Through His Lens (edited version)

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What crawled up his butt and died?

'Evie could you stay behind a minute please.'

I paused packing up my things to nod at Mrs Bennett. I'd just finished my last class of the day (history) and couldn't wait to go home and have nap but I still had over an hours worth of football practise left. Normally this would excite me but after my inappropriate act of breaking friendship boundaries with Harrison yesterday, I'd been trying to avoid him as I didn't have a clue what to say. I knew I was getting myself het up about it the longer I left it but I had been using excuses all day to put it off. I however had been reminded of his presence throughout the day by the fact that I had his hoody in my bag. Every time I opened my bag to get books out it was there and if objects could laugh it would. I needed to stop being a wimp and just get over it but I was still embarrassed.

'Bye Evie, See you tomorrow.' Laura my new history friend said. I waved goodbye to both her and her boyfriend Kyle, then made my way up to Mrs Bennett's desk.

'Sorry to keep you Eve but I actually have a travel related question to ask you.'

Oh, I wasn't expecting that. I thought she was going to tell me how far behind I was.

'We're doing a school trip to London with some of our advanced history students and were sorting out getting around the city. We will have a coach for some of it but we'll also do, erm, what do you call it...the erm tube?'

I smiled trying very hard to hold back a laugh and nodded for her to go on.

'I can't for the life of me figure out this tube map.'

'Oh, I See. It can be a little confusing but once you've got it figured out it's easy. If you want you could always give me the itinerary and I can tell you which line to get at which station and when to get off?'

'Eve you're a star! I'd really appreciate it! Here's the itinerary. Listed next to each place is how we are getting there and back so do you mind doing it for all the ones that aren't a coach.'

I took the paper that she was holding out for me and placed it into my bag.

'It's really no trouble. I've lost count on the number of tourists I helped out on the tube when I was living in London, it becomes second nature.'

I glanced up at the clock on the wall when I realised I'd probably be late for practise.

'Sorry Eve I've been keeping you. Go, have a good evening.' She waved me out the door with a friendly smile.

'Thank you, you too!'

I rushed a little to get to the changing room as fast as I could. Thankfully because it was the end of the day the crowds of students were gone and it was only the stragglers remaining so I didn't need to fight my way there.

I quickly changed into my football kit, shoved my things away into a free locker and jogged onto the school pitch.

I realised I'd missed warm up when I saw the guys already split off into team exercises.

To make matters worse coach had actually turned up to this practise. Of course the one time I'm late he's here to witness it.

I grimaced when I saw Tom's expression as I jogged over to him.

'You're late.'

Yep knew it, he's in a shitty mood.

'I'm aware. My history teacher kept me behind.'

A warm breeze picked up and I realised I hadn't tied my hair up. Hopefully I had the sense in my rushing state to put a hair band on my wrist. I'd check but it was probably best if I gave Tom my full attention right now.

'Not my problem.' He replied obviously not satisfied with my excuse.

'What did you want me to do? Tell her to take a number?'

'Yes. Now go and join Joseph on the track and you keep running till I tell you you've warmed up.'

'You're mean today.' I muttered as I passed him. I quickly jogged over to where Joseph was already doing laps.

'Afternoon.' I greeted as I jogged up next to him.

He smiled when he noticed me next to him and gave me a high five.

'Ahh so I'm not the only one on the naughty list then.'

'Nope you've got a partner today. What was your crime?'

'My girlfriend...distracted me.' Lovely, I was glad he left it at that.

'Oh, I see. That's a valid excuse.'

'That's what I thought. Tom however was not in the mood to hear it though.'

'What crawled up his butt and died?'

Joseph laughed a deep throaty laugh catching the other guys attention. He stopped when he saw Tom's unamused expression glaring at him though.

'He gets a little bitchy when coach's hanging around. He won't stay for long though and when he goes, he'll be all smiles and sunshine again.'

'Good, I was beginning to think I wasn't one of his favourites anymore.'

Joseph snorted and rolled his eyes.

'No chance of that.'

Tom ended up making us jog for ten laps. As much as I was tired by the end of it I didn't actually mind too much. I was used to running long distance at this point anyway. Plus, it was nice to actually have a conversation with Joseph. He told me about his girlfriend Amy, who I vaguely remember meeting at Natalie's party the other week. We then got onto the topic of travelling and countries so it didn't feel too long till Tom called us back over.

Thankfully as the two of us walked back over to the rest of the team it became evident that coach had left. Tom was smiling again and the guys were chatting amongst themselves.

'Ok so we'll split off into two teams, shirts and skins.'

I zoned out whilst Tom called out the guys names and put them into groups.

'Evie.' I started walking over to the shirts side only to be stopped in my tracks.


Tom gave me a smirk that I commonly saw plastered on Harrison's face. God the two of them had more in common than I thought.

He was trying to piss me off I knew that, but that didn't mean I was going to take his joke and roll my eyes at his stupidity.

I walked up closer to him with a tight smile on my face.

'I wouldn't stand like that if I was you. It gives me easier access to kick you in the nuts.'

I lightly patted his cheek and walked over to my fully clothed team.

'And that my friend is one of the many reasons why you're on the team.' He said grinning widely at me whilst also protectively covering his manhood.

'What because I don't put up with your shit?'


To make matters worse Harrison was on the skins team. Of course he was. My eyes automatically located him as he pulled his shirt of revealing his toned chest.

When the guys were out of ear shot Tom walked over to me and whispered. 'Try to keep your eyes on the ball Eve and not Harrison.'

'I'll try my hardest but I can't make any promises.' I replied managing to drag my eyes away from Harrison to meet Tom's brown eyes.

He chuckled but he didn't leave it at that.

'I think it's him I should be having this discussion with now that I think about it.'

'And why would you need to do that?'

He patted me on the back and laughed. I guess that's end of discussion?

Thankfully I did have a hair band on my wrist so I quickly scrapped my hair up and walked onto the pitch.

'Ready to lose London?' Harrison stood in front of me with his arms crossed.

'Someone's feeling cocky. Don't get too confident, I'm about to wipe that smile of your pretty face.' I said to which he responded with an even bigger one.

'Bring it on.'

Bring it on we did however, unfortunately for both of us the game ended in a tie. By the end of practise, we were all completely exhausted.

I nudged Harrison's arm with my own to get his attention as we all walked off the pitch.


'For now.'

'Now now children play nice.' Tom wrapped his arms around both of our shoulders bringing us in for a side hug before running off after one of the guys.

'Oh, before I forget I have your hoody in my bag.'

'Don't worry you can keep it. It looks better on you anyway.'

His green eyes met mine which reminded me of being sat in his car last night. I looked away and urged the blush forming on my cheeks to go away. Damn hands doing things without my permission.

'Really?' I managed to choke out.

'Yeah. Need a ride home?'

'Thanks, but no. Taliah's still here so she's going to give me a ride.'

'Ok I'll see you Sunday then.'

'That's right. I finally get to see inside Harrison Scott's bedroom!' I said putting on a high-pitched girly voice.

'Oh Ha ha.' He replied before waving and going into the guys locker room.

I quickly got changed back into my clothes and waited for Taliah at her car. She stayed behind to finish off some homework which meant she could give me a ride home.

'How was it?' She asked as she approached the car.

'Tiring but not too painful.'

'Good good. Xavier asked if we want to go over to his and hang out. Zara can't make it but Jennifer and the rest of the guys are there if you're up for it?'

'Sure.' I was a really tired from a long day at school but I had made a rule with myself to really try and socialise here.

I'd spent years passing up fun things back in England only to spend the time sat at home on my own. If there was one thing the accident taught me was that life is short, too short to pass up fun evenings with friends. So yes, I was tired as hell but I knew I'd regret not going.

We drove for a little while before we pulled into a driveway of a beautiful house. There were around five cars in the driveway, one that I recognised as Jennifer's so I guessed the others had all been here for a while.

Taliah didn't even knock as she got to the front door, she just opened it like she was a regular visitor here and lead us into the madness.

'Thank god you're both here.' Jennifer rushed to us as we walked into the living room. 'The guys have been driving me nuts.'

Xavier was stretched out on one sofa with Lucas mimicking him on another, whilst Aaron play wrestled with a Labrador on the floor.

'Shift.' I said to Lucas who moaned but did as he was told.

I parked myself down next to him as Taliah did the same where Xavier was sat.

'Can we watch a movie? I'm boreddddd.' Jennifer moaned and flailed her arms like a toddler.

'Only if I can choose which one we watch.' Aaron pushed himself up off the floor and playfully shoved Jennifer out of the way.

'Xavier go and get snacks.' Taliah nudged from her place on the leather sofa.

'Nooo you go, I'm comfy.' He moaned in response.

'It's your house.'

'So? You make yourself at home all the time, you're just being lazy.'

'Hey that's no way to speak to your elder now go get us snacks.'

All of us were in the same year group but Xavier was the youngest out of all of us, his birthday being in August. It was a running joke in the group that he was the runt of the litter, which was actually kind of comical seeing how he towered above all of us and he was hardly a twig. He was on the schools (American) football team so a runt he was not.

'Uhh Fine.'

Taliah whooped in celebration and stretched herself out fully, taking up the spot Xavier had just got up from.

'I'll help.' I volunteered and pushed Lucas' legs off my lap earning an annoyed look from him.

I followed Xavier into a cosy well-loved kitchen. The fridge was covered in family photos and fridge magnets.

He opened a pantry that was filled head to toe with the most amazing snacks you've ever seen. It looked like a confectionary shop.

'This looks like snack heaven!' I exclaimed.

'That's what happens when you've got a big family, the majority being kids that also equals a lot of friends. You have to keep a good stock pile.'

He passed me family sized crisp packet while he went in search for drinks.

'How many siblings do you have?'

'There's five of us including me. All boys.'

'Wow your mum must feel outnumbered.'

'Completely! She can't wait for us to get girlfriends so she has someone to have girl chats with. She loves it when either Taliah, Jennifer or Zara is over purely for that reason.'

'Funny you should mention that as I've been meaning to ask you. Zara?' I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively at him as the colour of his cheeks went a rosy pink.

'What do you mean?'

'I'm not blind, I've noticed the way you stare at her.'

He thought for a moment like he was trying to come up with a good lie but then he gave up completely putting his hands over his face.

'Is it that obvious?'

'So I was right! You like her!'

'Shhh!' A hand flew over my mouth as his eyes went wide. He quickly glanced around the corner before turning his attention back to me.

'The others don't know.'

'Don't they?' I whispered when he removed his hand.

'Well Lucas knows but the others don't. At least I don't think they do. You have to promise me Evie that you won't tell anyone.'

'I pinkie promise as long as you promise to tell me everything. I want details!'

'Uhh Fine I'll tell you everything but not now.'


I grinned at him earning one back before we went back into the living room, our arms full of food.

'What's the verdict then?' I asked when I saw that calm had been restored and the tv was on.

'Jurassic park.' Lucas replied as he lifted his legs for me to sit back down.

'Amazing film. Whoever chose this has good taste in my books.'

'Thank you very much.' Aaron bowed in my direction and stuck his tongue out at Jennifer who was obviously still feeling sore about not getting her choice.

For the rest of the night we laughed, bickered and stuffed our faces with food. At one point I sat back and looked at the group that I could truly call my friends and felt so grateful that they entered into my life when they did.

By the time I crawled into bed that night I was exhausted. My belly was satisfied after Xavier's dad made us all spaghetti and I had the biggest smile on my face. Marley jumped up onto my bed and lay down beside me. Normally I'd push him off as he took up so much room on my bed but tonight I was feeling cuddly.

I sighed contently before burrowing down further into the warm bedsheets and drifting off to sleep.

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