Through His Lens (edited version)

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I knew there was a reason I didn’t like clowns!

'Turn up the music Lucas, I love this song.'

He did as he was told to satisfy Taliah and the rest of the car. Miss independent by Ne-yo started blasting through the car speakers. At the start of this car trip we decided to go with a theme for the music and early 2000s came out on top. Taliah, Xavier, Joseph and I were currently singing at the tops of our voices to the annoyance of Lucas who would've been covering his ears if he hadn't been driving. Let's just say he was the one person out of five that argued against the theme choice.

It was Saturday night and we were on our way to FreakFest. The five of us were in one car and Zara, Jennifer and Aaron were in another. It was being held in a field seemingly in the middle of nowhere yet it only took about 30mins to get to.

We'd all met at Aaron's house at around five for pre food (which if you're around guys means a "snack" that stretches out your stomach to get it ready for other food).

Then Taliah and Lucas distributed the costumes they'd got for everyone. None of us had seen what they'd chosen so it was safe to say we were all a little anxious to look into our individual bags.

Over the course of the next hour we got ourselves into character. I had to hand it to Taliah, these ghost busters costumes were actually pretty cool. I was afraid they'd be really, well, slutty but actually they weren't. It was a ghostbusters jumpsuit that was fitted on the legs, paired with black combat boots. The top half of the jumpsuit was long sleeve and came down in a v to show just the right amount of boobage. Then for an added extra we all wore belts to cinch us in at the waist. For my hair Zara braided it into french plaits to keep it out of my minimally made up face.

'I want to dress up like that as well.' Nora whined when I was in the bathroom on my own.

I quickly peered around the door to check that I was alone before replying to her.

'The problem is there's four ghost busters not five. Oh and no one will know you've dressed up because they can't see you.'

'Ok be as savage as possible won't you. I don't care if people can see me or not, I want to dress up!' She stomped her foot like a toddler to give some extra emphasis. She used to do that all the time when mum or dad would tell her she couldn't do something she wanted to do.

'Fine, well we don't have any spare outfits. Unless you've got that ghost thing where you can just click your fingers and your appearance changes.'

We both stared at her hand for a second wondering whether that would actually work. She closed her eyes and clicked her fingers and.....nothing happened.

'This isn't fairrrrrrrrrr.'

'Sorry, you're just going to have to live vicariously through me.'

'Would you let me do that? Possess you?' She got an evil glint to her eyes that has terrified me since the day we were born.

'No way in hell. Surely it's against the "rules" or whatever.'

I had wondered how exactly that worked but I didn't want to ask her because I knew she'd get moody with me.

'I don't know. It's not like I died and then had to sign a contract.' She shrugged her shoulders and then pushed herself up to sit on the sink counter.

'At least let me come to the Halloween fair, please please please please.'

'I don't know Nora. There's going to be a lot of people there and I don't want you to get lost.'

'Lost? I found my way here didn't I? I followed a bloody boaing 747. I think I'll be fine at a county fair.' She said rolling her blue eyes at me.

'Yeah how does that work by the way? Do I have some sort of tracking device on me?'

She was pulling out products from my makeup bag and examining them when she replied.

'I just sort of think of you and then I'm there. I don't really know the science of it.'

Science? There's no science to any of this. According to science ghosts shouldn't exist but here I am in my friends bathroom talking to one.

I was about to reply back when I heard Taliah calling me from downstairs. I turned back round to end the conversation but she was already gone.

I walked through the house and found everyone in the living room. I had to say the guys looked amazing! Lucas was dressed in a pink frilly dress that was at least a size too small for him but he didn't seem to care. He'd paired it with a blue denim jacket that was everything. Who knew he really did have the ass to pull off a dress. I didn't want to ask how he did.

Xavier and Joseph were in their doctor and policeman uniforms but Aaron really was the piece de resistance. They couldn't find a demogorgan costume so he dressed up as a T-Rex and someone had written demogorgan on his back. If I say so myself, we looked fire. After a few group shots, which Jennifer forced me to upload onto Instagram, we were off.

As we split off into our two cars, I got excited as to how tonight was going to go. I'd heard so much from the guys about FreakFest that I was intrigued to see if it would meet up to my expectations. I also knew Harrison and his friends were going to be there too, so I hoped at some point we'd all meet up. I'd already had a text from Natalie to say she couldn't wait to see us all later and to text her when we got there.

Soon enough we were pulling into a wide-open field. A guy in a high vis jacket was pointing us into a parking spot where we stopped and then all jumped out. In the distance I could see bright flashing lights and a chorus of voices, some laughing others screaming.

'Ready to go?' Lucas asked as the others joined up with us. We all agreed in unison and headed off in the direction of all the commotion.

I had been worried that we'd be some of the only people dressed up but it became apparent that it was very much a thing here. Once we got past the ticket booth we merged with groups of every kind of creature and character you've ever heard of. I was actually kind of glad that none of us were dressed up as something that required a mask or face paint because otherwise I would've 100% lost someone with the hordes of people that were here.

'Are you excited?' Zara asked as she linked arms with me.

'Excited yes but I also don't know what to expect.'

She thought for a moment before replying.

'Expect to be scared shitless, to laugh till your stomach hurts and to experience some of the most amazing tasting food ever!'

'Sounds good to me!' I squeezed her arm in excitement and then turned my head to the group.

'So what comes first?'

'Food.' Xavier said as he pushed his way through the both of us and put his arms round our shoulders.

'We literally ate just over an hour ago.' Zara exclaimed in disgust.

'Yeah and I'm hungry so let's go and get food.' He whined.

As per his request we headed over to a courtyard surrounded by various food stalls. The air was a mix of a variety of incredible smelling foods. One minute I could smell sweet candy floss and the next it would be over powered by a bbq'd burger. I may have eaten just over an hour ago but even my stomach was growling at the smell.

Thankfully we managed to find a table which we could all squeeze onto. I was currently squished between Zara and Jennifer when Lucas looked me dead in the eye.

'Close your eyes for a second.'

'Why?' I asked not trusting him.

'Just do it. Close your eyes and smell all the food around you.'

I rolled my eyes but did as I was told.

'If you could choose any food to eat right now what would it be?'

I honed in my nose trying to decipher every waft of food I smelt. I could smell onions but I didn't want anything from the grill, I could also smell something spicy but that didn't appeal. Then a breeze picked up sending the smell of sweet donuts over my way. My eyes snapped open and my stomach growled.

'Churros, if I could eat anything right now it would be that.'

'Coming right up.' He stood up after he'd taken everyone's ordered and then proceeded to drag the guys with him.

The girls and I chatted whilst we waited, cosying up to the bonfire at our side to keep us warm. Thankfully the guys didn't take too long even though the queues for the stalls were getting bigger and bigger. When my perfectly sugared and chocolaty churros were placed in front of me, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. They looked and smelt so good. True to form I devoured them in what was probably less than 5 minutes. The donutty goodness filled my belly and prepared me for whatever was ahead.

After everyone had finished, we headed off to a scare tent. This was the one thing I'd been dreading the most about tonight. I wasn't a fan of horror movies and my god did I hate being chased so putting me in a real-life horror maze probably wasn't the best idea.

As I was a newbie the guys decided they were going to choose one of the scariest ones for me to go on first. Clowns.

As I stood in line, I thought how bad can this be? It's not real killer clowns, they were just actors dressed up in costumes. Oh, how wrong I was. No one had mentioned this was a 3D adventure. When we got to the beginning of the line a guy passed out 3D glasses to all of us. We put them on and then were herded though the door into the maze. This was when I entered into hell. I clung onto Jennifer's hand as we wandered around. Bloodied clowns jumped out at us when we least expected it and the glasses made their vibrant costumes and makeup stand out even more.

The whole it's only actors wearing makeup thought went out of the window at this point. As they chased after us with blood all down their fronts, I genuinely thought I was going to be murdered. Jennifer screaming in my ear everything 5 seconds didn't help either. Why I thought I should hold onto her I don't know. She would definitely be the first one to die in a horror film. She'd be the girl that would enter the room everyone in the cinema was telling her not to go into.

Eventually the torture was over, exactly at the point I thought I was going to have a full-on heart attack. We ran out of the maze back into the crowded streets of the fair. All that remained of the killer clowns was the screaming in the distance.

'That was amazing!' Aaron shouted as he high fived Joseph. It was safe to say the both of them had enjoyed the experience a lot more than the rest of us. They'd been running around the maze like mad men.

'No that was horrifying. How did I let you convince me to do that again?' Jennifer said as she held a hand over where her heart was.

'Least you didn't puke this time.'

'Hey that was one time! Also don't speak to soon.' She did look a lot paler than she had 15 minutes ago.

After we managed to calm Jennifer down, we decided we should give the scary stuff a break and headed over to the rides. The next couple of hours were spent going through loops and rushing through the air at 150 miles per hour.

'Evie can you come with me to find the bathroom?' Taliah asked as we walked off of a ride called colossus.

'Sure, I could do with a break anyway.'

We split off from the group who were heading to a ride where you get dropped from a 100ft. For a girl who'd not long ago eaten her weight in donuts that probably wasn't the best idea, unless they wanted me to throw up on the people below.

'How are you enjoying it so far?' She asked as we wove ourselves through the crowd.

We headed through a tunnel that was painted in luminescent green and white swirls. It felt like we were going to come through the other side into Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

'So good! I didn't think I'd enjoy it so much but this is loads better than I was expecting. I'm surprised we haven't seen anyone from school yet though.'

'Anyone or someone specific?' She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned which, because of the lighting in the tunnel made her teeth look like light bulbs.

'No, I mean anyone.' I replied ignoring to who she was hinting at. Yes, I had kept my eye out for him since we got here but that was only because he told me he was coming with his friends, nothing more than that.

' I messaged Natalie earlier to say we were here but I've heard nothing yet.' To confirm what I said I pulled my phone out to check to see if I had any messages. Nope, non from anyone.

'It's still early, I'm sure we'll see them at some point.'

We exited out the other side of the tunnel and entered a courtyard surrounded by circus tents. The red and white tents contrasted with the clear black sky. In the middle of the courtyard stood a fountain with a statue in the middle.

'Ahah there's the toilets.' She pointed off to a pathway in between two tents that had a long queue of people already waiting.

'Of course, because people can't just pee and go. How about you stay here and I'll text you when I'm done?'

I nodded in response and she left me in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by groups of people.

With nothing in particular to do I started wandering around to see what this part of the fair had to offer. There were tents advertising to see the 'weird and wonderful', an acrobatics show and something about clowns, which after the maze earlier I'd definitely be avoiding.

On the street were live performances. A magician was putting people's phones inside glass bottles, two ladies on stilts were hula hooping and in the far corner a man had fire shooting out of his mouth like he was a dragon. This was either the most amazing thing I'd ever seen or I was high.

'Would you like a reading?' A voice called out.

A girl around my age grinned at me. How I didn't notice her to begin with was beyond me as her shockingly vibrant violet hair stood out from the crowd. She was a petite girl with elf like features and a wicked smile. She walked closer to me which is when I noticed the coins on the end of the loops of fabric she had wrapped round her waist. A light clattering noise sounded as she moved.

'That's ok I'm actually just waiting for my friend-' as I said that I peered around to see if I saw familiar face in the crowd, even though I knew she'd text me if she was done.

'I think your friends going to be a little while. Although that depends on which one you're talking about.'

My head snapped back and the girl gave me a devilish grin.

'You've got all to gain and nothing to lose.....Except maybe a few secrets.'

'Thanks, but I don't think it's my thing.' I hoped this would make her move onto someone else but I'll give to the girl, she was persistent.

'But how would you know if you've never tried?'

She had a point. I'd never been convinced with any of this psychic stuff before. It always reminded me of those crappy tv shows that are on during the middle of the day, that you'd watch when you were off from school ill. They were entertaining but it didn't mean I believed psychic pam was speaking to someone's dead uncle.

However, since I'd been in America I'd been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new things. The least I could do was be a little open minded.

'Ok fine, you've convinced me.'

'No you convinced you, I was merely the arrow pointing you in the right direction.' With that she moved to the side to present the tent in front of me.

This was slightly smaller than the others surrounding it however it didn't exactly blend in. Circular bulbs lined the edge of where the white and red stripes met up, illuminating the whole roof. In front was a path way leading up to the tent. Either side were stings of white lights that when you looked closely held tiny pieces of paper that flapped lightly in the wind.

'They're people's secrets. It was once told that by leaving your deepest darkest secret here you'd be granted one wish in return.'

After telling me this I felt her hands pushing me gently forwards towards the path.

'Good luck.' I heard her call.

Doing as I was told I walked the short distance to the front of the tent. In big bold cursive letters above the curtain flap was a sign reading FORTUNE TELLING.

I tilted my head inquisitively wondering whether to just turn back now but something told me to stay open minded and give this a chance. What did I have to lose?

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