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“Greta, I beg you not to think like that!” Sophie scolds her friend in a disappointed tone, feeling truly hurt.

“You know how much I love both of them! I would never ever do this if I knew it wasn’t for their own good. Personally, I don’t care what kind of family the wife of my grandson comes from, but I do care that she’s a good loving woman and I know that Hattie can be that. She’s perfect for him and let’s not forget how beautiful she is. She’s educated, thanks to Margret and you, she’s refined, beautiful, and smart and yes, I do believe she’s strong and can be equal to Ross when it comes to the need of it,” Sophie ends her pleading with confidence to shatter even the strongest opponents to her plan.

“Well, I still believe this is the craziest thing you’ve ever done so far, Sophie O’Tool. Why don’t you let Ross find himself a wife?” Greta suggests even though she knows Sophie will never listen.

“Greta, have you gone mad?! Do you realize what type of woman he knows? He’s met so far?” she asks and pins an intense stare into Greta’s eyes.

“The ones that he visits all too often, that’s the type! It would be the worst thing to happen, a disaster! No, no, as mature and trustful as he is, Ross knows only easy women and I know that none of them will ever bring a good marriage. And then, why are we here if not because we know better than the new generation what is best for them?” Sophie replies chuckling in her well-known style and Greta follows suit, both laughing and tasting the old joke which seems always fresh to both of them.

“The truth is that... I’m worried about Ross,” Sophie continues sliding gradually to a more serious tone. “I think I’ve always been worried about him. He has passed through some rough moments so far and I know most of them are not healed yet, things he denies they hurt,” Sophie pauses for a second.

Seeing Ross, one could never guess he still has some painful lose-ends he has thrown out from his mind as if they’ve never happened just because they’re way too painful, but they’ve never left his heart.

Sophie knows that all too well. Those sparkles of sadness shining in his eyes are no secret for her. Maybe for the other people around but she can read in those eyes as if they are hers.

He is always a cheerful nature, of course, looking confident and strong, and the truth is, not too many men can put up with him.

But rather than happy, Ross is nesting some deep regrets, coming from the too early disappearance of his lovely mother to a mysterious young woman who has caught his heart and never has left room for another.

“Tell me honestly, do you really think they could be a couple?” Greta asks with a shaky voice.

She’s staring at the joyful face of her friend, and she doesn’t know how to put it in better words, so she won’t ruin Sophie’s enthusiasm. Because she’s definitely not sharing her opinion entirely. Actually, she wished Sophie had never thought about this... plan.

Raising Hattie has been one of the few blessings of her life and she’ll take her happiness lightly.

“Sophie, I know you want the best wife for Ross but... you need to think about Hattie as well. Do you really think Ross will be the husband she deserves?” Greta continues.

“Greta! Ross is one refined young man. I’m so sure that if I manage to convince him he needs to change his life and finally take some responsibilities, and I believe it won’t be that hard, he’ll fully respect his marriage and Hattie. Yes, he might be reckless sometimes, but I know him. He’ll do his best and even more than that to have his wife in her rightful place, with her rightful dignity and respect,” Sophie replies sounding slightly offended.

“I believe Hattie is a woman that cares much more about feelings and decency than keeping appearances,” Greta’s motherhood defends.

“Greta, I know this is their destiny. I’ve never met someone better for him. She never tries to be someone she’s not, she’s kind and mannered and beautiful and this is all Ross needs to change his life completely,” Sophie replies in a breath and feels she’s losing Greta for a moment there. She walks toward Greta grabbing her hands warmly.

“Hattie missed having a place to call home while her parents were alive. Well, now she’ll have a husband to give her all protection and care she deserves, for her and their children. Despite all appearances, Ross is a man that is completed by a loving family, a wife and children,” Sophie reasons, and yeah, she strongly believes in her words because Ross, deep down, is a kind and thoughtful man.

Greta can’t take her eyes away from her friend’s magnetizing shining look once Sophie pierces her eyes into hers. Surely she knew how to talk things. If she’ll have the same effect on Ross, the poor kid doesn’t stand a chance not to fall for her plan.

As Greta has never been blessed with children, a punishment all too cruel for her, all her motherhood has been concentrated entirely towards Hattie, the child of the best, warmest, and most hardworking housemaid she has ever had. After the death of the young girl’s parents, her love and protection have tenfold, and Hattie has become her daughter.

Oh, how many suitors she has discharged considering none of them worthy for Hattie but the marriage to Ross is something she has never dared to fashion.

If Sophie is not to be right, if this marriage fails, it will bring much sorrow to Hattie and after an unhappy childhood she has had, probably she’ll completely lose faith.

“Tell me, Sophie, does Ross know about this plan?” Greta asks innocently.

Sophie stares back at her and tries hard to find her words but nothing is there to save her.


“Sophie O’Tool!” Greta jumps as if something is burning her. “I know you for my entire life and I still feel like I’ve met you yesterday! How are you going to deal with this? And with Ross? And then, shouldn’t you have it sorted out with him before you came to talk to Hattie?”

“Greta, I need you to trust me on this,” Sophie says grabbing and holding her friend’s hands with both of hers. “I know Ross better than he knows himself. He’s my grandson. I know what I’m doing. I came here just to have your blessing because I know Hattie is like your own daughter.”

Greta stares deeply into her friend’s eyes. Her heart shivers only by thinking about the very convinced bachelor who has never shared any interest in marriage although this isn’t the first time when Sophie is “plotting” his bonding and his own home settling.

Of course, Ross is the most desired husband, all young ladies would dream of that, but with the most captivating laughter, he would always manage to get out of any marriage talk.

Greta stands up from the sofa, giving a deep thought about the new proposal of her friend, glaring out on the window.

Sophie knows this is one of the most unusual things someone could have thought of, but hey, whenever has Sophie considered norms when it comes to the happiness of people she loves?

She has done the same with Margret and her only sweet daughter has never regretted it.

After giving more minutes to think about this crazy plan, Greta turns around towards her friend in a hasty spin.

“Sophie, this might be dangerous. I can’t even say which one of these two is more stubborn, hard-headed. They are like two hard rocks and once they clash sparkles will come and fire will break. I know it! Please, don’t get me wrong, I love Ross like my own son, but this is Hattie we’re talking about. These are the two people most important to us. We can’t play with them. We can’t hurt them.”

“If we play our cards well enough, we won’t hurt them. I bet with you Hattie will charm my grandson the moment he lays his eyes on her. Ross needs a strong woman, a challenge. A plain woman will never move an inch in Ross’s heart. He hates easy come things and I know Hattie will never be easy. She’s smart, she’s strong. Ross will be fascinated, I’m sure.”

Sophie’s eyes are sparkling with excitement while speaking these words and she can already see the beautiful story they will have.

One that is going to finally bring some joy and happiness in their houses which lately have been wrapped in the sadness of Margret’s too early disappearance.

Greta must know how much she loves Hattie. Just as much she has loved her daughter.

Margret has been always charmed by the young lady and Sophie has always believed that her daughter left a part of herself in Hattie after she passed away.

“Well, I don’t know what the outcome will be but, but... by God, I really hope you know what you’re doing,” Greta tries one more time to object to the plan.

“But you have my blessing,” she finally agrees with a sigh. “If Ross proposes and Hattie agrees, they’ll both have mine and Edgar’s blessing.”

The moment she left her house Sophie knew that her plan would work even though she was sure Greta would resist.

But happily, Great agrees and that can only make her happy. So much happy that she jumps off the sofa in an ecstatic fit, hearing Greta’s words.

“Wonderful!” she shouts and clasps her hands under her chin as if she’s a child given sweets. “Greta, nobody will regret this, trust me. Where is Hattie?” she asks, eager to move on with her plan right now.

“Pretty sure she’s in the kitchen. She’s always helping in there. We had Dr. Hide here last week. You know how weak she feels sometimes. He suggested she had plenty of rest and not exhaust herself in any way. Well, guess what? This morning she was attending in the garden. Talking about being stubborn... ” Greta mumbles her last words.

“Did he say what was wrong with her? I mean, yes, I know she’s feeble, she has been always feeble, since her childhood, but still, he must know what’s wrong with her,” Sophie asks worried about the continuous weakness of Hattie.

“Well, he gave her some vitamins as of course a diet. He keeps saying she doesn’t feed herself properly. The time before that he said the same and again she had a diet, but God save you if you try to tell her what to do,” she continues explaining to Sophie, feeling a load off her chest having someone to talk to about it.

And not just anyone. She has Sophie, her dearest friend who seems she’s gone crazy coming in with this plan.

“This young lady should think twice before going against our word. I’ll make sure of it,” Sophie speaks, evidently affected by Hattie’s health situation and the young girl’s stubbornness which, by the way, it has to be resolved today.

And she’s going to make it her mission, she promises to herself while making her way towards the kitchen.

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