Through His Lens (edited version)

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I did that dicking around thing...

By Thursday lunch time I couldn't wait for the week to end. It seemed like the days had blurred into one with all the school work I was doing.

I didn't help either that I was running off 4 or 5 hours of sleep every night tops. Last night in particular had been a bad night filled with constant tossing and turning. At one point I woke up plummeting to the floor with my sheets wrapped around me like I was an Egyptian mummy. It was then that I decided trying to sleep was going nowhere so I got up and put on my running gear.

It was earlier than I'd been out previously, just before 5am, but when I had this restless energy I just had to get out in the fresh air. When it became apparent that this would be a regular thing to Simon and Lindsay, they bought me a safety alarm and made me promise to stick to one route. To be fair it was smart. I was a young girl running on her own in the dark, even though this area was deemed safe you can never be too careful.

I picked up my phone, whispered for Marley to follow and then we were off. Every time I came downstairs in the morning Marley would be excitedly trotting around me. I was glad at least someone was happy to be awake this early.

This morning was clear and fresh. A full moon hung low in the night sky, preparing itself to vacate in an hour for its counterpart to take over. For 45minutes I stretched out my muscles whilst listening to the silence of the town sleeping around me. Marley's panting breath matched my own as we pushed on further.

When we eventually got back to the house, I kept myself busy by painting for a little while, adding some finishing touches to some pieces I'd been working on. Eventually when I heard the rest of the house starting to stir, I showered and got myself ready for school.

I unfortunately did that dicking around thing that happens to one too many of us. You know when you've got hours to kill so you take your sweet time and then all of a sudden you have five minutes and yet you're standing in the middle of the room in your pjs cursing yourself.

This is what happened to me which meant I didn't have time to find an actual outfit. Instead I shoved on some shorts and the hoodie Harrison let me keep from the other day. I chose to ignore the mirror on the landing as I didn't have time to get changed and I wasn't convinced I'd like what I'd see. After a breakfast so kindly made by Lindsay, Taliah and I made the short journey to school.

The only problem with being a night owl was by the time I got into my first class which was maths my brain was not in the mood to figure out what was going on. Bless Jake, he'd been doing his best to keep me awake by prodding me with his pen every few minutes but that still didn't stop me from daydreaming. When the bell eventually went I looked around at everyone with a confused expression on my face.

'I haven't got a clue what we just learnt.' I started packing away my things as I analysed the board to see if I could make some sense of what I'd missed. This act was comical to Nora as she joked even when I was paying attention I didn't have a clue so did I think I'd become a math whiz in my sleep?

'That's because you weren't paying attention. Did someone sleep on the wrong side of the bed last night?' Jake joked which made his brown eyes shine brightly.

'Someone didn't sleep at all.' I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked out of class with my partner.

'Oh really, why?' Jake waved at football player who was calling his name and turned his attention back to me. I knew Jake was popular in our year but it was funny to see crowds of students parting as we walked down the hall. I felt like I was watching a scene out of mean girls. I didn't blame them though. He was a muscly guy and I wouldn't want to get in his way because he certainly wouldn't be the one on the floor if we collided.

I shrugged in response, fully knowing the reason why, but not wanting to get into it.

'I don't know, I'm nocturnal I guess.'

'Maybe you're a vampire? You seem like the type.'

I laughed at his child like expression.

'I'd stay away then if I was you.'

'No, it makes me want to hang around more. I'm intrigued.' He winked in my direction as we got to the crossroad in the hallway where we needed to go our separate ways.

'See you later Eve.'

I waved goodbye and then frowned as I watched him walk away. That was weird. I brushed it off and then headed to English. In contrast to math this was a class I actually liked. Plus I had Zara and Lucas in this class with me so by the time lunch rolled around the morning had gone quite quickly.

I walked to lunch with Taliah and headed straight into the madness that was happening in the cafeteria.

'What's going on?' I asked over a chorus of excited voices.

A stage stood on one side of the cafeteria with what looked like games set up on it. Natalie was on the stage along with Jennifer and a group of perky cheerleaders.

'Natalie's the student body president so every so often she has to set up activities. Something to do with school spirit and making friends bla bla bla.' Taliah replied as we joined the back of the lunch queue.

As we waited a guess the song challenge was taking place on the stage. A few seconds of a song were played and the two competing against each other had to guess the song and the artist. It was actually pretty funny to watch, especially as both were getting progressively more competitive as the game went on.

We both got our lunch and were heading over to the table where the others were sat when I heard my name echoing over a microphone. I hoped I'd heard it wrong and there was some other student that would run up and join the torture. When my name was called again, I was unfortunately proven wrong. I turned around to see Natalie and everyone on stage staring at me. Well that was unnerving.

'Yes?' I cringed as I hoped she wasn't going to say what I thought she was going to say. I was so close, the table was two steps away yet sadly I was in her eye-line.

'I've nominated you to play the next game.' Natalie's voice bellowed through the cafeteria meaning everyone and I mean everyone was watching us.

'You know I'm not really a game kinda gal, unless it's monopoly.' I was stupid to think that would convince her to pick on someone else. I hadn't realised that the previous game had finished otherwise I would've made Taliah wait on the side-lines until some other unlucky student had been chosen.

'Evie, I'm student body president and it's my job to get every student to participate in school activities. That includes you, now get your ass on stage.'

I love that girl but she can be scary when she wants to be and a pain in my backside. Plus It seems like the role had gone to her head a little.

I pouted as she glared at me. 'Do I have a choice?'


I caved and rolled my eyes. 'Fine.'

Her stern face turned instantly into a wide Cheshire Cat grin. 'Good.'

I handed my tray and bag to Xavier, not before I made him promise not to eat my food though. Then begrudgingly I headed up to the stage. Natalie smiled as I made my way over to her.

'Also I forgot to mention. I made this game for you so if you had said no then whole thing would've be ruined.' She said as she held the mic away from her mouth.

'Okayyy that's comforting. what's the game?'

Ignoring me she turned back towards the crowd which I guess was my cue to stand next my opponent.

Tom smirked as I walked over.

'Ready to lose?'

'I wouldn't be so cocky if I was you. Remember what happened when we played beer pong?'

Before he could reply Natalie interrupted us.

'Everyone listen up. This next game is drum roll.........UK v USA. It's a quiz game based on questions the two nations would know the answers to.'

Before I could stop myself, words were coming out.

'Hold up. Ok so this school has what? like 1000 students and 1 of me. So my odds don't look very good.' A crossed my arms as if that would help enforce my issue.

'Evie, it's you against Tom so it's a 50% 50% chance.' She said to me before turning back to the crowd.

'Evie you'll be asked USA based questions and Tom UK. If you answer a question wrong or pass, the other person will be given the change to answer. Ready?'

We both nodded which gave her the go ahead to start.

'Ok Eve you're first.' Great I whispered underneath my breath.

'Eve the USA is made up of 50 states, name 10 of them.'

'Damn I knew you'd ask me that!'

A chorus of laughter erupted in the crowd as I covered my face in my hands. This was not my strong point. Plus 50 names is greedy, I'm sorry but how do you expect anyone to remember that many?

'Ok here goes. California, Nevada, Texas, New York, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Mississippi.'

'Well done you get a point. Girls.' Jennifer and another cheerleader, who if I remember correctly was called Nicole, added a 1 under my name on a score board.

'Tom, Name the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.'

A look of confusion passed over his face. Oh the old, England, Great Britain and United Kingdom dilemma. I smiled evilly when I knew he wouldn't know it.

'Ermm England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.'

'Wrong. Evie it's your chance to steal the question.'

'England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Southern Ireland is independent.'

I turned to Tom and pointed my tongue out at him which he mimicked. Another point was added to me.

'Eve your next question. Name five more states that make up USA that you haven't already said.'

My face fell and was obviously a picture as the crowd laughed again as did everyone on stage.

'That's what you get for being cocky.' Tom said leaning in towards me.

'Oh god. Ok...Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.........Hawaii and Alaska?'

'Well done. You have 3 points and Tom 0. Tom if someone was called a scouser, what part of the UK would they be from?'

A look of triumph passed over his face. 'Holy shit I know this! It's Liverpool.'

'Ok, how the hell did you get that?' I blurted out.

'I play soccer or should I say football. Coach used to make us watch your team matches so I've heard the word from that.' I saw the guys from the football team cheering from the crowd in response. Damn I should've thought of that.

'One point to Tom. Eve, which Disney channel tv show features a character that's psychic?'

'Duh, That's so Raven.'

I saw Zara clutching her chest from where she was sat at our table.

'Thank god.' She called. 'I don't think I could be friends with you if you didn't get that question right.'

I laughed in response along with everyone else that heard.

'Tom, name all five original members of one direction.'

'Easy. Zayn Malik, Harry styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.' I frowned at him as he stood there all proud of himself. He was gleaming like a 12-year-old super fan.

'What? They weren't half bad.'

'Evie. Name all five original members of fifth harmony.'

Ok so here's the thing. I know their faces and I can appreciate their music but I'm not good with names.

'Camilla Cabello, Lauren J something, Normani and then...' I glanced over at the table where Taliah was mouthing something at me, shame that Natalie noticed.

'Hey no cheating!'

'Ok the other two are... the blonde one and short one. Which when you think about it they're a girl group, as were the spice girls. The spice girls had nicknames like any good girl group should have so yeah, the blonde one and short one. So now you've heard it logically I think you should give me the point.'

One can try but I forgot who was handing out the points. After looking at me like I was an idiot Natalie shook her head and turned to Tom.

'Don't look at me, I'm with her. The blonde and short one.'

I put my hand out for Tom to high five which thankfully he returned whilst Natalie gave us an unamused expression.

'Moving on. Tom what British reality tv show is filmed in the Australian jungle?'

'I'm a celebrity get me out of here.'

'That is correct Tom you have 3 points and Eve 4. Eve your last question and if you get this right you win the game but if you get it wrong and Tom answers correctly there will be a draw question. What fast food is most commonly known as the signature dish of Philadelphia?'

'Ok I think I actually know this. I used to watch the show man vs food so if I'm right it's the phili cheesesteak.'

The audiences cheered confirming that I'd got the question right. Natalie passed me what was supposed to be a trophy but was actually a British and American flag stuck together. On second thoughts I should've told her to keep it.

'There, that wasn't so bad was it?' She said as Tom and I went to walk off the stage.

'I don't know. On a scale of, would I have preferred to do this or eat my lunch, the odds are still leaning more towards the food.'

'Ha ha. Next time I'll get you to do an eating challenge then.'

'Oh I'll volunteer for that.' Tom exclaimed butting in. Natalie ignored him and starting scowering the crowd for new victims.

'You know I think she like likes me.' He wrapped an arm around my shoulder as we made our way down the stairs.

'I think that's a bit of a stretch. She tolerates you at best.'

'I'll take that. It's one step closer to her realising she's in love with me.'

'Whatever helps you sleep at night mate.'

Tom looked off into the distance with a wistful expression.

'I don't know about sleep but she's definitely in my dreams.'

'Ew. Now that's as much as I want to know.'

'Suit yourself. Owp your boyfriends glaring at me, that's my cue to go.'


'Bye Evie, see you at practice later. Don't be late. Oh and Evie.'


'Nice hoody.' He winked at me and walked off.

I glanced down at what I was wearing before remembering I had on Harrison's hoody. I guess being his best friend he would recognise the initials on it. I went to take my seat at the table however before I could something stopped me in my tracks.

'Xavier what's that in your hand?' He froze in place, his eyes wide and half an eaten sandwich in his greedy mitt.

'I'm sorry but I just couldn't help myself. It was staring at me, begging to be eaten.'

'And you're begging to be kicked in the nuts!' Thankfully my come back was enough to loosen his vice like grip on my sandwich allowing me to steal it back.

'You're lucky I'm hungry and not feeling scrappy.' I said as I sat down in my seat and munched on what was left of my lunch.

'Not scrappy.' I heard him mutter sarcastically under his breath as he sulked.

Well that's was he gets for coming between a girl and her food. It should never happen and if he has to learn the hard way so be it.

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