Through His Lens (edited version)

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Harrison’s POV

I sat there shell shocked as my skin tingled where she'd touched me. I didn't expect her to do it and I don't think she thought she would either from the look on her face, but god her fingers felt good in my hair.

She can't like me can she? I've been hoping since the day I've met her that she was attracted to me like I am for her but I just didn't see it.

God, I feel like a teenage girl picking petals off a flower saying "likes me, likes me not".

The problem was I'd never been in this situation before. Previously it's always been pretty clear to me if a girl liked me like that or not. I didn't really care either way because I just saw a pretty girl and that's all, as douchey as that sounds.

This however is off the scale different.

First of all, Evie is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life and secondly, I completely lose my cool around her. She's so funny she doesn't even realise it, plus she's got everyone eating out of the palm of her hands. The way she stood up for that Paige girl the other day not giving a fuck who was watching or listening. Those three guys looked like they were going to piss themselves.

Yet she's completely oblivious that she has that effect on people.

No, I was determined to do this the right way. I'm not going to make a move on her or anything until I know how she feels. I couldn't risk freaking her out if she didn't feel the same way and I wouldn't be able to bear seeing her with another dude especially one from our school.

I'd managed to make it clear that if any of them laid a finger on her they'd be dead but that would only buy me so much time.

I sighed and pulled out of my aunt and uncles driveway. The drive home was short but it still took all of my might to actually concentrate on the road. The drive back from the beach was hard enough especially with her sitting there in my hoody and her bare thighs so close to my hand. God, she looks hot in my clothes. I can understand now how guys with girlfriends hardly have any T-shirt's to wear. There was something so sexy about how big my clothes look on her curvy but small frame.

'Harrison is that you?' My mom called out as soon as I came in through the front door.

'Yeah mom.'

I walked into the kitchen where I could hear the clattering of kitchen utensils. My Mom was stood at the kitchen island pealing vegetables.

'You're in late. I thought you had a free period this afternoon?' Her warm eyes met mine as I sat in one of the bar stools in front of her.

'I did yeah but I went to the beach to work on my photography project with Evie.'

At the mention of Eve's name my moms whole face lit up. It's comical how excited my family were to meet Evie, they even organised a family gathering on Sunday just so everyone could meet her. Not that she knows that. Actually, I don't know if Lindsay's mentioned it to her yet. My Mom made me promise I'd be there, not that I'd ever consider missing it.

'Oh, was this the project you were telling me about?' I nodded in response, stealing a carrot stick from the chopping board before Mom could stop me.

'I'm so glad you and Evie are getting along so well. After everything that she's been through recently that girl needs friends around her. Lindsay and Simon are so relieved that Taliah and Eve are basically best friends.' She shook her head deep in thought as I gave her a look of confusion.

'What do you mean everything she's been through?'

'Oh, just ignore me.' She waved her hand in my direction and turned to throw the vegetables she'd just cut up into a simmering pot.

'I hear she's a beautiful girl though. Is she you're type?'

'Mom stop.' I whined.

'What I'm just asking? You never tell me anything.'

'Mom I tell you lots of things.' Which was wasn't I lie. I just withheld the things a mom shouldn't know about her son.

'And yes, she is beautiful.'

I rolled my eyes when she excitedly clapped her hands.

'Don't get any ideas Mom! We're just friends.'

Who was I kidding? When my mom saw me around her on Sunday it'll be pretty obvious how I feel about her.

After my interrogation I escaped downstairs to my room. Our house was quite modern and because it was built on a hill it was three levels so we had some rooms downstairs in the basement, mine being one of them. I loved it though because I had patio doors leading out onto an area of garden instead of windows which meant it was easy to sneak in and out when I needed too.

I dumped my stuff on my still unmade bed and took the memory card out of my camera so I could look at all the photos I took today. After plugging it into my computer and taking a seat at my desk I started scrolling though the photos.

I don't think Evie really realised how many I took. Once she started talking about home, she was off in her own little world and I started snapping away. Just as I expected she looked beautiful in every photo. My favourite was one I'd taken when she was looking over her shoulder about to ask me a question. The golden sun was dispersed on her skin and she looked so calm.

I don't know how long I sat there staring at the photo but it was an embarrassing amount of time. I would've kept on going if my mom hadn't called me for dinner. I buried my head in my hands and I urged myself to think of anything other than her.

Tom was right. I've got it bad.

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