opening his arms to hug her.

Emily Clark: She lives with her father after her mother had divorced him. The man can barely cook, clean, or take care of himself, so Emily stayed with him. Clark loved his wife, but she found another man’s love more profoundly, and he let her go and made peace.

Emily was neither pretentious nor bitch. She was sweet, kind, and always smiling. She was a trendy girl, a straight-A student with lots of friends. She would go to clubs, parties, and educational trips.

She wanted to travel and see everything in the world; tastes every cuisine, meet different people. Then there were other things she’d never explored—big things, important things—like the first kiss.

She was too young--only eighteen. She didn’t want to waste her time having just a good time. She never had a boyfriend. Boys wanted her--it flattered her, but none mildly attracted Emily.

Like in the romance novels she wanted to fall in love, but she wanted to be with the right guy, and being only eighteen, she had a long way to find the one, and when she does, she’ll hang on to him, love him deep and deeply.

“Are you going on a hot date?” Eddie asked, releasing her.

“No, I’m going to a birthday party.” She glanced at her back to see if Ashton had followed her to the kitchen, but he’d stayed back.

“Well, I hope you like my garlic rosemary pork chops,” She stated.

“Hallelujah!” Eddie parised.

The doorbell rang. “They are here.” Emily bounced on her feet.

Clark walked Emily to the door. “Emily, I want you home by ten.” Clark’s tone was strict, but he gently kissed her hair.

“Maybe... Elevenish...?”

“Emily.” Her father glared a moment.

“Fine,” she said with an adorable pout. Then fluttered a glance at Ashton, and he met her gaze fairly.

“Bye. I’ll try to be home early.” Her gaze went back to her father. “Make sure you eat and sleep.” She basically made widely known to a particular someone.

“Have fun.” Her father said and he closed the door.

Emily wasn’t enjoying the party. She was physically there, but her thoughts, her heart, and her mind stayed behind with Ashton. She struggled to keep it up with others. Ashton’s unhappy face kept flashing in front of her eyes. She couldn’t describe what she felt in that little moment. But the tears under his eyelashes were heartbreaking, and she wanted to try to ease his pain. He was hurting, and she wants to help him heal.

Even her friends notice she was somewhere else. She finally shook her head and went to enjoy her best friend’s birthday.

It was eleven, and Emily was not home yet. Ashton couldn’t go to sleep and kept glancing at his phone, checking on the clock. He was worried and getting annoyed at the same time. ′Why was he acting like this for someone he’d just met?′

It was now twelve-fifteen A.M., and Ashton was restless. Just then, he heard the car and heard laughing voices outside of his window. He peeked and saw Emily getting out of the vehicle. The guy in the driver’s seat hugged her, and then two more boys and a girl hopped out from the back seat and hugged her. None of the boys kissed her on her lips. ‘None of them were her boyfriend.’ He concluded. It sent a giddy joy to his crumbled heart.

Emily got inside the house. Ashton waited for her to climb the stairs and abruptly opened his bedroom door.

“Ahh!” She yelped. She had her hand on her chest. “God, I’m so not used to to the third person in this house.” Then she realized, “You’re still awake?”

“You just got home? It’s very late, Em?”

“So? You got a problem with that?” She frowned at him.

“It’s past twelve in the morning.”

“Like you haven’t come home late from one of your parties?”

“You promised you’ll be home early.” He argued, reminding her.

“Whatever, you’re not my dad.” She rolled her eyes.

“Show that attitude again, and I’ll take you over my knees.”

“What?!” His statement confounded her. The way he was staring at her with dark intentions and a purpose in his eyes. Before she got a chance to think, Ashton had cupped his hand behind her head and pulled her, smashing his lips on her. Her shoes slipped and dropped from her hands.

Her lips were softer than he’d imagined. He liked it. He also liked her catty attitude, which got him excited even more and went straight to his groin.

When her hands jerked up to his chest to push him away, it bothered him, and he took them and attached them on either side of her shoulder. Towering over her, breathing mouth to mouth, he put his knees in between her thighs and spread them to press his erection on her stomach. He groaned on the contact and leaned to kiss her again.

Running his hands over and down from her arm to the shoulder, he groped her breasts. She tensed and whimpered softly. Ashton felt her panic, and he moved back to analyze. Emily had shut her eyes, and her tears squeezed into rolling down her cheek.

“Em… Hey, hey, look at me... Did I do something wrong?” Ashton asked her. Concerned.

“I-I’ve never...done this… or kissed,” She said, and he frowned.

“Never!” He took a step back, away from her.

She shook her head frantically. His surprise would have been laughable but for the seriousness of the situation to all concerned.

“Fuck!” He combed his hand through his hair. “You’”

She began to cry, wiping her tears.

“God damn it.” He cursed. “I-I’m so sorry, Emily,” he said and left and shut his bedroom door.

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