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Mr. Black...Sexy and Unstoppable

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’Why had he done that? Kiss me like that. Touch me like that.′

Her stomach knotted. Ashton’s attraction toward her has been beyond her realm of experience. She’d never expected this kind of action before until he kissed her.

There was just something about him... The truth was, she never had such an immediate attraction to anyone before, and with Ashton, she wanted to cross all the lines, and borders, and break every rule and law. It wasn’t making any sense to her.

It was all so confusing. She didn’t want to get involved with anyone. She was only finishing high school, then going to college and establishing a career.

But his drawing powers were why her physical reaction to him was getting so intense. Her hormones were going haywire.

Her face heated at last night’s memory, then she frowned thinking. ‘Was he toying with her out of his miserable state looking for comfort?’ She shook her head. Whatever his previous night’s action, she won’t let it happen again; with that thought, she got out of bed and got ready to go to school.


Emily left for school and Ashton was relieved about that, as he was trying to avoid her. He felt horrible about forcing in; kissing her—stealing her first kiss.

It had been a mistake to touch her, to kiss her. But, he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She was a virgin. He was wrong entirely about Emily. A girl wearing a short skirt, partying until late at night, driving home with boys in their car, he thought she would be experienced—but he was so wrong about her.

However, throughout the day, Ashton couldn’t get over that kiss with Emily. He was already mesmerized by her beauty, and her attitude added fuel to his desire. On the other hand, the temptation was becoming stronger and stronger; he wanted to kiss her again, needed to taste her again.

Emily had stirred unexpected things within him, something that he shouldn’t feel—never felt.

In the evening, Ashton went and knocked on her door. “Emily...”

When no one answered, he pushed the door and ducked in. “Emily?” he called again, but she wasn’t there, so he permitted himself to amble in and welcome himself.

He whistled, looking at the shelves filled with books and lots of them. The girl loved to read would be an understatement.

He wandered over to the bookshelves to see what her taste was in reading. Romance—no surprise there. Then there was a scattering of thrillers and adventure. He stayed to spare time and allowed himself to browse while he expected her to arrive. Then he found something distinct.

“Interesting.” He smiled. Little miss sunshine has secret books on eroticism.

Little over fifteen minutes of waiting, Emily walked into her room.

“Ashton! W-what are you doing here in my room?” she was surprised by his intrusion.

“I came to see you.” He closed the book at hand, slowly turned, and ran his gaze over her—assessingly. She looked lovely, pretty, beautiful, dressed plainly in jeans, a white T-shirt, and tennis shoes. She’d just got home from school.

“How are you?” he asked.

“I-I’m fine.” She barely met his eyes. Emily stayed rooted on the spot where she was standing.

“So, what’s your hobby?” he asked, and she smiled at his sarcasm. She lowered her backpack, making it lean on the wall next to her.

“Have you read all of them?” he then asked.

“Yes.” She replied. “You can borrow any of them if you like to read.” She told him.

“Okay, how about this one? Can you tell me what it is about?”

“Let me see...it...” She saw and paused and gulped at the book he was holding in his hand.

He walked closer to her. “Tell me, Em, what’s this book about?”

She knew he was now teasing her. She had hidden the spine of the reader towards the wall to hide the title. It was astonishing how he found that particular book.

He strolled towards her, with a lazy smile curving his lips. His eyes filled with raw ambition, directed solely at her.

She began to tremble under his gaze.

“Why did you get this book?”

“I-I didn’t buy that book. My friend Jill gave it to me on my eighteenth birthday. She was just trying to be funny.”

Ashton threw the book on her bed and towered over her. “Why? Does Jill think you’re too much of a good girl? The nice one in the group who needed a little excitement in her life?” He whispered the last word in her ear. Emily struggled to maintain her breathing and waited for him to move back, but it seemed he was comfortable with the proximity.

“I know a naughty girl is waiting to be unleashed inside you, Emily.” He flirted with her. She gasped loudly. Self-conscious, tongue-tied at his unexpected words, she couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?” he placed a finger beneath her chin and tilted her face up. He was so close that if she moved, she would touch his lips.

“Do you want a kiss, Emily?” he asked suddenly.


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