Through His Lens (edited version)

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Remind me to never get on your bad side

'Morning sunshine.' A voice whispered in my ear. Wait that voice sounds familiar, but it can't be?

I rolled over and came face to face with myself. I screamed and jumped, unfortunately running out of bed space and ended up on the floor.

'Thanks for the wakeup call.' I groaned as I rubbed my stinging hands on my legs.

'You're welcome.' Nora said perkily. 'Now you little minx I want to hear all about it!'

'How do you know about that?' Then a terrifying thought came to my head. 'You weren' know?'

'Watching? Ew no. Although sharing is caring, but no little sister I was busy whilst you and your boyfriend were getting busy.'

I felt like reminding her she was only a few minutes older than me but there would be no point.

'Busy doing what?'

'Watching your little friend Tom. God he's a specimen isn't he.' She winked and wiggled her eyebrows.

'What about Adam? You know your boyfriend.'

'Oh pish I'm dead I can do what I like. Plus, if he's moved on so can I. So I've decided Tom's going to be my new play thing.'

'No Nora. Leave him alone.'

'Uh you're no fun. Fine I won't touch but I'm not promising I won't watch. Now all jokes aside, how was it?'

I climbed back into bed pulling the covers up to my chin as I thought back to last night.

'It was....everything I'd hoped it would be.'

I felt a poke in my side as my attention started to drift.

'Good I'm glad. I'm glad you waited for it to happen with the right guy.'

'Was Adam not the right guy for you?' I asked. Adam and Nora always seemed like the perfect couple and she never hinted she wasn't happy with him.

'Oh no Adam was the right guy. I wish I had waited for him. Instead I got too drunk at a party and lost it to some guy I'd been flirting with for a few weeks.'

'I'm sorry Nora.'

'It's ok. I learnt my lesson and as far as I was concerned sex with Adam was my first time because it was the first time experiencing it with someone I cared about.'

We fell into a comfortable silence both immersed in our own thoughts.

' did it in the shower huh?' She wiggled her eyebrows and me whilst grinning from ear to ear. I attempted to push her over although trying to do that to a ghost is hard.

'I thought you said you weren't watching! And no we didn't do it in the shower.'

'I wasn't I promise! I was just checking my little sis was ok. It wasn't until last night that I realised we have so much in common.'


'You're awfully smiley tonight. I'm assuming that you and Romeo are back on track?'

I looked over at the girls, one not realising their conversation had stopped and two oblivious to the fact that I had been daydreaming. After leaving early this morning, Harrison had texted to say he would be out all day with Tom but would hopefully be back early enough to swing past Zara's. Tonight Zara's parents were away so had agreed to let her invite some people over for a movie night. So she heard that as, invite as many people as you want over and then move all of the expensive living room furniture so you can borrow Aaron's projector to make one of the walls a massive screen. Not quite what I had imagined but I was on board. The girls and I got here about an hour ago and all I'd been doing since then was waiting for my phone to buzz. He'd texted a little while ago to say they were on their way back so would be here earlier than he thought. This is what had put a smile on my face.

'Yeah we are.'

'Look at you all red in the face and twiddling your hair.' Jennifer teased all while Zara stared at me quizzically.

'What?' I asked as she got closer until she was standing right in front me.

'Somethings different but I can't put my finger on it.'

'Nothings different.' I self-consciously straightened up my clothes and watched as Zara's eyes studied me. All of a sudden, she gasped excitedly.

'Omg you did it didn't you!'

'Did what?' I asked innocently but my beetroot face was a clear giveaway.

'You had sex!'

I ran over to Zara shoving a hand over her mouth. I wasn't sure if her parents were still here but if they were, I didn't want them to hear this conversation.

'Jesus Zara, I don't think you said that loud enough.'

'I knew you seemed too chirpy this morning! Why didn't you tell me?' I could head the hurt in Taliah's voice and immediately I felt guilty.

'I wanted to tell you I really did but I wasn't sure if you'd find it weird..'

'Because he's my cousin? Absolutely but I've come up with a way to completely ignore that fact as I don't want to be left out of the juicy information so spill!'

'Ok so..' as quickly as I could I relayed the whole story starting from thanksgiving to last night, obviously leaving out all the parts where my sisters ghost got involved. I give them credit where it's due, for three girls that talk nonstop they managed to keep quiet throughout the whole story.

'Oh Evie, you should've told us you felt that way. You know we're always here if you have any worries.' Jennifer said softly.

'I know, I guess I just didn't really know how to explain how I was feeling.'

'Come here girl!' Taliah threw her arms around me squeezing me tightly. It didn't take long for the other two to join in and if I wasn't mistaken, I thought I could hear little sniffles.

'I love you guys.' I muffled into someone's shoulder.

'We love you too!'

After a few seconds a coughing interrupted us.

'Are you still having a moment or can we come in now?'

We pulled apart and found Xavier, Lucas and Aaron standing by the kitchen door looking at us like we were a ticking bomb.

'Yes you can come in and you're late.' Zara tutted. 'Where's Joseph?'

'Sorry mom.' Xavier muffled although not quiet enough as Zara gave him the evils. 'He went to pick up Sophie.'

Ah so I finally get to meet his mysterious girlfriend.

'Ok well don't all stand there, make yourselves useful. We have an hour before everyone else will get here and there's loads to do. Chop chop.'

I glanced at the girls trying not to laugh. I guess our heart to heart moment was over.

Over the next hour we all pitched in getting everything ready to how Zara wanted it. The guys mainly focused on setting up the projector whilst Taliah and Jennifer sorted out the sofas and beanbags. Zara and I were currently setting up drinks and snacks in the kitchen.

'Can you do me a favour Evie?' I think she asked me a question but before I could reply she was already giving me an order.

'Could you go down to the basement and get some more Diet Pepsi from the storage cupboard. It's the only door down there so you'll know which one it is.'

'Sure no problem.'

I was just about to do as I was told when she called me again.

'Oh, just make sure you keep the door open whilst you're in there as the locks broken so if it shuts you're stuck. My brother once got stuck in there for 4 hours before we found him. He's claustrophobic now.' She said giggling.

'Greattt well....maybe if I'm not back in 10 come check on me.'

I walked down to the basement and after a quick scan of the room found the only door. I opened the cupboard making sure to wedge it in between a nearby chair and the wall. It was as I collected the cans Zara wanted me to get and was closing the cupboard back up that I got an idea.

'Eve you're a genius!' I exclaimed rushing back upstairs whilst trying not to fall over.


It seemed like everyone was here now. There were a lot of familiar faces and a few I didn't recognise, one in particular that had come in with Joseph. He quickly came over and introduced me to her and almost instantly I decided I loved her. I'd heard so much about her over the last couple of months that I was slightly worried she'd end up being a bitch, but far from it. She was obviously beautiful with long straight dark hair and brown eyes but almost instantly she got into a long conversation with me. She'd been to London before so she was telling me all about her trip and how badly she wanted to go back.

'God listen to me blabbering away not giving you a chance to speak. You're probably thinking who is this insane chick?!' She giggled scrunching her eyes up into the shape of a banana.

'Not at all! I'm just so glad you're so easy to get along with. I'll admit I was a little worried to meet you.'

'I was worried to meet you too! I thought who is this English beauty everyone's going crazy for?! Now I completely understand why they're all so crazy over you.' She said before tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

'English beauty, that makes me sound like a horse.' I said making us both start laughing.

'Ok, ok I knew this would happen.' Joseph wrapped an arm over Sophie's shoulder and looked between us.

'I'm going to have to fight for my girlfriend back. Before I know it, she'll start ditching me to hang out with you.'

'Don't worry Joey we'll work out a schedule.' I smiled satisfied when I saw him cringe and Sophie laugh at his nickname.

'Come on babe, it's your slot now so use it wisely. See you late Evie.' Sophie dragged Joseph away as I went back into the kitchen.

I quickly looked at the time and decided it was now or never to set my plan into action. Thankfully I found Taliah relatively quickly talking to Xavier and Lucas.

'Hey Tali, Zara asked if you could go down to the basement and get some more drinks.'


'Lucas could you help her please.'

He nodded jumping up from his seat to head over to the stairs. I could see Taliah giving me an odd look but when I ignored it she sighed and followed after him.

I waited 10 seconds before discreetly heading downstairs after them. As I crept further down the stairs, I could see Taliah awkwardly standing by the door which I had anticipated so luckily I had moved all of the drinks to the back of the cupboard under loads of boxes.

'Hey could you help me with this for a sec?' I heard Lucas say.

'Sure.' I watched as Taliah wedged the door open the same way I had only a couple hours before and headed inside to help Lucas. Here was my moment. As quickly and quietly as I could I made my way down the last few stairs and over to the door. I peeked through a gap in the door and could see them both with their arms full not paying attention. As quick as a flash I moved the chair and the door slammed shut.

'fuck.' I could hear Lucas saying from inside. 'Are you sure you wedged it open?' Oh he probably shouldn't have said that.

'Yes I'm sure Lucas.' An agitated voice replied.

Either ignoring her tone or completely being ignorant in a chirpy voice he said 'don't worry I'll call Xavier to come and get us.'

'I think you seem to be forgetting Zara made everyone turn off their phones.' God I love Zara and her bossiness right now.

'I bet Xavier didn't.' As I stood outside the door suddenly hearing silence it dawned on me that I should probably stop Xavier answering the phone or this would've all been for nothing.

As quietly as I could I rushed back up the stairs. Thankfully Xavier was in the kitchen eating chips. He pulled out his ringing phone just in time for me to take it out of his hand and ignore the call.

'Hey what was that for?'

'I can't let you answer the phone.' I said as texts started pinging through. He reached out to grab his phone back but I hide it behind my back.

'Ok what are you up to Eve? I know you're up to something, I could see the clogs working in your head earlier.' Damn Xavier and him knowing me too well.

'Fine but don't get all adulty with me for meddling. I locked Taliah and Lucas in the cupboard downstairs.'

'You did what?' He burst out laughing.

'The little tension thing they have going on right now is starting to get really annoying so I thought this way hopefully it will speed things up.'

'Oh you're evil Evie...but also kind of a genius.'

'I know.'

'How long are you going to leave them in there?'

'Maybe like an hour? That can't hurt right?'

Xavier chuckled.

'Remind me to never get on your bad side.'

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