Through His Lens (edited version)

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Harrison’s POV

I waited until the front door closed before I swore out loud. I can't believe I've been such a fucking idiot. I let my annoyance over Jake get to me so much that Eve thought I was pissed at her! I'm mean seriously, if only she knew how far from true that was.

What she hadn't noticed was that it was fucking jealousy that had put me in a foul mood not her doing something wrong. We'd all been having such a good time laughing and joking then that asshole Jake had to go and ruin it!

I can't blame him though. A girl as beautiful as Eve is, both on the inside and out is like finding a precious gem stone. What adds to it is the fact that she doesn't even realise it. Unlike most of the girls at our school she doesn't take herself too seriously and certainly doesn't care whether she's got enough layers of that lip-gloss stuff on.

It really is no surprise he's got a thing for her. I can name a few of the guys on the soccer team who would've too if I hadn't made them reassess those thoughts. However, I'd have a million times preferred one of them to be dating her than that asshole. At least they'd treat her right.

He on the other hand is clearly trying to flirt with her to "get one over on us". I mean really what kind of a dick does that?

I'm lucky in the sense that the guys on the team love her like a sister so would do anything to stop that guy from getting his hands on her but still. He pisses me off and what makes it worse is he knows it.

He knew I was watching earlier, that all of us were and he definitely acted up a storm because of that. When I saw him brushing her hair away from her face, I thought I was going to jump up from the table and punch him in the face.

I groaned out loud as I put my face in my hands. What's wrong with me? I've never been this guy before. Then again, I guess I've never felt this way about a girl before. Joseph always used to joke that one day I'd get it and then I'd understand. We'll I owe him 10 dollars as he was right, I've got it bad.

The thing is up until today a part of me thought she may feel the same way about me. There have been a couple times recently when I thought...I thought she wanted to kiss me. She gives me this look sometimes that makes me feel like we're the only two people in the world. I'd love nothing more than to sweep her up in my arms and never let her go. I have been hoping that she felt the same way.

However, when I saw her earlier with Jake doubt set in. I mean she said she only saw him as a friend but that still doesn't mean she likes me anymore than him.

God this girl was going to drive me insane. You should've seen the stupid smile on my face when I saw her wearing my hoody to school today. The guys were taking the piss out of me at lunch because of it but I didn't care. They were saying something about me giving it to her on purpose to send a message to the other guys at our school. That may be half true but I also couldn't imagine taking it back when she offered it to me. It looked so perfect on her, like it was made for her. I couldn't help imagining that if I was her boyfriend, I'd let her wear my clothes all the time because damn they look good on her.

Tom was right, I needed to grow a pair and tell her how I felt.

I've been confiding in him a lot about Eve. One because he's like a brother to me and two because I think he wants us together just as much as I do. After he and Eve were finished being tortured by one of Natalie's school spirit games, he put the fear of god in me. He said if I didn't act soon, I'd probably end up in the friend zone. That was something I couldn't stand. It was torture enough as it was having to keep it friendsy with her at the moment, there was no way I could stay like that forever. It was bad enough now which was saying something as all I want to do is be near her and touching her all the time.

Maybe I should take a leaf out of Tom's book and just 'kiss the hell out of her'. Except as we've already established, I haven't got the balls for that. No, instead I've asked her round tomorrow when I know we will be alone all evening and then it will be now or never. Well that's as long as I can keep my jealously under wraps until then.

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