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Ice princess

Hi reader!

I finally have another update for you guys hooray! To make up for the fact that I haven't posted in a couple of weeks there's a little surprise POV at the end of this chapter. Can you guess who?

Enjoy! Xx


I scrolled through the likes on my latest Instagram post and smiled as a text from Harrison came through.

'Omg we have to go ice skating!' Taliah squealed as she caught sight of the illuminated skate rink in the distance.

'I think I'm going to head back to the house if that's ok with you two, but you go and have fun!' Lindsay said.

'Are you sure?'

'Of course. I've put off work for long enough. You girls go and have fun.'

I gave Lindsay the house keys before Taliah and I headed off to the ice rink.

Wafts of sweet-smelling snacks and Christmas spices were in the air, as we walked into the heart of winter wonderland. It was much busier now that it was early evening, with families with their children wrapped up in thick coats and bobble hats, and even the occasional colleagues out for a quick mulled wine after work. However, we managed to battle our way slowly through the crowds to the ice rink that in comparison was a lot quieter. There are loads of places to go skating in London at Christmas but I think here and Somerset house were two of my favourites. The rink was lit up by thousands of twinkling lights with one of the biggest Christmas trees I've ever seen in the middle. Taliah and I would definitely have to take a picture in front of that later.

We seemed to have turned up at just the right time as the next slot of people were just about to be let on the rink. After paying the fee and booting ourselves up we headed out onto the ice. As usual it took a good 10 minutes to loosen up and to fall on our butts a few times, but after that it was smooth sailing or should I say smooth skating. Of course, it didn't take long for Nora to wiz past us like a professional ice skater, twirling and jumping as if she'd always been a natural.

'I LOVE THIS SONG!' Taliah shouted excitedly before almost tumbling over and taking me down with her. To state another reason why I love this place, whoever had come up with the idea of playing 90s and 00s music was someone both Taliah and I wanted to give our praise to. The whole time we'd been skating we were singing like we were in a pop video taking jokey videos of each other when we finally mastered a spin and god knows how many photos.

So far we've had The spice girls, Destiny's child, Steps, Daft punk and now Avril Lavigne was being blasted through the speakers. We were mid taking a video singing along to send to Zara and Jennifer when I felt a hand wrap around my arm, pulling me around so I was face to face with a boy no older than Taliah and I.

'Nora?' He whispered as he searched my face with a freaked-out expression. His blonde wavy hair was cut shorter than the last time I saw him, but then again, I'd been gone for months so it would be odd if it hadn't been cut. Maybe his hair was shorter at the funeral? I however had been beside myself and a little under the influence so who knows.

'Adam?' Nora and I both asked in unison even though we knew it was him. For a moment I thought he could actually see the ghost of Nora standing next to me but no his eyes were fully locked onto mine.


'Taliah.' My best friend said in a chirpy voice as she looked between the two of us, obviously unaware of the awkwardness. Adam and I looked at her questioningly finally making the penny drop for her after a couple of seconds.

'Oh you two know each other. I thought this was a thing we were doing. Never mind.'

Adam smiled at her but turned back to me.

'I can't believe it's you. Come here.' Before I could do anything, he'd swept me up in a bear like hug which was both surprising and brilliant seeing as he was on ice skates.

'What're you doing here? I thought you were in America?'

'I am. I was. We're just back here for a couple of days.' I said, still shocked to see a blast from the past standing in front of me.

I momentarily forgot Taliah was standing there and it was only when I noticed she was looking back and forth at the two of us like she was watching a game of tennis, that I mentally shook my head at myself for not introducing them.

'Sorry Adam, this is my best friend Taliah. Taliah this is Adam, he was my sister's boyfriend.' I noticed Adam wincing slightly at the last part but he put on a smile as the two said hello to each other.

'This is so weird. Look at you! You're tanned!' He said making me laugh.

'California has its perks. Anyway, who're you with?' I shakily turned around on my skates to take in everyone else on the rink, which was when a group of teenagers skating over to us entered my vision.

'Oh my god! Evie is that you?!' An unnecessarily high-pitched voice squealed. Ahh remember when I told you about my sister's best friend Sophie Tomlinson?

'Come here doll.' I instantly had a pair of slender arms wrapped awkwardly around me as I tried not to sneeze because of her overwhelming perfume.

I'd messaged her back earlier today saying it would be nice to see her but I only meant it in a polite way. Not that I actually wanted to hang out with her. I guess karma was playing tricks.

The rest of the group with Sophie were all people my sister used to be friends with but I only knew them well enough to politely say hello now.

'You little minx you should've told me you were coming here. We all could've met up earlier!' Sophie playfully shoved me making me have to hold onto Taliah to stop myself falling over.

'This was a bit of a last-minute plan.' I said forcing a smile.

'Well that doesn't matter. We're all here now!' She squealed excitedly as she squeezed on Adam's arm. If I wasn't mistaken the two looked at little...

'You know Adam and I are a thing now don't you?'

I guess I hadn't hidden my surprise well.

'No I didn't.'

'That didn't take her long.' Nora scoffed.

'Yeah well you know what it was like after..the accident. We both understood what each other was going through and you know one thing lead to another.' she said as tears shimmered in her eyes. I momentarily felt bad for being a little off with her, I mean she and Nora had always seemed very close but then I remembered how many times I'd seen Sophie put on the waterworks when she wanted someone to feel sorry for her. Whether she was doing that now or not I don't know, but my sister always used to say she was a master manipulator.

'Yeah we've only just started seeing each other.' Adam said sheepishly, as he scratched the back of his head.

I couldn't tell if he was telling me to stop Sophie from getting too ahead of herself or because he felt bad. Either way I didn't care and neither did Nora apparently as she was currently making eyes at a guy on the other side of the rink.

'That's..nice. Well it was great seeing you guys but actually Taliah and I have to get going.' I said giving Taliah 'the look'.

'Boo no! We just have to get a photo first ok! Come on everyone, by the Christmas tree.' Sophie said cramming everyone into a group before people could escape.

'Hey erm Tina would you be a doll and take a photo of us. Thanks.' She practically threw her phone at Taliah before she had the chance to correct her or say no.

'Sure.' Taliah grumbled.

Somehow, I managed to get squished in between a girl called Claire who had the most over bleached blonde hair I'd ever seen and Adam.

'This is a bit awkward isn't it.' Adam whispered so Sophie in his other side couldn't hear.

'You think?' I replied with a chuckle. As much as Sophie was never my favourite I always did like Adam. Out of all the guys my sister dated he was the one that I instantly felt was a good egg. He treated her like a princess and I could tell he genuinely made her happy.

'Sorry for Sophie. You know what she's like, she can get a little carried away.'

I glanced at Sophie who was currently pouting to her hearts content at the camera.

'It really is good to see you though Evie.'

'You too Adam.' I said looking up at him before turning to look back at the camera.

When we were done Taliah and I both said our goodbyes before heading off.

'Well that wasn't weird at all.' She said sarcastically as we got off the ice.

'And also, who does barbie think she's calling Tina! I mean hello do I look like a freaking Tina?!'

I laughed at my unamused friend before going over to collect our shoes. We were taking off our skates when Adam called to me from the side of the rink.

'Hey Evie! I know you're probably really busy but do you think at some point we could meet up for a chat?'

I didn't really know what to say. I hadn't been expecting that at all and it never occurred to me that he might want to see me again. I must've been taking too long to answer as I watched his face gradually fall from his usual open smile. It was at that moment that I didn't have the heart to say no.

'Erm sure I don't see why not.'

A smile instantly erupted onto his face. 'Great! I'll message you.'

'Sure.' I watched as he skated back over to the group as I tried to hide the look of confusion on my face.

'Do you think you're actually going to meet up with him?' Taliah asked as she shoved her shoes back on. 'I mean he seems nice but isn't that a bit weird? Correct me if I'm wrong but it didn't seem like you were best buddies or anything like that.'

'No we're not at all. I only really knew him because of my sister so I guess it probably would be a little weird, but maybe he just wants someone to talk to about Nora? I never really got to talk to him after the funeral.'

'Yeah that might be it I guess.' She said looking into the distance like she was thinking it over. 'I don't know though I just got a weird feeling about him. He was giving you the eyes.'

I knew what Taliah meant and it probably did look like that from the outside, but I knew how much that boy had adored my sister and we were twins for Christ sake, he must've thought he'd seen a ghost when he saw me.

'Oh well he probably won't even message me, and anyway we've only got a couple days left of our girls trip and we've still got so much to do!' I shrugged before linking arms with Taliah.

'That's my girl! Now whatever deliciousness I can smell needs to get into my stomach right this second because I am hungry!'


'So go on, I want to hear about everything you've been up to.' Harrison's sleepy voice said. It had just gone 7am back in California and I cannot explain how gorgeous my boyfriend looked with bed hair.

I practically leapt up from my bed when my phone started ringing on the opposite side of the room earlier. Taliah groaned from where she had been having nap and got up.

'There's no way in hell I'm staying around the listen to your lovey dovey crap.' She closed the bedroom door behind her just as I answered the FaceTime call. It seemed someone had forgotten I had been tortured last night as I had to listen to her chat with Lucas.

Harrison and I had FaceTimed every day since I'd been here apart from yesterday as we kept on missing each other and the time difference didn't help, so we had to rely purely on texting. I filled him in on the whole day all the way up to Taliah and I spending a few more hours at winter wonderland after Lindsay left.

'Funnily enough I actually bumped into some of my sister's old friends.'

'Was that the person that tagged you in the photo on Instagram?'

As I thought, it didn't take long for Sophie to upload the picture of all of us on the ice rink onto Instagram captioning it like we were the bestest friends. In all honesty I kind of hoped Harrison hadn't seen it as the specific photo Sophie uploaded was one that was more of a candid shot of all of us. Said photo showed Adam's arm around my shoulder and the both of us looking at each other.

'Yeah that's the one. She was my sister's best friend and the guy standing next to me was my sister's boyfriend.' I added hoping it sounded nonchalant rather than me feeling like I had to explain.

I noticed Harrison relax slightly so I guess he had been wondering.

'Ah that makes sense. I didn't want to mention it but the dude with his arm around my girlfriend was a little concerning.'

'I would've thought the same if it were the other way round.'

Actually, I did with his sister and all he was doing was chatting to her but I won't mention that.

'You've got nothing to worry about though, Adam's like a brother to me. However, that does remind me. He did ask if he could meet up with me just for a chat. I assume he wants to talk about my sister, but Taliah and I were talking and she thinks it's strange if I meet up with him. What do you think?'

Almost instantly I could see Harrison tensing up again. That would be a no from him then.

' you want to see him?' He asked tentatively, like he was walking on eggshells.

I didn't even have to think this time like I did with Taliah, I'd already made up my mind.

'Well not particularly. It was nice to bump into him and say hello but do I think there's a need to see him again? No. It would be different if he was in a state and wanted to talk things through but he's already seeing someone else so I guess I just don't really see the point.'

I had obviously said the right thing as on the other end of the phone Harrison nodded in agreement.

'I trust you and would never stop you from meeting up with someone, but I would have to agree with Taliah that it's a little weird.

'Yeah you're both right. Although, it's not like I've got time to meet up with him anyway as tomorrow's our last full day and then we'll be heading to Colorado!'

'I can't wait to have you back in my arms London, you don't know how much I've missed you!' He said giving me a lopsided grin and melting my heart.

'I do because I've missed you just as much! I don't think I'll want to let you go when I see you! I'm going to kiss your face off.' I said just as Taliah flung herself through the door.

'Ok eww you two.' Her hands flew to her ears covering them.

'I'm back in the room now so all that mushy stuff can stop. Keep things PG please.'

I rolled my eyes but we did as we were told, carrying on with normal conversation until he had to ring off to go to the gym.


Harrison's POV

I threw my phone down onto the bed as I rang off with Evie. I'd had serious fomo all week since the three of them were having so much fun in London, but now she'd just filled me in on yesterday I seriously wished I was there with her even more.

I knew, I just knew as soon as I saw that photo last night that I didn't trust that Adam dude. The way he was holding onto her and staring at her it was clear what he was thinking, which is especially fucked up seeing as he'd dated her sister.

I groaned as I flopped down on my bed and covered my face with my arms. I seriously didn't want to be that guy and I trusted Evie but when she told me he wanted to see her again I wanted to tell her no way in hell!

I tried to keep my cool but I think she could tell I wasn't as chilled about the whole thing as I was making out. Thank god she said she didn't want to see him anyway.

I fumbled around for my phone to check the time again. For the whole week I'd been counting down the hours until I'd next see her. I was missing her like crazy! It had even got to the point where I just kept on looking at the photo booth photos of us over and over again. I'd even been mushy enough to make it the lock screen on my phone. I'd turned into a fucking mess. It was safe to say after the next few days I was going to wrap her up and never let her go again, especially with so many guys like Adam wanting to take her away from me.

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