Through His Lens (edited version)

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Flying home for Christmas

'If you keep on frowning like that you'll give yourself premature wrinkles.' Taliah joked. How she knew I was frowning whilst wearing a sleeping mask was witchcraft.

I sighed, rolling my eyes but did in fact try to relax my face.

'It's giving me a headache is what it's doing.'

As if she heard me an air hostess floated past offering me some juice from her tray. I took it gratefully and gulped it down within a few seconds.

I'd been going over and over what happened yesterday in my head and the more I thought about it the more nervous I felt telling Harrison. What made it worse was the fact that I hadn't seen my sister since it happened either. Some people would be relieved they were no longer seeing their sister's ghost but I just couldn't get rid of the image of her heartbroken face.

Why was it every time I was on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean, I felt happy leaving the UK behind but nervous for what lay ahead.

'I know it's hard but try not to overthink it.' Taliah said as she pulled the mask off of her head.

'You're working yourself up and there's no point because you're stuck on a plane for another 4 hours.'

'Maybe I should've told him before we left?'

I'd been thinking this over since it happened but even I knew it wasn't a good idea having this kind of conversation over the phone.

'No, you're doing the right thing. It's better you tell him face to face.'

I nodded in agreement but still didn't feel any more relaxed.

'I should never had gone for a coffee with him in the first place.'

As much as I knew Harrison would never tell me who I could and couldn't be friends with, he made it clear that he wouldn't have been thrilled if I saw Adam again. And what did I do?

Taliah unbuckled her seat belt and turned to look at me with a determined expression on her face.

'You went for a coffee because you ran into him and you felt bad for him. Not because there were any feelings there. You ignored him when he messaged you after winter wonderland so I think that shows you had no interest in seeing him again. Stop beating yourself up about it. Any normal person would've done the same thing.'

'I suppose you're right.'

'I am right. And I know you don't like the sound of this but part of me still thinks it might not even be worth telling him.'

Taliah and I had gone back and forth with this yesterday evening. I wanted to tell Harrison to get it off my chest, but at the same time in the grand scheme of things it was more of a peck than a kiss. I pushed Adam away before it became anything more. After a long discussion I decided I just couldn't live with keeping something like that from him. We have a trusting relationship.

'Hear me out.' Taliah said, leaning over the divide between our two Tardis like plane seats.

'You have no intention of seeing Adam again, nor do you want to be friends with him, right?'


'You made it very, very clear to Adam that you have a boyfriend and you pushed him away when he tried to lay it on you.'

'Correct again.'

'Then I don't think it's that much of a big deal. I would class that as a small white lie. I know it sounds shitty but sometimes we lie to people we care about to protect them.'

I could see where she was coming from but having withheld the truth from Harrison before and both of us ending up in pain because of it I think I'd learnt my lesson.

'Just think about it.'

'I've done enough thinking for a life time.' I groaned.

'Great then watch a movie with me.' Taliah said excitedly. I guess someone's fully woken up then.

After scrolling through the long list of films we finally found one we both agreed on, Cheetah girls 2. However, not even the love for the Disney channel classic could fully take my mind off of things. 4 painstakingly long hours later Lindsay was waking up from her sleep and we were touching down in Colorado.

Another half an hour went by as we exited the plane and went through security. By the time we had collected our bags and were leaving through the arrivals doors the nerves built back up again. Part because of what I had to tell him but also because I missed him so much. I don't know what it is about Harrison but even the thought of him gave me butterflies.

We walked through the crowds of residents and holidaymakers, our eyes all searching for the two familiar faces we knew were picking us up. It took a couple of minutes but sure enough Taliah spotted them stood over by a coffee shop too busy talking to each other to pay attention to the arrivals doors.

As my eyes locked onto my boyfriend, I actually shook my head in disbelief. I still couldn't believe someone as gorgeous as Harrison wanted to be with me! His jeans, jumper and coat hugged his tall muscly frame making him look like a model. His longish dark wavy hair was so effortlessly tousled like he'd just got out of bed, which made me want to run my fingers through it. Even from where I was stood his golden tan made his green eyes pop. I could've stood there admiring him all day but as if he could sense me, he looked over in our direction.

As soon as his forest green eyes found me, they lit up and his smile grew.

I felt like I'd been thrown back to the first day I laid my eyes on him. It was like he took my breath away. Instantly my heart was beating wildly and butterflies flew around in my stomach. God, I don't think this boy realises what he does to me.

Within seconds he was only a few feet in front of me.

'Come here you.' He whisked me up and twirled me around making me giggle. His familiar scent flooded me as I buried my face in his neck. We kissed quickly as we were fully aware that Lindsay and Simon were standing behind us but I knew we'd make up for it later.

'Hi.' I said when we eventually pulled away. As if looking at him had reminded me of a conversation I'd need to have I frowned before I could stop myself. I'd hoped he hadn't noticed it but off course, this was Harrison.

'What's wrong?' Concern filled his pretty eyes as he looked me up and down.

'Nothing.' I lied. 'I just missed you a lot that's all.' I plastered a smile on my face in the hopes that that would do the trick. Thankfully he either believed me or was letting it slide, as he wrapped me up in a hug again.

'I missed you loads too. I hate to break it to you but just so you know I'm never letting you out of my sight again. If you have to go away again I'm coming with you.'

'That sounds perfect to me!' Maybe if you had this wouldn't have happened , the small voice in my head said.

I said a quick hi to Simon before we exited the airport in search of the car. Thankfully Hilary's car that she had lent to Simon wasn't too far away so we didn't spend too much time freezing our butts off. The whole time I clung onto Harrison like I was his personal Koala bear.

'Missed me?' Harrison joked as he looked down at me.

'Hey I haven't been able to touch you for a week. I'm making up for it.' I said wrapping my arms around him tighter. We had just loaded our bags into the car and were waiting for Simon to pay the parking ticket so this was the perfect time to get a good cuddle in.

'Plus, you look really hot.'

'Ok I can't listen to this anymore, la la la la.' Taliah said covering her ears. Not going to lie, I kind of forgot she was standing right next to us. She gave us both a filthy look before going over to talk to Lindsay.

'So what was that about me being hot?' Harrison smirked wiggling his eyebrows.

'Seriously, I'm so annoyed we're in a public place right now.' I whispered.

'Jesus. You saying that after I haven't seen you in a week is one of the best slash worst things you could've said.' He groaned making me giggle.

When Simon got back, we all piled into the car and headed over to Hilary's house. The drive wasn't super long but I managed to get a good nap in. By the time I was stirring awake it was early evening and we were pulling into the lodge driveway. The outside of the house was decked up to the max, with fairy lights strung around the outside of the house and all surrounding trees. Santa's sleigh and reindeer decorated what used to be lush green lawn but was now a blanket of powdery white snow. It must've been fresh as it was practically untouched apart from a few lonely footprints.

If this is what the outside looked like I could only imagine how spectacular it looked on the inside compared to when we were last here.

We quickly unloaded the bags and then headed up the stairs where the door was flung open by an excited Hilary. We said our hellos before we were ushered into the living room where Erika, Michael, Hailey, Carson and James were all sat.

'Finally you're here!' Hailey said as she swept me up in a hug. She pulled away giving Harrison an evil look.

'This boy has been getting on all of our nerves checking the clock every five minutes until it was time to pick you up.'

The group murmured in agreement as Harrison's cheeks went red. I gave him a teasing look before saying hello to everyone else.

'Hilary these Christmas decorations are insane!' I said. I was right in thinking the inside would look just as good or even better than outside.

The decorations we put up on thanksgiving were still the same but there were now candles everywhere and lush green sparkly garlands on practically every surface. 11 stockings were also hung up half in front of the log fire and half hanging off of the stairs banister.

'We take our decorations very seriously in this house.' Hilary said with a chuckle.

'Now you've all got half an hour to sort yourselves out and get in your comfies before I want to hear about your trip. Now who wants a hot coco?'

As per Hilary's orders we all dispersed. Taliah and I took all our bags upstairs whilst the others decided who wanted what to drink.

'When are you going to tell him?' Taliah whispered as we started unpacking our things.

'I don't know. I don't want to dampen the mood.' I sighed.

'Why don't you wait. It's Christmas tomorrow so tell him the day after. Like I said I don't even think it's that much of a big deal.' Taliah shrugged before she left to have a shower.

I looked at the Christmas presents in my suitcase and decided she was probably right. I'll tell him after Christmas.

When Taliah was finished in the bathroom I also had a quick shower before our 30 minutes were up. After I was all nice and clean, I put on some fresh clothes and headed downstairs where a hot chocolate was waiting for me.

We spent the rest of the evening telling stories from our week back in London and catching up in general. After finishing Home Alone 1 and 2 the groups numbers began to dwindle until only Hailey, Carson, Harrison and I were the last ones still up.

'I think it's probably time to head to bed don't you think Hailey.' Carson said as he poked Hailey's sleeping face. She murmured but didn't push him away.

'She does this every time.' He chuckled to himself before lifting her in his arms.

'Night you two.'

'Night.' We both said in unison.

When we were alone Harrison pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me.

'We should probably head to bed too.' I said sighing contently into his chest.

'Stay with me tonight.' His green eyes found mine and I saw a look of urgency in them.

'Well duh.' I pulled my way out of his arms so we could both get up. Thankfully the adults had turned most of the lights off so we only had to blow out a few candles and turn off the tv before we could head to bed.

Harrison was sleeping in the basement again whilst everyone else was placed in rooms on the ground and first floor. We momentarily parted ways as I took the stairs up to the room I was supposed to be sharing with Taliah. She was fast asleep when I tiptoed in so as quiet as a church mouse, I got my toiletry bag and headed for the bathroom. After sorting myself out for bed I wandered my way back down stairs using my phone torch to find my way in the pitch black.

As soon as I opened the basement door a strong pair of arms wrapped around me and lead me down the stairs.

'Finally, a moment with you by myself.' He said as we got to the bottom. In an instant he was trailing kisses down my neck making me feel weak at the knees. He picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist and led me over to the bed where he plonked me down and lay on top of me.

It's funny how easily your mind goes blank as soon as a gorgeous guy is making your pulse race.

God knows how long we were making out for but when he quickly pulled away and glanced up we were both panting for breath. With a smile on his face he looked back down at me.

'Merry Christmas London.'

As he wasn't expecting it I rolled us over so I was now on top of him, legs at his side with our fingers still laced together. Just before I was touching distance to his lips I moved to the side of his face.

'Happy Christmas.' I whispered. I felt him shudder beneath me before I turned and finally our lips met again.


Hi readers!

I hope you liked this chapter! How happy are you that Harrison and Evie are back together again? I know I certainly am.

I'd love to know you guy's opinion on something. 👇

I feel like we're not done with Adam's character yet. I've had some suggestions of maybe an appearance of Adam in America? What do you think?

Lysette x

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