Through His Lens (edited version)

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My Spider-Man

'Ok we're all here and ready, now spill. I'm talking details girl, we want details!' Zara sat tucked up in a blanket that made her look like a burrito, with her full attention on me. She had this wild look in her hazel eyes like she was craving a good fix of gossip, and I didn't want to see what would happen if she didn't get it.

Taliah on the other hand was sat in bed next to her cringing with disgust.

'Ok not that many details, remember he's still my cousin.'

She'd made it clear last night that despite wanting to know what was going on in her friends love life, there were things no person should ever know about someone they're related too.

'Fine you cover your ears whilst Eve gets to the gory bits.'

Taliah threw her a dirty look but got a pillow ready and waiting to cover her ears with if necessary.

It was Saturday evening now and after me spilling the details of mine and Harrison's 'development' to Taliah and Nora, an impromptu 'you better be there bitch' sleepover was planned. Zara decided to host as she has the biggest bedroom and a free house for the weekend. If she had it her way this sleepover would've started just after lunch because according to her the excitement meant she just couldn't wait. Jennifer however had plans with her family that she couldn't get out of so much to Zara's annoyance tonight it had to be.

She'd practically bombarded me with questions the moment I got through the front door, not caring whether I was desperate for the loo or not. She made it clear she was more than willing to listen to me answer whilst I was sat on the toilet but Jennifer still hadn't arrived so that over ruled that. Along with the fact that I like some privacy whilst I'm on the toilet.

Once everyone was sat down and comfy, I started relaying the night to the girls starting from taking photos in the pool and ending with our kiss by the door.

'Is he a good kisser?' Jennifer asked excitedly as she lay on the floor with her head in her hands. For the last twenty minutes she'd been sat on a yoga mat ohming and contorting herself into odd positions. She said yoga helps her relax after family days. From what Jennifer's mentioned about her family, it sounds like her mum is high maintenance which in turn makes the rest of her family crazy. She told me the other day she can't wait until she's 21 so she can legally carry around a hip flask.

I thought back to last night and flashes of glorious memories flooded back in, making a smile form on my face.

'The best.'

'How did you leave it?' Jennifer asked from a crab position and one leg in the air.

'It was kind of like a see you later but we've been texting all day. I guess I'll just see him Monday morning.'

'Ok good. So Monday, how're you going to act around each other? Are you keeping things on the downlow? You know it's going to be the talk of the school, right?'

Now that was the question. I didn't exactly want to keep things hush but it's also none of anyone else's damn business.

'To be honest we haven't spoken about that nor had I thought of it.' I chewed my thumb nervously as I wondered to how to play Monday. I've never done this before, Nora was the dating and relationship expert not me. Have I already messed up?

'I mean he's the same as me, doesn't care about the rumour mill and just gets on with it but I don't want to keep it a secret and I hope he wouldn't too.'

Taliah squeezed me on the leg breaking me out of the panic that was currently going on inside my head.

'Evie don't over think it. Like you said he doesn't give a crap what people think or say about him. He will probably leave it down to you and whatever you're comfortable with.'

I think she could tell the other two were freaking me out a bit.

'I agree with Taliah.' Zara concluded. 'But if it was me, I would walk right up to him on Monday morning and kiss him. That way it's just over and done with.'

She shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal. I felt like things had only just got to a relatively normal stage at school. Sure, people still stared but not as much as they used to. If I was to just 'get it over and done with' I had a feeling that would subject me to full on no shame stares again.

I suddenly felt like texting and asking him now but it seemed like a conversation I should have in person. Plus, I didn't want to get ahead of myself. This is what I do, I panic and over think, but I'm not going to let that happen and ruin in.

'Uh I'm so jealous.' Zara sighed as she dramatically slapped her hands onto the duvet.

'I want to have that kind of relationship. I'm so done being single. I want butterflies and romantic first kisses.'

Taliah held her drink in her hand and cheers'd to know one in particular.

'Preach it sister.'

'Come on there must be someone on the horizon?' A glanced at all three of them waiting for one to go into some kind of story but instead I got.




'Ok I have a question and don't bite my head off, it's a serious question.' They all looked over at me in expectation. 'The guys, Lucas, Xavier, Joseph and Aaron. Is it all purely platonic? I mean you've all been friends for what seems like forever, but there must've been feelings for someone at some point.'

'Ew no they're like my brothers. ' Jennifer said turning her nose. 'Plus I like older guys.'

So she was out of the question, however the other two remained quiet which told me everything I needed to know.

'Omg you two have, haven't you?'

'Ok well of course logically there have been crushes over the years.' Taliah said going a little red in the face. Something told me the word crush was being used a little lightly.

Zara rolled her eyes and scoffed.

'What she means to say is she had a thing for Lucas when we were younger which she insists she is over.'

'I am! That was years ago!' I tried not to laugh as I could see red splotches forming on her face and chest.

'But you were each other's first kiss.' Jennifer announced with an evil look on her face. I turned to Taliah with wide eyes and a grin.

'Ok spill now!'

She sighed shoving a load of crisps into her mouth before turning to me.

'It was years ago.'

'Not that long ago.' Jennifer coughed and then smiled as Taliah glared at her.

'We were at a party and forced into playing truth or dare. Someone asked whether I'd had my first kiss to which I said no. Then Zara being the cow she is when it was her turn she dared me to kiss Lucas, knowing fully well that I had a crush on him.'

Zara put up her arms defensively which turned out to be a struggle seeing as she was still Saran wrapped in a blanket.

'Hey I was doing you a favour.'

'It was so embarrassing and what made it worse was we had to go into a closet to do it. When we got in there, he told me we didn't have to kiss if I didn't want to and we'd just tell everyone we did.'

'Aw that's so cute.' I always knew Lucas was a gentleman. On Monday I'm going to give him an out of context pat on the back.

'Problem was the little minx wanted to.' Jennifer cackled.

'So what did you do?'

Tali groaned as she covered her head in her hands.

'What did I do? I practically pounced on the poor kid. He was so shocked when I kissed him and I was embarrassed because he didn't kiss me back so I walked out of the closet and left him there. We haven't spoken about it since. It was a couple months later that Xavier told me Lucas had admitted to him it was his first kiss too.'

'Awww that's quite sweet.'

'You should've seen Lucas around her the following week. It was like he was frightened she'd attack him again.' Jennifer giggled which proceeded to make Zara and I laugh.

'Did you ever wonder if he liked you too?' I asked once I'd finally calmed down.

'Did you not hear the story? I traumatised him. The only feelings he had towards me were fear.' She flopped back on the bed and used a pillow to cover her face.

'Maybe he was impressed you actually had the balls to go through with it.'

She stayed quiet for a while before a muffled response came from the pillow.

'I don't know. It was years ago and like I said we haven't spoken about it since.'

I was going to let it go when something dawned on me and a smile crept up in my face.

'Ok but the question is would you go there now? If for example he kissed you, would you kiss him back?'

She sat back up to shove a load more crisps into her mouth which she was quickly making her way through. Once she'd satisfied her crisp craving, she addressed all of us.

'Ok this stays here but...yes I probably would.'

The girls starting cackling again and a pillow was thrown at Zara when she said she knew Taliah still liked him.

'Don't be embarrassed. I would've thought you were crazy if you said no. He's a good-looking guy.'

This seemed to be all she needed to get her bad ass sassy self-back.

'You're right. He's hot and I'm not ashamed to admit I'd kiss his face off.'

We all whooped at her as she flipped her hair over her shoulder and winked at us.

Now Jennifer and Taliah had answered it was time to interrogate Zara. I turned to her and raised my eyebrows which she pretended to ignore.

'What about you then missy?'

'I'm the same as Jennifer, I see them like brothers.' She said shrugging her shoulders and avoiding eye contact.

'Now that's not quite true is it.' The tables had turned and now Tali was the one with an evil glint in her eye. 'Look who's lying.'

Zara proceeded to pick at her nail polish and ignore Taliah.

'I don't know what you mean.'

Jennifer uncurled herself from the yoga position that looked like she was one big human knot to sit on the end of Zara's bed with us.

'What Tali means is that we all seem to remember your attempt at flirting with Xavier when you first met him.'

'wait what?' Is this happening? I thought excitedly until I remembered Xavier made me promise I wouldn't meddle.

'It really was nothing. I met him when we moved into this house. His mom introduced us and told me we'd be going school together so we got to talking. I always thought he was good looking but so did all the girls in our year and he made no attempt to slow down in dating them all. He's just not a commitment guy you know.'

'I hate to say it Zara but you've done your fair share of dating around too.' Taliah said as she inched away from her best friend, fully expecting a violent outburst.

'Yeah but that's because I haven't found the ONE yet.'

'Well Maybe Xavier hasn't either.' Actually, he has but he's too afraid to tell you.

Zara hmphed in response but didn't say any more. Ok a seed has been planted which really wasn't me meddling, it just so happened that she gave up that information and I've given her something to think about. I'll just keep on doing that until they realise they're made to be together, fall in love and then live happily ever after.

After we all made pinkie promises to never utter a word that was mentioned in this room (it probably doesn't surprise you to know Taliah was the one who initiated this promise) we ordered pizza which we proceeded to cry into whilst watching Titanic and then we had an impromptu dance party when we got a second bout of energy at 1am. The next morning Zara had to go to work at the clothes store in the local mall so Jennifer came back with Tali and I and we chilled out for the rest of the day. She left just after dinner and then I went up to my room to do the homework I'd been putting off all weekend.

'I'm boreddddd.'

Nora hung off the side of my bed red in the face from all the blood that had rushed to her head.

'I've got to get this work done.' I said without looking up from my textbook.

It was after a few minutes that I heard a small voice behind me.

'You never have time for me anymore.'

I turned around and looked at her sad face which immediately made me feel guilty. I guess I had been neglecting her the last couple of weeks. Back home Nora was always the one with loads of friends but she always made time to hang out with me and I couldn't even return the gesture.

'Ok give me 20 minutes to finish this off and then we'll hang out, ok?' This seemed to satisfy her as she sat back up with a smile on her face and began to occupy herself with a magazine I'd discarded on the floor.

I had way more homework than 20 minutes work but I could always get some done in my free period tomorrow.

Nora let me know when my time was up by taking the pen out of my hand every time I tried to write something and after a few attempts at carrying on I gave in and got up from my desk.

'Ok what do you want to do then?'

She looked deep in thought as she snuggled herself up in my bed until her face lit up.

'Friends marathon.'

This was something we used to do all the time at home. If one of us came home upset or was stressed, it was the one thing that always made us feel better. Also, I don't care what anyone says, friends is the best and I doesn't matter how many times you watch it, it never gets old.

'Ok, which episode do you want to start on?' I asked as I scrolled through the seasons on Netflix.

'Hmm I think Monica and chandlers wedding part 1.' I had to agree, that was a good episode.

I pressed play and snuggled down next her as we got into the episode. It was when we were on part two that I noticed Nora staring at me.

'What you looking at creep?'

She giggled but still continued to stare.

'I can't remember the last time I saw you this happy.'

'I can't remember the last time I was this happy.' It was true. When I first got here it was like I had to put on an act to survive but I was feeling more on more myself every day. Sure, I still had down days where I felt home sick and I missed my family like crazy, but I was fortunate enough to stumble across some of the most amazing people I'd ever met.

'I'm glad you've got people in your life that are helping you. I hate to say this but even before the accident I'd look at you sometimes and it was like you were only ever giving 60% of yourself. Whereas now I'm finally seeing the sister again that I used to have to so much fun with when we were younger.'

A tear rolled down my cheek as I took in her words.

'Hey no tears.' I felt a cold hand brush my face. I wasn't sure if she managed to wipe the tear away but I didn't care in that moment.

'It was a happy tear. I've missed you Nora, I've really missed you.'

'I've missed you too baby girl.' She wrapped me up in a hug or as best a hug she could give me and we carried on watching friends.

After I don't know how long my phone buzzed with a text. I lazily contorted myself to grab my phone without having to move from the cosy nest I was in. After a few attempts I managed to grab it and saw it was a text from Harrison.

Look outside your window.

I furrowed my brows in confused until the phone was stolen from my hand. Nora squealed as she jumped out of bed and rushed over to the window.

'Omg lover boys out there!'

'Is he actually?' I asked not quite believing what I was hearing as I rushed over to where she was standing near the window.

'I love this. It's like a Cinderella moment! It's like you're Hilary duff and he's that other guy. What was his name?'

'Chad Michael Murray.'

'Yeah that's the one.'

'They didn't do this in the film though did they?'

'No but they should've done.' It was at this point she stopped looking out of the window long enough to look at me. 'Is that what you're going to wear?'

I looked down at the black and white H&M shorts I had on and my baggy power puff girl's hoodie.

'Well yeah. I'm hardly going to make him wait out there whilst I do an outfit change.'

'Ok your choice. Well I'm going to leave you too it. Enjoy yourself and summon your inner Olivia Newton John when she was all badassy at the end of grease.'

'Wait! What do I do?' I asked in a panicked voice. I also tried to grab onto her arm but I went straight through her and it looked like I was grabbing the air.

'Open the damn window woman.' And with that she disappeared into thin air. Great just great. I turned back to the window and opened it wide so I could look down at the boy staring up at me. God he was gorgeous.

'You decided to finally come to the window then.'

'You gotta make a guy wait for a little while you know.'

He smirked making his green eyes shine in the moonlight.

'Keep the window open, I'm coming up.'

And that's when Harrison Scott proceeded to climb up the oak tree next to my bedroom window like he was fucking Spider-Man.

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