Through His Lens (edited version)

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I’m falling in love with you- part 2

Pre warning- this chapter is not PG. It isn't graphic but it ain't pure either. Enjoy! X


'What are you doing here London?'

I wavered under his neutral gaze wondering if I had made a mistake showing up here but I needed to put on my big girl pants and make him listen to me.

'I came to apologise.'

'Apologise for what exactly?'

I knew this wasn't going to be easy but I wasn't expecting him to hold his ground for so long. I glanced back to see if Tom was still there but he must've bailed.

'Can I come in please?'

For a split second I thought I saw his expression soften but it didn't take long for him to mask it. Instead of answering he pushed his weight off of the door frame and moved aside to let me in. The room was dimly light by the warm light coming from a lamp on his bedside table and the glow from his computer. He must've been doing homework as books were strewn messily across his desk.

'Go on.' He mumbled as he sat in his computer chair and watched me from when I stood.

I had pre planned what I wanted to say but all of a sudden, I felt nervous and my speech flew out the window. It didn't help that even though he was being moody he looked incredibly gorgeous. His hair was tussled like he'd been running his hands through it and the joggers and tight long sleeve top he was wearing accentuated his muscles.

I sighed softly and walked further into the room.

'I didn't come here to ask you to forgive me for being distant this last week. I came to explain that I'm an idiot that has a habit of running away from all the good things in my life.' I frowned at my feet hoping by the grace of god that this speech was going to get better.

'I've only ever loved a small handful of people. My parents and my sister being the main ones. I....after the accident it felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. When I first got here, I felt like a ghost of a person and I was pretending to be better than I was. Then I met crashed into you and you felt like a breath of fresh air that I so desperately needed. Over the past couple of months, you've been the main person to make me feel like myself again. You are the only person apart from my family that I've properly opened up to and that's because I trust you and you make me feel safe. The other night I realised for the first time that there is a reason I feel the way I do about you and that's because I'm..I can feel myself falling in love with you.'

I realised I'd been pacing and not once looked up. I was too scared to look at him.

'And then I panicked because I seem to keep losing all of the people I care about most. I panicked that at some point I would lose you as well and that scares me. So rather than telling you all of this I pushed you away and used stupid excuses to avoid you. I'm the self-sabotaging idiot that thought by doing that I wouldn't get hurt except that's exactly what I did, to both of us.'

I finally looked up after taking a deep breath. Harrison was studying me with a frown etched on his face. The silence between us was starting to feel a little uncomfortable until he surprised me by getting up and marching over to where I was stood.

'How do you know you're falling in love with me?' He stopped just inches away from me, his forest green eyes staring deeply into mine.

I tried not to look away which is what I wanted to do on instinct as he had thrown me. Now I definitely knew the answer to this question. I'd been going over and over the reasons in my head the last week so by now I knew them off by heart.

'Because when I'm with you I feel comfortable and nervous at the same time. I get butterflies in my stomach every time you look at me. I think about you constantly and miss you when you're not with me. I get jealous even though I try not to. It makes my day when I do or say something that makes you full on smile. And..and up until recently the thought of going back to England made me feel queasy but now, I'd love to go back. I'd love to go back so I could show you where I grew up. I want to take you to the places where I had some of my happiest memories. Also, I have a list that grows everyday of places that I want to show you as I know you'll love them and want to take pictures of.'

The whole time I was talking Harrison was watching me. Part of me was worried I was scaring him off but thankfully what he did next proved I was wrong. He closed the gap between us and kissed me. The kiss was filled with urgency and longing. It only took me a couple of seconds of surprise before I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him pick me up. We kissed like that until we were breathless and had to pull away.

'Ok listen to me when I tell you, you are never doing that again. From now on you are never to feel like you need to bottle up your worries and fears. You can tell me anything and I mean anything, ok?' With a serious look on his face he glared at me until I answered. I could get used to this taking control side of him, it was hot.

'Yes Mr.'

I giggled as he growled into my neck.

'Good, I'm glad you know who's boss. Also, in case you hadn't noticed I feel the same way as you do about me.'

I pulled back to look at his handsome face whilst my heart was soaring.

'Thank god for that.' I kissed him again running my hands through his hair like I had wanted to do when he first let me in.

I only became aware that we were moving when he gently dropped me onto his bed. He moved to lie on top of me using his elbows to hold up most of his weight as I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him into me. We made out like that for a while the only interlude was me pulling his top off to reveal his glorious muscles. I rolled him over so he was on his back and I was straddling him. Working my way down from the soft stubble on his jaw line I trailed kisses along his smooth skin. I took pleasure in finally being able to kiss and feel up his sun kissed rock hard abs. Taking my time I pressed my lips against his hot skin, smiling when he moaned as I reached a tender spot then eventually made my way back up to his neck. Growing impatient he turned his head to hungrily kiss me when I reached the corner of his mouth making me smirk against his lips. As punishment to that he softly bit down on my lip which against my will made a soft moan escape from me. Now he was the one smiling, that was until he slipped his tongue into my mouth. We carried on like that, teasing each other until he pulled away from me.

'What's wrong?' I practically panted as I rested my hands on either side of his face.

'I just.. don't want you to feel any pressure. If we're going to fast we can stop.' The sincerity in his voice couldn't be more proof for me that this is what I wanted. I trusted him whole heartedly.

My heart was pounding in my chest and there were butterflies in my stomach but there was also an overwhelming feeling of desire.

'I've never wanted anything more than I do right now. I've never wanted any one more than you.'

'Jesus Eve I don't think you realise what saying that does to me.' Actually, I did. His eyes had darkened and his hands were currently running up my thighs, as if it were possible pulling me into him more.

Taking my hands off his face I started unbuttoning my top. I was currently wearing a long sleeve play suit that had buttons all the way down the front. I normally find it a pain because it's so annoying to get on and off but Harrison seemed to be enjoying it, his eyes following my fingers as they worked their way down the buttons. His hands were now under the loose fabric of my shorts resting on my hips whilst his fingers played with the lace of my underwear. Eventually the play suit was undone enough for me to de clothe my top half leaving the material a puddle at my waist and me only wearing my bra.

'Natalie was right, you do have amazing boobs.' He said huskily making me laugh.

As if tormenting me he ran his hands slowly up my back tracing shapes on my skin as he went. Eventually he got to the clasp of my bra, unhooking it easily then slowly pulled the straps down my arms discarding my bra to the floor. He looked me up and down which sent nervous shivers down my spine. After what felt like a tormentingly long time to my surprise he rolled us over so again I was on my back and he on top. My legs again we around his middle with him pressing into me, only thin pieces of clothing keeping us apart from each other.

'You're so beautiful Evie.' He whispered as he started laying kisses down my chest. 'Are you sure you want to?'

'I need to Harrison.' I managed to breath out making him draw breath.

He removed the left-over articles of clothing we had on, quickly added protection and then finally we connected.

I'd always been scared over the idea of my 'first time', worried it would hurt too much or I wouldn't be any good. There was some pain but I could tell Harrison was being careful and anyway the pleasure and trust between us made the pain fade. I'd always been scared that I wouldn't know what I was doing but Nora was right. Your body just knows and you stop over thinking it.

Afterwards we lay in bed wrapped up in each other. I lay my head on his chest listening to the galloping of his heart as he played with my hair.

'I really am falling in love with you London.'

I looked up to see his eyes on me, filled with the emotion I'd been seeing for weeks but only now knew what it was. I reach up and kissed him softly before pulling back. I was about to reply to him when my eyes caught the alarm clock on his bedside table.

'Shit Harrison it's 11!' I exclaimed before starting to giggle. 'I have to go.' I pushed myself away from him started putting on my underwear.

'Wait.' He grabbed onto my arm and pulled me over to where he was sat on the side of his bed with only the covers to partially cover him.

'I don't want you to leave.'

'I don't want to leave either but Lindsay will kill me if I'm late.' I really didn't want to leave, especially with him playing with the elastic on my underwear.

'Ok well can I come back with you then? I promise I'll be better at sneaking in and out. Please please please.' He gave me the puppy dog eyes that he knew I couldn't resist.

'What about your parents? Won't they notice you're gone?'

'They're not back until tomorrow lunch time. Besides if they ask, I'll just say I stayed over at one of my friends houses.'

'Fine but you'll have to be a ninja.'

'Yay!' He jumped up excitedly and I had to stop myself from almost automatically covering my eyes.

We both got changed back into our clothes after cleaning ourselves up in the bathroom then headed out to Harrison's car. When we got to Simon and Lindsay's he parked further up the road and we walked over to the house. I knew everyone was home but most of the lights were off by now so I hoped I'd manage to sneak in without too much disturbance. Thankfully when I got in Lindsay was heading up the stairs to bed.

'Hi sweetie. Did you have a fun evening?' She asked stopped mid-way up the stairs.

'I did thanks. We all hung out at Joseph's house.' I replied using the distracting of shutting the door behind me to avoid eye contact.

'Well good, I'm glad you had a fun night. I'm off to bed now so see you in the morning hunny.'


'Yeah see you in the morning.'

I quickly rushed up the stairs to my room and waited for the house to fall silent before I opened my window. As stealthy as a cat Harrison quietly climbed in and closed the window behind him.

'Where are you going?' He asked as I started walking to my bathroom.

'To have a quick shower.'

'I need one too.'

'Well we can't both have one, it'll be too suspicious.'

And then he said the words that instantly made my toes curl.

'Well we'll just have to share one.'

We stood face to face with him raising his eyebrows at me like it was no big deal.

I cleared my throat hoping that would make my voice sound confident enough with what I was about to say.

'You're right we'll have to share.'

Giving me one of his award-winning smiles he reached down and started undoing the buttons on my top.

'I want to do it this time.'

'Ok but only if I get to take off your pants.'

I started walking backwards towards the bathroom leading Harrison with me as his fingers fiddled with the buttons on my front.


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