Through His Lens (edited version)

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The brunette version of Jessica rabbit

I sat cross legged on my bed with a blanket over my head and body as I watched the chaos going on around my room.

Every item of clothing I owned was either on the floor or being thrown into different piles. The girls had made it their mission to get me primped and ready for the party tonight after I made it known that I was useless at this.

Zara and Jennifer had driven over to ours at around 5 claiming that we had a lot of work to do in such a short amount of time. To be honest though I think they were just scared I'd do a runner if they left me alone for five minutes. Jennifer even followed me to the bathroom when I needed the toilet.

The last input I gave was when I said surely jeans and a top would be fine.

They all looked at me with horrified expressions so now I knew my place and that was keeping my mouth shut.

They each took it in turns to hold out an item of clothing and rating it from 1-10 on the "hot enough scale". So far nothing had quite met up to their criteria. Occasionally they held up a piece of clothing so small it looked like a cloth that I gave a little whimper.

Zara looked over at me and chuckled.

'Stop looking so terrified, we're going to make you look bomb not like a hooker.'

'Hey what about this one?' Jennifer held up a black dress that actually Lindsay had bought for me last weekend. It was a strappy fitted LBD that had a straight-line balcony effect where my boobs would go and fell to my mid-thigh.

'OMG yes!' Taliah and Zara both squealed excitedly.

'Try it on!' They said in unison over and over until I felt like I was going to cave.

I heard James groan from his room and shout 'omg if you don't try the damn thing on, I'll ram it down their throats.'

Nothing like brotherly love is there.

To be fair to him he had been listening to the girls vetoing different items of clothing for the last hour. I could understand his pain.

'Shut up James!' Taliah shouted.

'Fine, give it here.' I took the dress from Jennifer's hand and went into the bathroom.

I stripped down and quizzically stared at the dress until I figured out how to get it on. After some readjusting when I realised I wouldn't be able to wear a bra with it, and Zara coming in to zip up the back for me, I walked back out into my room.

'What do we think?'

They all stared at me with huge grins on their faces.

'Omg Harrison's not going to know what to do when he takes one look at you!' Taliah squealed.

Zara gave her a look.

'Don't you mean every guy at the party!?'

'I dunno, after their date the other day he's probably told all the guys at school to back off.'

I waited for the inevitable screech to happen.


Ever since I came back home on Wednesday Taliah's been teasing me by saying it was a date. She's even given me her blessing saying though it's weird because he's her cousin, she's still rooting for us.

'Taliah how many times do I have to tell you? It wasn't a date! Plus, I haven't spoken to him since.'

It was true. I hadn't bumped into him at school and he missed practise on Friday.

'We're just friends.'

Zara scoffed and looked at me like I had two heads.

'That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You two are not just friends. Especially after we're done making you look all pretty for tonight.'

I walked over to the mirror and couldn't hide the shock as I took myself in.

I'd always been jealous of Nora for her figure and in comparison to her I felt like a string bean but now I was wearing something completely out of the norm I realised how wrong I was.

I had curves in places I didn't know I had them. My boobs surprisingly filled out the top of the dress perfectly and the fabric of the dress pulled right in where my waist was. The dress then rolled smoothly over my hips and hugged the tops of my thighs. Thankfully it wasn't too short so it didn't make the top half of the dress look slutty. Lindsay really was right when she said the style would suit me.

'I look like my sister.'

Jennifer put her arm over my shoulder at looked at me in the mirror.

'You have a sister? I didn't know that.'

I could see Taliah's eyes going wide as if she was mentally screaming at her to shut up.

'I had a twin sister yes but she erm..died a little while ago.'

Zara and Jennifer both looked horrified. I actually felt bad for not being honest with them earlier.

'God Evie I'm so sorry, I didn't realise. I shouldn't have stuck my nose in.'

I gave them both a reassuring smile.

'Don't be silly you didn't know. Plus, I wanted to tell you both but didn't want to ruin all the fun we've been having.'

Zara looked at me a little uncomfortably like she wanted to ask me something but was too scared to.

'You can ask.'

She looked up at me and whispered. 'your parents?'

'They're gone too. They all died in a car crash.'

They didn't say anything but the three of them sandwiched me in a hug.

'Love you guys.' I sniffed

'We love you too.' I had a sneaky suspicion they had also shed a few tears.

When we eventually pulled away Zara took a deep breath and took on her bossy self again.

'The dress is perfect. We're going to need some serious boob tape though.'

'Boob tape?'

'Yeah it's double sided tape. It sticks the top to your skin so it's a little more secure. That way you don't have to spend the night worried you're going to fall out of it.'

'Ok good. Probably best I don't flash anyone.' People at school stared enough as it was, I didn't need to give them anything else to look at.

With that Zara smacked me on the bum and ordered me to get in the shower.

By the time I came back into the room freshly washed and in a towel, we were all laughing again. If any part of me thought they would feel awkward around me after they knew then I was definitely mistaken. I knew there was a reason I liked these girls.

After all of us had showered we took a pizza and pre drinks break. Lindsay quickly established that she was the kind of cool mum that let her kids drink because she trusted us not to do anything stupid. Plus, she made it quite clear though if we did do anything stupid, she'd make us regret it.

After gossiping and joking around with Lindsay it was time to finish getting ready. I attempted to take hold of my measly makeup bag only to have my hand slapped away by Taliah.

'No no. We took a vote earlier and decided that your makeup bag was sad so I'm going to do it for you.'

Every day this week Taliah had picked out outfits for me for school. If I wasn't so grateful that she did it for me then I'd be concerned that she saw me as a life sized Bratz doll.

What was also funny was I was actually quite good at doing makeup. I never did it on myself as I could never be bothered but it was the one girly things I could actually do very well. I guess being an art student helped. Nora always used to beg me to do her makeup for her if she was going to a party.

I however was currently feeling quite lazy so I wasn't going to tell the girls this. Plus they were right I didn't really have anything in my makeup bag apart from the basics. If I was doing Nora's makeup, I'd use her never ending supply of products.

Taliah sat me down and worked her magic whilst Zara started on my hair. An hour later of hair tugging and prodding they unveiled their master piece to me.

My skin looked smooth and bronzed but Taliah had managed to work out a way to still keep some freckles on my cheeks to make it look more natural. My eyes had a light wash of a warm brown on the lid. She ditched liquid liner but added some brown pencil. Then she added mascara and some individual lashes. I'd never seen my eyes look so startlingly blue.

My lips however were not subtle at all. Bright bold red had expertly been applied to my lips. She'd managed to make them look fuller but not overlined. This was way more makeup than I normally wore but I felt beautiful and my face didn't feel cakey.

Zara had also managed to tame my normally beachy waves into soft ringlets that fell down my back. It perfectly matched the rest of me.

I beamed up at both of them.

'I love it! You know you'll all going to have to be on lipstick watch tonight though.'

Taliah and Jennifer nodded whilst Zara raked her eyes over her handy work before deciding she was happy with a nod.

'Beautiful. Now behave whilst the rest of us get ready.'

I waited patiently whilst I watched the others get ready. When they started to get their outfits on, I maneuvered into mine.

I knew after tonight I'd get much closer with the girls. I didn't expect it to be so early in the evening though. After having a row with the body tape Jennifer just laughed and came over to help me. When a friend helps you stick tape to your boob like it's no big deal, you know they're a keeper.

Jennifer who was definitely the everything pink kind of girl out of all of us was in a sparkly strappy loose-fitting dress. Zara had gone for an emerald green play suit that complimented her gorgeous dark skin. Then Taliah had on a strappy black bralette and leather black skirt. Her outfit completely contrasted with her almost white blonde hair and I loved it.

'Are you girls almost ready?' Lindsay called from downstairs. She been asking us this pretty much every 10 minutes for the last hour.

'We're just getting our shoes on then we'll be down.' Taliah replied.

'Here put these on.'

She held out a pair of thankfully not too high heels for me to put on. I did so without complaining and stood up.

Jennifer looked at me and pretended to wipe a tear away.

'Well look at you darlin. You look like a brunette Jessica rabbit.' She thickening her southern accent and cocked her hip to play up the roll.

I looked in the mirror hardly believing who was staring back at me.

'I feel a bit nervous.'

Zara linked arms with mine and led me out the room.

'You've got nothing to be worried about.'

'I never really went to parties back home. I was practically a recluse.'

'Well maybe it's time for you to start going out more. Have fun, enjoy yourself.'

After having to pose for about a million pictures for Lindsay, we were off.

Taliah was driving us to the party and one of the guys was giving us a ride home. I was a little worried about her leaving her car at Natalie's house but she said they did it all the time and they picked up the car the next morning.

Natalie's house wasn't too far. Only 10 or so minutes up the road and you definitely couldn't miss it. She lived in a big traditional looking house on an expensive looking street. What seemed like a usually quiet road was now booming with load music and the mass of cars was a dead giveaway which house was hers. It seemed like the party was in full swing as partygoers had already spilled out onto the front garden.

When we got out of the car instantly people were saying hi to the girls and if it weren't for this constant reminder then I'd forget the girls were quite popular here. As soon as we got through the front door the guys were on us.

'What took you so long!?' Xavier whined as the four came bounding over.

'Hey this takes a long time.' Zara replied waving her hand in our general direction.

'Wow Evie.' Lucas stared at me wide eyed. 'You look hot.'

Joseph gave me a once over and groaned.

'We're going to have to keep an eye on her with all the guys here.'

The other three agreed whilst I rolled my eyes.

'I think I can take care of a few guys.'

'I dunno the list is getting longer every time you open your mouth and use that cute accent of yours.' Xavier argued tickling me under the chin.

'Whatever, come on girls let's get a drink.' Zara said in a bored tone.

I couldn't help but notice how Xavier kept giving her side glances. Like he wanted to look but didn't want her to notice. I reminded myself to find out about that later on as the girls led me to the kitchen.

The kitchen reminded me of my kitchen back home in London. All marble worktops and stainless steel. My mum had paid a ridiculous amount of money to have an interior designer come in and deck out the whole place. The masses of alcohol looked a little out of place in a kitchen this nice.

I was too busy focusing on what was going on around me rather than what Jennifer was doing until a shot glass was shoved under my nose.

'I know you and Taliah don't want to drink but at least have one shot with us.'

Taliah wasn't planning on drinking because she was DD even though we did have a backup plan for that. I on the other hand just didn't really feel like drinking too much. Even though with the little experience I had with it I could handle it, unlike Nora I might add.

'Fine, just one though.' I relented

We all held our glasses up to clink together.

'To liquid courage and a good night.' Zara stated to which we repeated and drank the poison that burnt down my throat.

I urged for the shot to really give me liquid courage. I thought of Nora and how she wouldn't let a party give her anxiety. I pushed away the thoughts of being at home sat in bed watching Netflix and tried to get excited about what could happen tonight.

Taliah took the glass from my hand and placed it down on one of the counters before taking my hand.

'Come on girls let's dance.'

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