Through His Lens (edited version)

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I think we’ve crossed the line...

As soon as we were through the front door we were bombarded with questions. It's was funny and lovely to see just how much Erika dotted on her son. I didn't get off easy though, and every now and then she'd fire a round at me. You'd never be able to guess that she made a living as a detective.

Today being Friday, was the start of the weekend. Thankfully the day had gone quite quickly and before I knew it the last bell was ringing and everyone was making the great escape. I beat Harrison to his car which meant I spent a few minutes leaning on the hood people watching. As soon as I saw said human being walking towards me, a great big grin over took my face. Thankfully the look was reciprocated, otherwise that would've been embarrassing. After a short drive to his house we were met at the door by an over excited Erika.

'Anyway, don't mind me you two. Your dads working late and I'll have to shoot off in a little while for work as well, but there's cookies in the oven and help yourself to drinks Evie.' She gave me her signature pearly white smile as she side hugged me.

After chatting for a little while longer whilst snacking on the mountain of cookies she'd made, she headed off leaving Harrison and I alone.

'You ready for some fun?' He asked enthusiastically.

'Fun for you or fun for me?'

'Well fun for you because you get to go swimming, and fun for me because I get to watch.' One of his green eyes winked at me which gave me permission to lightly hit him on the arm.

'I'm only joking London.'

'No you're not.'

A smirk was all I got in response.


'Are you done now?' I treaded water, moving my hands in circular motions to keep afloat.

I don't know how long we'd been in the pool house taking photos, but I knew it was quite a while because of my pruney skin. I'd been told to move this way and that way, positioned in so many poses that I felt like I'd been doing a work out. I was exhausted and didn't want to say it but, over it now.

I couldn't bare to complain though as Harrison looked like he was having the best time. I'm betting partially because he had a half-naked girl doing what he told her to do in his swimming pool, but also creatively. When he explained the shoot idea to me and what he'd been learning in class his whole face lit up. I knew this was more than just a hobby to him.

'Yep I think that's it.' To confirm his statement, he started putting his camera equipment back in its bags. It was then that I got an idea. It can't be all work and no play right? Plus, I'm sure he wanted to cool off after all that hard work.

Just like when we were down at the beach I waited until I was sure everything expensive was safely stored away before executing my plan.

'Help me up would you.'

There was a perfectly good set of stairs that I could use to get out of the water but where was the fun in that?

I held my hand out to him as I clung onto the edge of the pool in the hopes that he would take the bait. Being the gentleman that he was he put everything down and bent over to grab my hand which was when I used all the force I could muster to pull him into the water.

Just in time I realised I should probably move out the way of the body about to fall into the water next to me.

Beside me a splash confirmed the mission was compete and when a shocked boy came to the surface of the water, I couldn't hold back the laughter. This was the point when I thought it best to try and run away however I don't know if you've tried that in water but it's near on impossible so I ended moving at a granny's pace.

'You're going to regret doing that.' His voice held his conviction but his sparkling mischievous eyes were telling another story. He was trying not to laugh.

'I don't think I will. The look on your face was priceless.'

I knew I was poking a bear with a stick but I couldn't help myself.

'Oh that's it.'

As quick as a flash he was after me. It didn't take long till he had me in his arms.

'Let me go.'

I tried to wriggle myself free but it was no use.

He was fully clothed but I could feel the muscles under his shirt. He was stronger than me. Trying to pull my attention away from his muscles and back to the situation at hand, I squirmed in his hold.

He turned me around so I was facing him pining my arms against his chest. I took in his appearance from the wet clothes to his wild hair going in all directions with a lot stuck onto his face. Another wave of laughter erupted from me which made him hold me tighter.

'Would you like some help with that?' I managed to choke out as I motioned to his hair.

He didn't reply instead giving me the evils but that was all I really needed. I managed to wiggle an arm free and ran my fingers through his damp hair, pulling it back off of his face.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I went a little slower than I could've, as I wanted to make the most of being able to touch him that intimately. The way his eyes were watching me as I did told me he was enjoying the moment as well.

All of a sudden a crash from behind us turned our attention to the back door where Tom was standing sheepishly. I pulled my hand back from Harrison just as he released me from his arms.

'Ignore me, I'm not here. I forgot about tonight. I'm going, Bye.' He looked uncomfortable as he hurried back though the door. That may have been more to do with the death stare Harrison was giving him than thinking he'd caught us in an awkward position.

Which he hadn't.

Although it probably did look like it.

'You don't have to rush off. We've taken the pictures we needed so you can hang out if you like.' I said in response even though this wasn't my house to invite him into.

Tom smirked at both of us as he stood in the doorway.

'Oh no, I don't want to spend my Friday night third wheeling. Enjoy yourselves kids. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.'

And with that he was out the door.

'I should remember to lock the doors.' Harrison muttered as he watched his friend climb over the garden fence.

'What you don't like living next door to each other?'

'Oh I did up until recently.'

Something told me their relationship was very much like siblings. You love them to death but god they can get on your tits. I assumed Tom made a habit of making himself at home in this house.

'Now, where were we? Oh that's right I was teaching you a lesson, one that you obviously didn't pay attention to when we were at the beach.'

A grin crept back on his face but unfortunately for him I was a lot further away now.

'You're going to have to catch me first green eyes.'

With that I swam off making quite good distance actually before he caught up. I felt a hand on my leg which proceeded to drag me backwards.

'No fair! That's cheating!' I managed to push the hair off my face which was probably making me look like the exorcist just in time for him to playfully push me under.

As I broke the surface the first thing I saw was Harrison's smug face.

'All's fair in love and war.'

We carried on messing around like this for a while before we decided to get out.

'You can use my sister's bathroom if you like?' We we're back downstairs now wrapped up in cosy towels that Erika had left out for us.

Harrison opened up a door that was opposite his own and led me into a pink and grey room. It looked relatively minimal now presumably because Hailey had most of her stuff in New York, however band posters were still blue tacked to the walls.

'Feel free to use any of the girly stuff in the shower.'

'Girly stuff?' I asked with a smile. I do love how boys explain things. Lucas called mascara an eyelash brush the other day.

'Yeah you know Erm, girly stuff.' He gave me a sheepish look as he opened the bathroom door for me.

'I don't know what all of it is, I'm not high maintenance.'

'Are you saying I'm high maintenance?' I gave off the look of being offended whilst trying not to laugh.

'No, I'm saying my sister is.'

'Nice save. You could've dug yourself a big hole right there.' I patted him on the cheek and closed the door behind me leaving Harrison to go back and change in his own room.

I quickly peeled off my wet swimsuit and had a warm shower. The girly stuff Harrison was referring to included an array of shampoos and conditioners, along with masks, scrubs and body washes.

I wouldn't exactly call this high maintenance however it did resemble what my sister's bathroom had looked like and in comparison, to me she was. I'm more of a wash your hair when it's starting to look a grey brown from the dry shampoo you've used kind of girl. That was not a good look but hey I have a lot of hair and I don't have time for that.

Unfortunately, due to the chlorine I did need to wash my hair in this instance, unless I wanted a dry bird's nest for hair.

I quickly did what I needed to do in the shower then got changed. After towel drying my hair as best as I could I ventured back into Harrison's room. It also happened to be the moment he was pulling a T-shirt over his head.

'Oops sorry.' I covered a hand over my eyes which earned a chuckle.

'You can uncover your eyes now; all parts of my body are covered.'

'Are you sure?'

Instead of replying he walked over to me and pried my hands away from my face. I looked down at him and yes unfortunately he was now fully clothed.

'You know you've seen me shirtless at practice before. Actually, you've seen the whole team shirtless. Now that I think about it you should take your top off and even out the scores.'

You couldn't hate the boy for trying however annoyingly a blush formed on my cheeks.

'I think we both know that's not going to happen.'

'Now that you've stopped blushing, I want you to have a look at the photos we've taken.'

'Correction, you've taken.'

'Yeah well it's not really that hard with you being the subject.' Now it was his turn to blush.

I watched as he played with some keys on his computer. I couldn't help but notice as he bent over to use the mouse his shirt rode up a little showing off his tanned skin.

'There you go, see what you think.'

I managed to pry my eyes away from perving on his body just in time for him to turn to me expectantly.

I quickly sat myself down in the office chair and started scrolling through the photos. Thankfully, due to Harrison's photography skills, he managed to take them when I didn't look uncomfortable. The best ones are definitely when he's distracted me and didn't realise he was taking photos. The first few were me walking up the boardwalk, my silhouette contrasted with the beauty of the scenery around me.

I forgot how gorgeous that day was.

The next photo was of me again not realising a photo was being taken. I was reaching up to smell one of the flowers hanging from the pavilion ceiling. I had such a calm expression on my face and my eyes were closed as if to heighten any scent wafting off the flower.

I continued scrolling, spending some time taking in the details of every photo until one stopped me in my tracks. My finger hovered over the mouse as I contemplated scrolling past like the photo was no big deal. It was though.

It was one of the photos Harrison was in as well. I'd completely forgotten they existed as I wasn't sure they'd come out this well. But boy had they.

It wasn't the fact that it still existed that threw me, it's the fact that I initially thought it was a photo of a young couple in love. It was only when I took in the surroundings that I realised the silhouettes were us.

Only a beam of light indicted that there was any space between us. He was looking down at me and I up at him definitely and I mean definitely about to kiss. I was sure I hadn't made that up but this was evidence of that. If the shutter hadn't gone off when it did then....

It was only when I felt the quietness around me that I realised Harrison had stopped what he was doing and was watching me.

I glanced back and sure enough he looked thrown.

Me being me doing what I do best I panicked. I turned back around and scrolled back to the first photo as if ignoring the others existence.

'Harrison the photos are seriously amazing, I can't wait to hear what Ms Stevens thinks of them. Anyway, I should probably go. Lindsay said she'd come and pick me up and it's getting late so I don't want to keep her.'

I was babbling I knew I was. I could see Harrison wanted to say something but he must've changed his mind.

I quickly rushed to pick up my bags and headed to the door.

'See you Monday then, bye.'

'Evie wait!'

I ignored him. I was out the door and up the stairs before I knew it.

I wanted to kick myself for being such a coward. Why couldn't I just admit to him that I have feelings for him? I knew the answer, it was because I was scared. Not because I didn't think he felt the same way, because after looking at that photo I now knew he did, but because I'm in-experienced.

I've never had a boyfriend before; I've only ever been kissed once in my life which wasn't exactly the most romantic moment ever.

I was at an underage disco called snaps when I was 13. It was a disco that was organised at local theatres and anyone that was cool made sure they were there 7pm on a Friday night.

As you're probably thinking, why were you there then? Well one because my sister begged me to go with her, and two my parents thought I needed to get out more.

I know right, how embarrassing.

It was on one of those nights when Billy Adams asked if he could dance with me. Nora being Nora said yes before I could come up with an excuse. We danced awkwardly for a couple of songs before he launched himself at me and stole my first kiss. I was angry with him for years until he became the heart throb at the local boy's school and then I didn't mind admitting we were each other's first kiss.

That was it though. All the experience I'd ever had and it was pathetic.

I reached into my pocket to call Lindsay when I realised it wasn't there. I scrambled around by the front door searching for it until it became painfully obviously that I'd left it in Harrison's bedroom.

My heart started beating when I thought about the embarrassment of having to go back but then the still very new confident side of me slapped myself. Well I thought it was me, for all I knew it could've been Nora.

I needed to grow a pair and deal with this. I've spent years of my life running away from anything that takes me out of my comfort zone. With my new found confidence I headed back downstairs to Harrison's room. When got to his door my hand wavered a little but just as I was about to knock the door sung open and Harrison stood in front of me.

'You forgot your phone.' There was some kind of emotion in his voice but I couldn't read it. Sadness maybe?

'Yeah. Thanks.' I reached out to take the phone making my hand graze his. A surge of tingles crept up my arm as my heart started beating faster. It felt like the air around us was charged with electricity and it was so quiet you could probably hear a pin falling to the floor.

What I didn't expect was for Harrison to take my hand after I'd pocketed my phone. He pulled me closer to him so there was only inches between us.

'Evie.' He practically whispered.

I dared to look up which was when I met the intense stare of his eyes running over my face and down to my lips. And that's when I couldn't take it anymore. It was like I was possessed by someone that wasn't me because all my worries slipped away. With my free hand I wove my fingers through his still a little damp hair and kissed him.

I felt him smiling against my lips at first but then he kissed me back.

He pulled me back into his room, taking my bag of my shoulder and dropping it to the floor.

Then after closing the door he backed me up pinning me to it still with his soft lips against mine.

Whoever this girl was it definitely wasn't me. She seemed to know what she was doing. Confidently running her hands over his body and kissing him like she was in charge.

Harrison picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist. I felt him walking backwards eventually sitting us both down on his bed. He pulled himself back so he was leaning against the headboard with me straddling him. We broke apart, allowing us both to catch our breaths which was when the nerves started to creep back. What if I was a bad kisser? It felt good to me but what did I know?

I watched his intense eyes ran over my features as his thumb softly grazed my lips and cheek.

'I've wanted to do that since the first day I met you.'

I ran my hands over his chest lingering over where I could feel his heart beating just as fast as mine.


He nodded, quickly pecking me on the lips before leaning his head back on the headboard.

'I took one look at you and that was it, I was hooked. Then you opened your mouth and I thought what the hell have I got myself into.'

I playfully smacked his arm which made his cheeky grin wider.

'If it's any consolation I thought the same thing. He's pretty but there's not much else going on.' I winked as I was now the one to be hit.

'No I thought how the hell was I going to contain myself around you.'

'I don't blame you. How could you resist this?' He took his hands off my waist long enough to motion down at his physique. It wasn't long until they were back roaming my body though.

I playfully rolled my eyes before doing something I would've never dared to do before. I leaned forward so I was closer enough to whisper.

'You're right though. I couldn't resist.'

I felt him shiver underneath me as I ran my hands up his arms. Starting below his earlobe I gently grazed my lips a long his jaw line till I was back to his lips. It didn't take long till they hungrily connected with mine.

His hands ran up my thighs and lingered on the hem on my top.

'Can I?'

It took me a little while to figure out what he meant but when I did, I lifted my arms up to give him his answer.

A small part of me freaked out a little as 1. I hoped I'd remembered to shave my underarms and 2. this was Harrison!

I'd been shamelessly imagining this moment for weeks and it was actually happening. Once my top was successfully on the floor, I got to work by taking his off.

For weeks I'd had to stop myself from staring at his muscles. During practise most of the guys took their tops off mainly because of the warm Californian sun but a part of me thinks it's because I'm around to. There have been more than a few times when I was sure Harrison had caught me staring at his ripped muscles, I know Tom definitely had. But now I didn't need to hide it, I could shamelessly stare all I liked.

I felt him chuckle underneath me which made my eyes overt upwards.

'Oh don't let me stop you. I was staring too.'

A blush crept up my cheeks when I realised he meant me. It's stupid that a boy seeing me in my bra could make me blush yet in the summer I've paraded around in a bikini. Ok maybe not paraded, that was more Nora. I was more used to throwing on a baggy T-shirt but hey this was new confident me. She didn't give a shit what anyone thought of her and she went out and got what she wanted. Well, kind of.

A flash of concern crossed his beautiful face as he lifted a hand to cup my cheek.

'Tell me if we're going to fast ok.'

And it was that statement that made my heart flutter with happiness.

I nodded and smiled before closing the gap between us. We carried on like that, kissing and talking for I don't know how long until my phone ringing distracted us.

Without breaking contact with my lips, Harrison pulled my phone out of my back pocket.

'It's Lindsay.' He said as he pulled away.

'Shit I forgot she said she was going to pick me up.'

'I'll take you home.' He concluded before planting a kiss on my lips and passing me my phone.

'Hi Lindsay.' I announced as I answer my phone. I hoped my voice sounded calm and normal, rather than I've just been kissing your nephew.

'Hi gorgeous.' I could hear noise in the background so I guessed she had me on Bluetooth in her car.

'Are you guys finished? I'm not far so I can be there in 15.'

I wanted to say define what you class finished but I refrained.

'We have yes but honestly Lindsay don't go out of your way. Harrison has said he'll drop me home.'

Using my forefinger, I traced circles on Harrison's chest which must've felt nice as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

'Don't be silly I've been out doing errands anyway. Plus that boy has probably forgotten but his Mom has left out a few things for me that I let her borrow the other week.'

I sat up straight which made Harrison's eyes fling open and a confused look cross his face.

'Ah bare with me, I'll just remind him of that.'

I put my hand over the phone microphone before breaking the news.

'Apparently she has to pick up something your mum left out for her.'

'crap I forgot about that. I got distracted.' He said sheepishly.

I chuckled before putting the phone back to my ear.

'Yeah he forgot.'

'What are boys like, useless. See you in 15 then.'

'Yeah see you soon.'

I put the phone down and passed Harrison his shirt.

'Better put this back on then.'

He pouted as he took his shirt from me.

'Least I know I've left you wanting more.' I said as I climbed off his lap.

He scoffed as he pulled his T-shirt back over his head.

'Understatement of the year.'

I got myself fully clothed again and then we headed upstairs. In what felt like no time Lindsay was pulling up outside. Before I could reach the door handle Harrison had wrapped his arms around me and bend his head down to kiss me softly.

'Is that goodbye?' I asked staring into his green eyes.

'For now.'

He pulled away leaving my arms feeling cold and empty then opened the door to take the bag of borrowed items out to Lindsay's car.

'Did you two have fun?' She asked brightly from inside the car.


Harrison and I quickly glanced at each other trying to be secretive behind our smiles before we turned back to her.

She gave us both an inquisitive look before directing Harrison to put the bag in the boot.

'See you later.' I said as he walked back over to me although it sounded like a question.

He handed me my bag that I didn't realise he'd been holding.

'Yeah, I'll text you.'

I bit my lip to stop myself from grinning and got into the car. It was after a few minutes driving that Lindsay turned to me.

'What's got you so smiley?'


When we got home the first thing I did was run up the stairs and barged into Taliah's room without knocking.

'That's ok just come right in.' She joked from where she was sat at her desk painting her toes nails.

'Tali I think I owe you money.'

A look of confusion crossed her face as she tried to figure out what I was taking about.

'No I don't think you do.'

'Yes.' I insisted. 'Because you told me Harrison had a thing for me and I didn't believe you.'

Taliah's eyes went wide and she rushed over to me.

'Omg spill.'

'Ok well I think we've definitely crossed the line between friendship and relationship.'

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