Through His Lens (edited version)

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Please don’t tell me you’re a hipster

'Enjoy the rest of your evening Eve.' My new blue haired friend said. 'Oh and also pretend to act scared.' She gave me a wink before waving me off.

Act scared? Was what I was wondering as I walked off, that was until another part of her parting message floated around my head. I don't remember telling her my name. I'm sure when I came in names were never exchanged.

She was nowhere to be seen when I looked back and tried to search for her in the crowd. It was like she'd vanished into thin air.

Still distracted by what had just happened, I was too busy looking back to notice where I was walking. A pair of arms caught hold of my shoulders to keep me upright as I stumbled on the uneven ground.

'Sorry I wasn't paying attention-'


A Skelton boy stood in front of me, a menacing expression on his face and a pair of emerald green eyes transfixed on my face. After an awkward three seconds of me giving him an unamused expression he broke character.

'Did I scare you?'

'Oh you terrified me.' I replied, each word dripping in sarcasm before glancing back over my shoulder at the unmanned tent.

'Are you ok?' Almost instantly his expression flashed to concern. If I wasn't so distracted I would've melted inside. Ok, a small part of me still did.

I scanned the crowds one last time before turning to him.

'You didn't happen to speak to a girl with blue hair did you?'

'No why?'

'Nothing, I just-.' It was at this point he had my full attention back and I noticed his costume and face.

'Ok there's no way in hell you did that makeup.'

'Hey, I'm a talented individual.' He faked a hurt expression, even going to the lengths of putting a hand over his heart. I wanted to explain to him that a skeleton didn't have any organs so it would be useless clutching his chest but I didn't want to burst his act. Instead I raised my eyebrows at him.

All of a sudden the act was dropped and he went back to crossing his arms.

'Tom's cousin is a makeup artist, she did it for us.'

'Now that makes more sense.' I glanced over his face looking over the girl's handiwork.

'I'm glad you didn't wear contacts.'

'I was going to but Tom's cousin said she didn't trust me putting them in and not ruining the makeup.'

'Good. I prefer your natural ones anyway.' I felt heat rising on my cheeks but thankfully it was too dark outside to notice, or at least I hoped it was.

'I should probably text Taliah, surely she's out of the bathroom by now.'

'Oh I bumped into her a little while ago. I said I'd wait for you so she went back to the bonfire with my friends.'

I was about to question why he'd decided to wait for me and also, awwwww, but we were unfortunately interrupted.

'Harrison is that you?' A high-pitched voice screeched.

I turned around to find that girl Amber from Natalie's party standing behind me. She was dressed in a black crop top and booty shorts. I was guessing from the ears on her head she was supposed to be a cat.

1. I feel bad for cats that she has chosen to represent the animal.

2. She looked like she was freezing her fake tanned ass off.

and 3.....I just really don't like her.

She was clinging onto some guys arm for dear life, her acrylic nails were practically embedded in the poor sods skin. However, the guy didn't seem bothered or that he even cared because he looked bored shitless.

If I wasn't mistaken it seemed like Harrison inched closer to me. I glanced up at him and noticed the forced smile he'd plastered on.

'Hi Amber.' His jaw was clenched and he looked to be scanning the crowd for an escape route. I stifled a laugh and turned back to San Tropez.

'Omg your costume is so amazing, really hot.'

God this girl was shameless. If I wasn't so embarrassed for her, I'd be giving her my best bitch glare.

'Thanks, I guess.' I could see Harrison glancing down at me, probably wonder if I was laughing or looking pissed.

'Aren't you going to say it back?' She asked and then reached over to touch his arm.

Ok was this girl really flirting with him whilst she had another guy standing next to her? The answer was yes, yes she was.

I looked over at her friend to see if he had noticed but he was too busy oogling some other girl a couple metres away.


I bit my lip to contain my laughter as I watched Harrison push her hand of his arm like he was touching something infected and again get closer to me. I could tell he was really starting to lose his patience with this girl. She was either oblivious to it though or she didn't care.

'We're going to one of the scare mazes. You know you should come with us, then you can be my saviour if I get scared.'

Ok she was really taking the piss now. She hadn't even acknowledged the fact that I was standing right there. Now it was my time to shine. I mentally rolled up my sleeves and I plucked up as much courage as I had gained over the last couple of months.

I linked my hand through Harrison's who immediately closed his around mine. My heart started to flutter at his warm comforting hand around mine but this really wasn't the time for that. I'm about to put a bitch in her place.

'Actually, we were just about to go on the Ferris wheel, weren't we? We wanted some alone time.' I smiled up at Harrison who looked amused but nodded in agreement.

Everyone knows going on the Ferris wheel is something couples do as it's romantic as hell, well as long as you weren't scared of heights. Sure, friends do it as well but a boy and a girl currently holding hands going on the Ferris wheel, I think she'd see it a romantic way. Looking from the sour expression on her face, she's clocked on.

'Also, I think you've lost your friends attention.' I motioned over to the guy she was with, who was currently grinning at the girl in the distance. Amber hit the guy on the shoulder and starting shouting at him for disrespecting her. I know, what a girl right?

We didn't stay long enough to see how the argument progress as Harrison pulled me off in another direction.

'Evie you're amazing, you know that right!'

I laughed at his over excited expression.

'I couldn't help myself she was just really starting to get on my nerves. Also, I hope what I said and did was ok?' I held our still entwined hands up to show what I was talking about.

'Yeah that's a given! It's me who should be apologising for ever entertaining a girl like that.'

'Don't be silly, it's in the past.' I became aware that our hands were still linked but I liked it so I wasn't going to over think it.

'Where are we going anyway?'

'Oh, you'll see.' He had a glint in his eye as he pulled me further ahead.

We walked a little further moving past groups of laughing teenagers and adults. Eventually something sparkling in the distance caught my attention. I craned my head to try and get a better look around the crowds but it was only when we were closer did I realise what it was.

The Ferris wheel stood high up into the sky, sparking with the thousands of coloured lights that were wrapped round the frame. I squeezed my hands in excitement forgetting one was still attached to another person.

'Excited?' He chuckled.

'Erm YES! We are going on the Ferris wheel right?'

'How could you ever think we could just walk past it without going on it? Who do you think I am, some kind of monster?'

I jumped up and down and pulled Harrison closer to the front of the ride. Luckily there was barely a queue now so we only had to wait a couple of minutes before we were entering a carriage and sent on our way.

The higher the wheel got the more amazing the views were. The people down below looked like ants and from here we could see the black ocean sparkling on the horizon.

'Stay right there, don't move a muscle.' I did as I was told, although when someone tells you not to move a muscle you can instantly feel yourself seizing up. I tried to stay exactly where I was though, leaning my arms on the railing looking out at the view.

'It's not my proper camera but sometimes a good old iPhone does the trick, here.'

I leaned back in my seat and took the phone from his hand. He was right the picture was actually good, really good. As we were closer to the top now my hair was moving lightly in the breeze. The coloured lights from the Ferris wheel lit up my face but didn't distort the view down below.

'I love it. Now come here.' I'm motioned for him to get closer and when he did I held out my arm to take a picture of both of us on his phone. When he realised what I was doing he put an arm round my shoulder and pulled me in closer to his side. I took one and the handed his phone back to him.

'You look pretty.' He said as he inspected the photo.

'Thank you and you look handsome.' I added on.

He cocked his head and raised an eyebrow at me.

'Oh do I now?'

'Shut up. A thank you Eve would've sufficed and don't pretend like you don't know you do.'

Good thing I said that instead of hot as fuck because he really would've raised his eyebrows then. How did I end up making friends with the Greek god in the local area?

'Why thank you Eve.' He replied in a mocking tone whilst also getting just inches from my face.

It was a shame it was at this point we'd reached the ground and the ride operator was kicking us off. We strolled down the exit ramp and re-entered the crowd of people.

'That was amazing! Ok this is a big statement but I'm going to say it. That has topped tonight off as one of the best nights of my life.'

And it really was. I loved my life before moving here and I wouldn't change anything but I do regret how isolated I made myself sometimes. I stayed in my little safety bubble and rarely broke it. Whereas Nora was constantly out with friends and at parties. It's not like I was never invited it's just at that point I didn't realise how short life can be. It's a little pathetic how few top moments of my life I've had so far, so whilst I was sat on the plane preparing myself to leave my old life behind, I made a vow to myself. I wanted to become more of a yes girl because if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have experienced tonight.

'Wow that is bold but I'm glad I was with you for part of this night.'

'Don't make it sound like you weren't a crucial part in it. You were here with me for the part that topped it all off.'

Harrison grinned down at me before his face turned expressionless again.

'Please don't tell me you've just found yourself because I can't deal with that hipster ness.'

I rolled my eyes, playfully shoving him which earned me a grin again.

'Come on.' He said 'let's go find everyone.' Wrapping an arm round my shoulder he pulled me further in the crowd.

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