Through His Lens (edited version)

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Confessions of a drunk drama queen

So, I think the shot had worked. That or I was just having so much fun with my friends that I didn't care anymore what was going on around me.

The four of us were in the thick of the crowd moving our body's along with the beat of the music. I could see Nora in the corner of my eye dancing on one of the tables and singing her heart out to the song blaring out of the speakers.

After what felt like hours Taliah took hold of my hand pulling me out of the zone.

'I'm going to go and find the guys, come with?'

I nodded in agreement and we left the other two who were still happily shaking what their mammas gave them.

We circulated the house for a little while. Me meeting lots of new people (so many in fact that I couldn't remember any of their names) and Taliah saying hello to them.

'Hey Eric.' Taliah called over to a shortish but muscly guy with long shaggy blonde hair.

'Do you know where the guys are?'

He obviously knew her well enough to know who she was talking about.

'Yeah I think I saw them in the basement playing beer pong.'

She thanked him and we headed down the stairs leading to a basement. As weird as it sounds, I've never been into a basement before. Houses at home don't have them and if we need storage, we use the attic. This basement didn't look like the creepy ones you saw in horror movies though.

The room had been decked out to the max. A flat screen tv, sofas, a pool table which was currently being used as the beer pong station, filled the space. Lucas and Aaron were on one side ready to throw the ping pong ball when Lucas looked up and saw us.

'Hey! Where have you girls been?'

'Upstairs. I assume you guys have been down here the whole time from looking at how wasted Aaron is.' Taliah said.

Aaron pretended to look annoyed but then shrugged obviously too drunk to care.

'Yeah you actually got here at a good time. So, which one of you two is going to fill in for my boy here.'

Lucas looked between both Taliah and I. I was going to nominate her but that was before I saw who the opponents were.

'Come on London play with us.' His green eyes bore into mine.

I had in fact played beer pong before. One year when Nora and I were around 14, she desperately wanted to impress this guy and make him fall for her. She said they'd met playing beer pong at a party but she was so bad he just made fun of her the whole time. If there was one thing my competitor sister didn't like, it was not being good at something. So, she decided to get good so that next time she could whoop his ass.

That meant that for weeks she'd force me practise with her. We spent an embarrassing amount of time throwing a damn ping pong ball back and forth but in the end we both became champs at it. Although, I of course had nowhere to show off these skills until now.

'Oh, baby girl you need to wipe that smile off of his face. He doesn't know who he's playing with does he?' Nora said giving me a mischievous smile.

I turned back to look at Lucas' hopeful face.

'I'll play but I've never played before.'

I pretended to look all innocent like a baby lamb in need.

Taliah gave me a look of confusion as I'd told her the story a couple days ago but she just shrugged and draped herself on some guy on the sofa.

'That's ok, I'll teach you.' Lucas said sweetly.

'Well this won't take long.' Tom whisper shouted to a smirking Harrison.

God I can't wait to get them back for betting on me the other day.

'I have a secret to tell you.' I said tuning my full attention on Lucas. He beamed back at me and leant on the pool table.

'Go on.'

I turned my back on our now competitors and gave Lucas a sly smile.

'I'm a champion at this game but I want to beat those guys so bad that's why I said I'd never played before.'

Lucas laughed and hugged me.

'I knew there was a reason I liked you. Has this got something so do with a bet I heard about the other day?'

I nodded in agreement and smiled back.

'What's taking you two so long?' Tom said impatiently.

Lucas just took one look at me with a glint in his eyes before turning back to the boys.

'This is going to be awesome.'

The first shot that went into the cup I played off as first-time luck. The next time I pretended to be shocked which sent Lucas into fits of giggles. Harrison and Tom were good too, we were pretty much even but I could tell they were not expecting me to be this good. After my third went in I smiled evilly at the two which made Harrison gasp in shock.

'You've played before you little liar!'

I smirked at him and shrugged my shoulders.

'I didn't know you had such a good poker face. I guess it's my fault for underestimating you.' He looked me dead in the eyes which I returned.

I let my eyes drift over the rest of his face before looking him back in the eyes.


The next shot he missed by inches. Tom didn't hold back his annoyance as Lucas and I grinned happily at each other.

There was one cup left on each side but because Harrison missed the last one it was up to me to make a winning shot. I tried to ignore the fact that everyone in the basement was watching on tender hooks. Well apart from Taliah and her arm chair who were making out.

After a deep breath I threw the shot, making it land inside the cup with a satisfying thunk, prompting Lucas to lift me up and twirl me around.

'That's pay back for betting on me the other day.' I said to the boys with a big shit eating grin on my face which was not reciprocated.

'That's my girl!' Taliah called when she took a quick breathing break. I'm impressed that she'd managed to make out and keep an eye on the game at the same time.

Lucas put me down just in time for Natalie to make an entrance.

'Evie you came!' Natalie slurred whilst wrapping her arms around me in an attempted hug.

'You look amazing babe. Woah would you take a look at those!' At which point she put both hands on my chest. I didn't even have to look to know the guys had zeroed in on this.

'Are they real?!' She asked staring at my second pair of eyes.

'Yes they are!' I batted her away.

'What 16-year-old gets a boob job?'

I'd never thought I'd had fair sized boobs before but I guess now I was wearing proper bras and clothes other than baggy T-shirt's I'd been made more aware.

She grinned at me then clicked her fingers like she was trying to remember something.

'I heard a girl upstairs say she'd turn for you in that dress.'

Well I wasn't expecting that. I tried to stop the blush that was creepy up on my cheeks.

'Great well erm thanks for telling me that.'

Taliah pulled away long enough to take credit.

'My handy work everyone.'

I scowled at Taliah and turned back to the girl that was poking my chest.

'Natalie are you trying to tell me something?'

She laughed hysterically almost falling on the floor as she did.

'No silly billy. I like penis. I know you do too but least now you know if you didn't, you'd be able to get a girlfriend.'

'Ok. Well that's nice to know.'

I guess that's what friends are for right?

She pushed herself off of me and thankfully I had Lucas behind me to stop me falling on my ass. The girl was drunk but that didn't mean she wasn't strong.

'Well I'm going to go and find myself a man.'

'You go get em tiger.' I slapped her on the bum and sent her on her way.

On her way out the door she hit the frame and pointed to it telling it off.

'God she's shit faced.'

I turned to where Taliah was sat, now full attention.

'Do you think one of us should go after her?'

'I'll go. She'll be hugging the toilet in the minute and I need to pee anyway.'

She pulled herself up off the guy much to his annoyance and came over to where I was standing.

'She is right though, your boobs do look good in that dress.'

The little cow said that loud enough for everyone to hear making me shift uncomfortably.

She came closer so that she could whisper just to me.

'Plus, Harrison can't take his eyes off of you. It's like they're going to pop out of his head.'

'Yeah because you were paying so much attention.'

'Babe, you'd need to be blind not to notice that.'

I laughed at her and turned back round to look at the guys.

They were all creepily staring off into space.

'Ok stop thinking about lesbians!'

As If snapping out of a trance Lucas looked at me sheepishly.

'Well Natalie brought it up. I was actually trying to figure out which girl it was that said it.'

'Well then I'll leave you guys to ponder over that and sort yourselves out.'

'London wait up, I think I need help sorting mine out.' He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at me.

'Not going to happen even when you twinkle those pretty green eyes at me.'

He grabbed hold of my hand and pouted at me.

'Come on get a drink with me.'

Although I wanted to keep up the annoyed act, his hand in mine made me want to go with him.

'Do I have a choice?'

He gave me a grin showing all his pearly whites when he realised I'd given up.

'No you don't.'

Still holding onto my hand, he led me up the basement stairs and into the kitchen.

He looked nice tonight in a pair of black jeans that weren't skater boy skinny but fitted just enough, a white T-shirt and an oversized denim jacket. His almost black hair was as curly and bed head like as ever. I can't lie, he also smelt really nice.

He led me over to the counter where all the drinks were lined up.

'What will it be my lady?' He asked putting on a terrible English accent.

I chuckled at his stupidity.

'What are you having?'

'Well I'm driving so it'll be coke.'

I had noticed earlier that Tom was drinking all the of beer earlier during the game.

'I've had enough to drink so I'll join you on that bandwagon.'

He slammed his hands lightly on the table and started searching through all the bottles.

'Two cokes coming up.'

Once he'd found what he was looking for he poured out two red cups and handed one to me which I took gratefully.

We both sipped our drinks and leant on opposite counters so we were staring at each other. I watched as his eyes took me and what I was wearing in.

'What?' I asked whilst trying to sound confident and not self-conscious.

'You look....different.'

A lock of hair had fallen over my shoulder so I brush it back fully aware he was watching my movements.

'Good different?'

He gave me another up and down.


Wow a boy of many words. I chuckled and crossed my arms under my chest.

'I can't tell if that's a compliment or not.'

Before he could answer a blonde girl who'd clearly had way too many drinks latched onto his arm.

I felt a feeling in the pit of my stomach but I couldn't tell what it was.

'Hi Harrison.' She said in a girly high-pitched voice.

He greeted back to the girl but I could tell he was uncomfortable because he was trying to move away from her. She obviously wasn't getting the hint as she leaned in closer. As much as for some reason I already didn't like this girl it was quite amusing to watch the scene unfold.

'Ew, does she know what she looks like?' Nora stood next to me scrunching her nose up at the girl in front. It was comforting to know she'd stopped dancing on a table long enough to give me back up.

Like a thing possessed the girl suddenly snapped her head up and looked at me with anger in her heavily over done eyes.

'Who's this?' I rolled my eyes at her terrible sickly-sweet acting. I wonder how long it took her to plan this all out in her head.

'Ohhh you're the new girl right?'

God this girl was annoying. Clearly trying to play the dumb act but she just looked like a moron.

'I know I can't bitch her out but at least let me haunt her!' Nora begged.

I ignored my sidekicks' comment but took comfort in my imaginary sisters back up.

I laughed at the racoon.

'Hunny don't pretend like you don't know my name. You sound like an idiot.'

She looked at me like I'd just slapped her and Harrison laughed loudly.

He pushed away from the girl as if completely ignoring her existence, unfolded one of my hand from being crossed under my chest and took it in his own.

He squeezed it and pulled me close.

'Shall we go outside?'

I nodded in agreement and we exited the kitchen not taking one look back at the girl.

After walking through the open patio doors to the decorated outside area he pulled me over to a sofa that was in front of a fire pit.

I sat down and turned to smirk at him.


I tried not to laugh at his horrified expression.

He sat down next to me and groaned.

'Not even. We went on one date like months ago and as awful as it sounds it was only because she was hanging around me like a fly around shit and I felt bad.'

I laughed loudly drawing some attention to us.

'So she's been hanging on ever since?'

'You can say that.' He grumbled.

'So, you've been here for one week and you've already caused quite a stir.'

I raised my eyebrows and turned my body so one arm was resting on the back of the sofa with my head leaning in my palm.

'So people keep on saying. Natalie's revelation was new though.'

'Good thing she told everyone that you are in fact into guys otherwise there would've been a shit tone of rumours on Monday.'

To add to the ones that are already going round I thought to myself.

'So, do you have a boyfriend back in England?'

I wondered if he was asking for any other reason than to make conversation.


He looked shocked, like he didn't quite believe me.


'Let's just say going to a strict all-girls school didn't exactly help. Also, my sister was always the confident twin. She demanded attention when it came to boys whereas I didn't care as much.'

It was only when I saw the look of confusion on his face that I realised I'd shared too much. Whether it was the alcohol in my system loosening my mouth or the fact I'd opened up to the girls earlier I didn't know. The more I thought about it though the more I realised how comfortable I felt speaking to Harrison. Plus, he'd shared that story about his grandad the other day.

He opened his mouth to say something when his phone started ringing.

I nodded to give him the go ahead and answer it but I could tell he regretted it when he did.

He took his warm hand out of mine as he concentrated on the conversation he was having. I didn't realise he'd hung up until he placed a finger under my chin to turn my head to face him.

'My amazing cousin and best friend decided it was a good idea to get wasted together and need to be taken home. Unfortunately, as one is family and the other is staying at mine it's down to me to babysit. I'll drop you home too if you're ready to go?'

'If you don't mind?'

He chuckled and helped me up.

'I love how polite you are. Of course I don't mind, plus I'm driving to yours anyway.'

'Thank you. I just need to tell the other two we're leaving.'

'Sure, offer them a ride too if they want it. I'll go round the kids up and meet you out front?'

'Ok see you in a second.'

After doing a full lap of the house bumping into various drunk people, I finally found the girls chatting in kitchen with a group of people.

Jennifer's eyes lit up when she saw me and nudged Zara who immediately hollered in my direction.

'Evie! We missed you.' Zara slurred a little as she came over and gave me a hug.

I smiled and nodded at the people in the group that I'd met before whilst Zara kept her arms around me.

'Where have you been Evie?'

'I was outside chatting.' I intentionally left out specifically who I was talking to which was useless as these girls had clearly been keeping tabs on me.

'Talking to who Evie?' Jennifer asked giving me a doe eyed look.

I rolled my eyes at their lack of subtlety.

'We came and checked on you a little while ago to make sure you were ok and noticed you had a friend.'

'Well, said friend and another one we know is the reason I'm here right now. Taliah and Tom are wasted apparently so Harrison's taking us all home. He offered you guys a lift if you want it?'

I ignored the annoying grins on both of their faces.

'Aww what a sweetheart. It's ok though one of the guys will take us home.'

Zara leaned in a gave me a hug.

'Try and get a goodnight kiss.'

She cackled as I pulled away and gave her the evils.

I said goodbye to the girls after promising to message them that I got home safe. I was worried that when I got outside that I wouldn't be able to find Harrison but lucky for me Tom was singing at the top of his voice beckoning me over to him.

Taliah was sat on the floor and Harrison was trying to get him to shut up.

'Took you long enough.' Harrison joked as he pulled Taliah up off the floor.

I was instantly wrapped up in an aggressive hug.

'Losing patience?' I quirked an eyebrow at him. He rolled his eyes in response and wrapped one of Tom's arms over his shoulder to pull him along.

I felt a prodding on my cheek so I looked down at my petite friend.

'Hi Eve.'

'Hi Taliah.' She didn't respond, only kept on prodding my cheek.

I watched as Harrison put Tom into the back of car and then came round to help me. He opened the door and helped me carefully place her in the car. I bent down to put her seat belt on which Taliah thanked me by giving me a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

I stood back up and wiped my cheek with the back of my hand with a disgusted look on my face. A breeze had picked up now making goosebumps prickle my skin. Automatically I crossed my arms around me which Harrison must've noticed.

'Here.' He shrugged off his denim jacket and held it open for me to place my arms into. It was big on me but the warmth in the jacket felt amazing.

Harrison chuckled at the content look on my face as he shut Taliah's door.

He opened the passenger seat door and motioned for me to get in.

'Thank you.' I smiled at him as I slide into the leather seat.

It didn't take us too long to get home. What made the drive longer was Tom's horrific singing. It's funny, up until now I didn't realise he had such a passion for Taylor swift. I wished however that he hadn't felt comfortable enough to share his screechy voice with me. I think my eardrums were close to shattering.

'Dude you can't fucking sing.' Harrison groaned as he tried to cover an ear with one hand.

'Be supportive of my passions man!' Tom shouted back. It was like the alcohol in his system made him speak at 3x the normal volume.

Thankfully at this point we were pulling into Lindsay and Simon's driveway. Harrison pulled to a stop and got out to help me. He gracefully picked Taliah up and lifted her over his shoulder. If I wasn't so concerned she was going to be sick down his back I'd be impressed with how easy he made carrying her look.

I walked up ahead so I could open the front door for him. Once I had he followed in behind me and made his way up the stairs to Taliah's room. I keep on forgetting they're cousins and that of course he knew the way around the house.

He placed her on the bed and moved to take her shoes off but I stopped him.

'Don't worry I'll do that.' I whispered. 'You've got another one in the car to deal with.'

I'd never seen his caring side like this before. Taliah had told me that he was quite protective over her but seeing him caring for her in person was sweet.

'I'd get a bucket if I was you. Cuz can't keep her alcohol down.'

'Lovely.' I grumbled as I followed him down the stairs and to the front door.

'Don't forget this.' I shrugged off the warm jacket and passed it to him.

Is it weird to say I liked that whatever fragrance he had on was lingering on me?

Yeah that is weird.

'I'll See you at school.' He opened the door and walked out onto the porch. I was about to shut the door when his voice stopped me.

'Hey London I forgot to say.' His green eyes scanned over my body then met mine.

'You look really good tonight.'

Before I could reply he jogged down the porch stairs and over to his car.

Without realising my face lit up and I instinctively bite my lip to stop myself grinning like a fool. I leant on the close front door for a few seconds, not thinking too much into the fluttery feeling in my chest before I decided it was time to tackle the mess that was upstairs.

It took around an hour to get Taliah and myself sorted and ready for bed. It didn't help she was out for the count so it was like dealing with a corpse.

Eventually I got into bed and lay in the dark smiling to myself.

'Good night?' Nora asked as she got into bed with me. She rolled onto her side and looked at me with bright eyes. The last time I'd seen her she'd been my back up with blonde.

'Very good.' I turned over and mimicked her position. 'You?'

'Oh the best. You know as a ghost you can dance all you like and you don't sweat.'

I thought for a moment. 'No I didn't know that. The things you learn.'

'Night Evie.'

'Night Nora.'

I trying to ignore the heavy feeling in my stomach as we recreated a habit my twin and I had been doing every night for 16 years without fail.

I fell asleep that night wondering how you could feel so happy yet sad at the same time.

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