Through His Lens (edited version)

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When one relationship blossoms...

'So, are you going to tell me what happened?' I watched as Taliah messily rubbed out part of her math homework, brushing some of the shavings to the side.

It was Sunday night and so far Taliah had been too stubborn to tell me what happened between her and Lucas. It was some kind of protest because she thinks I was the one that locked them in. I mean why would she think that?

'Nope.' She replied popping the p.

'Tell you what?' Lindsay asked as she strode into the kitchen.

'What happened before she and Lucas kissed last night.' I replied ignoring the evils I was receiving from the other side of the table.

'Finally. You've had a crush on that boy for how long?' I laughed as Lindsay rolled her eyes.

I heard Taliah mutter something under her breath that sounded a lot like 'I hate you all'.

'She got locked in a cupboard with him for like an hour and when we finally found them they jumped apart like two people up to no good. However now she's refusing to tell me what actually happened.'

'That's because I'm 99.9% sure you were the one that locked us in.'

I shrugged my shoulders avoiding her accusing eyes.

'Not my fault you didn't secure the door well enough.'

She grunted then pretended to start doing her homework again.

'I'm guessing they confessed their love for each other.' Lindsay teased chucking Taliah under the chin.

'You two can both go to hell.' Taliah grumbled storming out of the kitchen and thundering upstairs making both Lindsay and I burst out laughing.

It was only when we heard her bedroom door slam that Lindsay turned and eyed me up.

'It was you wasn't it?'

'I shall not confirm or deny. However, it did go better than one probably planned.'

Lindsay chuckled and then walked over to one of the kitchen cupboards pulling out a jar of Nutella. She handed it to me along with a spoon.

'This is always a sure-fire way to get her to forgive you. She just can't resist the chocolatey goodness.'

'What would I do without you?'

'I know. I am the best. Now off you go.'

I won't lie and say it was easy getting Taliah to unbarricade the door but thankfully the jar of Nutella helped. After a few spoonfuls she unloaded the whole night onto me. By Monday morning all was well again in the household.

'God I'm nervous.' She said as we opened our lockers.


'Well, what if it's awkward? You know with Lucas?'

I had to stop myself from laughing at her because her eyes were currently darting side to side like she was on the lookout for spies.

'It'll only be awkward if you make it awkward.'

She slammed her locker shut whilst rolling her eyes.

'That helps. You know who you're talking to right?'

Before I could answer the man himself strode up behind her. I was only able to warn her with my eyes before he was standing in front of her. From how taken by surprise she was I'm guessing my crazy eyes didn't elude to what was about to happen. Maybe I should work on those?

'Morning Eve.' Lucas said without even looking at me.

'Morning Taliah. Nice weekend?' He asked standing only inches away from her.

'Yeah it was erm good thanks.' She managed to stutter whilst still looking like she was holding her breath.

'Good.' He gave her a megawatt smile before taking her face in his hands and kissing her. From how rigid she went she obviously didn't register what was happening until a few seconds in as only then she relaxed.

I stood there third wheeling awkwardly as I tried to get the rest of my things from my locker. After trying to find my math text book for an uncomfortable amount of time I decided to give up.

'You know what I'll just borrow someone else's books.' I may as well have been talking to myself because they were too preoccupied.

'I'm going to go then. Enjoy yourselves kids.'

'We will.' Lucas said before going back to kissing my best friend.

So the dick was listening.

I attempted to find Paige but after searching everywhere I possibly could with no curly blonde hair to be seen, I gave up and went to maths. Just before the bell rang Jake sauntered into class taking the seat beside me. Yes, we were still seated next to each other but conversation had been limited with Jake only speaking to me when he had too.

'Hey, do you mind if I share your textbook with you today?'

'Do I have a choice?' He mumbled in a harsh tone.

I sat stock still whilst processing his comment.

'Well I thought we were friends and that you wouldn't mind.'

'Well you were wrong.' He replied without even looking up from his phone.

'I guess I was.' I replied with a harsh laugh. 'And I guess I shouldn't have given you a chance to begin with.'

I rolled my eyes and looked down at my book thinking that was the limited conversation over with but I was wrong.

'Excuse me?'

His deep voice took me off guard but it looked like my comment had too. He was actually looking at me now, his phone limp in his hand.

'Well everyone told me you were an asshole and not to be friends with you but hey I make up my own mind about people. You seemed nice enough so I gave you a chance.' I looked back at my notebook and began drawing flowers on the corner of a page.

'I was wrong.'

I could feel him looking at me but I didn't give in. I didn't want him to know I was hurt that he turned out to be exactly as the guys had said.

For the rest of the class we stayed silent. Me trying to focus on the board and Jake on his phone. As the bell rang, I started packing up my stuff only realising my notebook was in Jake's hand when he was passing it back to me.

'I thought I was doing you a favour. Ignoring you that is. I'm not exactly your boyfriend or his friends favourite person.'

I looked at his face and at least he had the decency to actually look like he felt sorry.

I took my notebook from his outstretched and shoved it in my bag.

'Like I said, I make my own mind up about people. I don't let people tell me who I can and can't be friends with.'

I shoved my rucksack onto my shoulder and walked out of the classroom. I made my way over to the girls toilets hoping to have a few minutes to collect myself but unfortunately that wasn't in the cards.

Paige stood by the sink splashing water onto her face whilst sniffling.

'Paige what's wrong?' Obviously taken off guard she jumped back, her red panicked eyes locking onto me. I rushed over to her wrapping my arms around her petite frame.

'This is all your fault!' She shoved me away making me stumble but I managed to stay on my feet.

'You pushed me out of my comfort zone! YOU made me agree to go on a date with him. I should've known I'm not good enough for a guy like that!'

'Woah hey Paige listen to me. You'll always be too good for a guy so don't you dare think otherwise. If he doesn't want to be with you then he's an idiot and not worth wasting your time on.'

'You're deluded! You know it's your fault so you're just trying to cover your own back, I'm not stupid. Look at me, LOOK!'

She started pulling at her clothes, using her finger nails to scratch away at her skin.

'PAIGE STOP.' I screeched whilst trying to take hold of her arms but she pushed me away.

'FAT, UGLY! I should've known a guy like that wouldn't go for a girl like me!' She was crying again now, her arms red raw and in some places, blood running down her skin. I watched as she sank down to the floor, her body folding in on itself as tears poured from her eyes.

Tentatively I sat down next to her and rubbed my hand on her back. When I was sure she wasn't going to push me away I cuddled her into my side and soothed her sobbing. Almost instantly I could feel her body release all the tension that was there and she leant on me.

'What on earth is-' Mrs Bennett, my history teacher walked in fully expecting to shout but her anger instantly dissolved when she saw Paige. Her eyes were filled with the same panic I think mine were and she sighed.

'Come on sweetheart let's get you up off the floor.'

She took one arm as I took the other to help Paige up. She wasn't crying as much now but I could still feel her hiccupping as she was trying to breath.

The bell must've gone during Paige's shouting which was good as the hallways were empty. Mrs Bennett lead us down the hall to an empty classroom. Paige and I sat there whilst Mrs Bennett firstly got the nurse and then some officey person who called Paige's parents to pick her up. I sat there whilst all this was going on not sure what to say. Surprisingly it was Paige that ended up breaking the silence between us.

'He asked me out as a joke.' She muffled in a small voice.

I looked over to see if any of the teachers had heard but they were too busy whispering to each other.

'What? No.. that doesn't sound like Matt.'

'Well it is and he did.'

'God I'm going to kill him. What an asshole.'

'Don't be angry. I should've known. It's my fault for actually trying to enjoy this school year.'


'Paige your parents are here.' Mrs Bennett interrupted.

'Do you want me to come home with you?' I asked.

'No it's ok. I want to be alone.' With that she packed up her things and followed the woman I didn't recognise out the door.

'Are you ok Eve?'

I tore my eyes away from the door to look at my teacher.

'I think so. I don't really understand what just happened.'

She patted me on the shoulder, giving me a warm smile.

'You're excused from your class so why don't you find somewhere to sit and chill? How about the library?'

'Yeah you're right. I'll do that.' I smiled at her but I knew fully well I wouldn't be chilling.

I ended up sitting on the bleachers on the field. I tried to do some homework but my mind kept on drifting.

It's favourite thing to drift to was inventive ways to murder Matt with chopsticks.

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