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New Years kisses

To the amazing people that are still here and have been patient with me after so many weeks of not posting an update, I love you all!

I finally have another chapter for you! I've had a lot of messages asking if the story is over and no it's not. It's coming to an end but we've still got enough time to get our Evie and Harrison fix.

I promise in my absence I haven't been doing nothing. I have been writing but, don't be annoyed...another story. Writers out there, do you ever get it when a story will randomly pop into your head and you're afraid if you don't get it down in writing straight away, you'll lose it?

Well that's what happened to me. I took a break from Through his lens to write this other story. You'll be pleased to know I'm quite a bit through that one so I'm back to getting stuck into this story again. More good news- as you're reading this chapter, I've already got a few others already written so updates should be more frequent!

Happy reading!


'What're you doing sat there mopping?' Taliah looked at me with a worried expression as I focused on picking off the sparkly polish on my nails.

It was around 10:30pm now and Zara's New Years party was in full swing. Harrison however still hadn't made an appearance which was why I couldn't let my hair loose like everyone else. I'd been sat on the living room window sill for about an hour waiting for my phone to buzz with a message from him saying he was on his way. So far though all I'd heard was radio silence.

'I'm just not in the party mood.'

Taliah's expression softened as she watched me check my phone for the hundredth time before speaking to me in a quieter voice.
'I thought you said you made up?'

'We did but I haven't heard anything from him since and he's not here yet.'

Taliah stayed quiet and I thought that was her about to give up and leave me to wallow in my corner by myself but I ended up being surprised.
'Ok hunny you're about to get some tough love from me.' Without notice she stole my phone from my hand meaning I had nothing else to do but look her in the eye.
'No one likes a girl that's stuck in her boyfriend's pocket. There's nothing you can do right now and if you bombard him with messages then that'll just piss him off. The best thing to do is have some fun and distract yourself. Plus that dress is too pretty to stay in the corner all night.'

She had a point. The dress was really pretty. The girls, as usual, attacked me with makeup brushes and hair tools I soon as I got here earlier. They then shoved me into one of Zara's dresses, a black silk fitted dress that came to about mid-thigh, that also gathered a bit at my boobs. I felt beautiful when I looked in the mirror, it's just a shame my mood quickly ruined it.

I knew I'd made a mistake not telling Harrison earlier about the whole Adam thing but there was nothing I could do about it now. It happened and now he knows. Whether he's still pissed about it or not Taliah was right. There's nothing more annoying than a girl that acts like she can't stand on her own two feet without her boyfriend. I didn't know if Harrison was going to turn up or not but sitting here all night feeling sorry for myself was pathetic.

'You're right. I should be enjoying myself.'

'That's the sprit! Now come with me.' Taliah took my hand and pulled me up onto my heels. She pocketed my phone, obviously her attempt at stopping me from sending any more texts. With my hand in hers she navigated me through Zara's house to the dining room where a group of people erupted into laughter.

'Guys, Evie's playing too.' Taliah announced to the overexcited group.

'Can I ask what exactly I'm playing before I'm forced into this?' I asked sceptically. I knew how some of their drinking games ended up.

'We're playing Jenga.' Zara said excitedly as she forcefully pulled me into the circle.


Zara nodded enthusiastically.
'Yeah the drinking version.'

Ahh that makes more sense.

'Have you played before?' Lucas asked.

'Nope never. Well I've played normal Jenga obviously but not the drinking version.'

Lucas turned the Jenga box upside down creating a racket of wooden blocks falling onto the dining table and then looked at me with an evil glint in his eye.
'Ok well it's pretty much the same rules as normal Jenga but each tile has something written on it which gives you instructions. For example, I could pull one that says take a shot or give a shot, maybe truth or dare. Whoever knocks the Jenga down has to down the hatch.' He said indicating to a red cup that was sat in the middle of the table.

'Ok seems fairly simple.'

Taliah, Xavier and Lucas we're all putting the Jenga blocks up whilst Zara and I poured some drinks.
'Hey Liam, Isaac!' Taliah called. 'are you playing?'

Two guys I recognised as teammates with Xavier on the (American) football team nodded their heads and joined the group.

'Here.' Zara said passing me a red cup.

I swirled the contents around whilst trying to figure out what kind of alcohol it was, but knowing Zara it was probably a concoction of every single kind of liquor she had in the house.

Taliah clapped her hands when the tower was up and took turns looking at all of us standing around the dining table.
'Ok Xavier, you first.'

He did as he was told and pulled out a Give out 5 drinks tile. Choosing Lucas, Zara, Taliah, Liam and myself we all drank.

Next was Zara, tasked with texting a random person in her phone contacts. Xavier on her right was allowed to choose the victim and Lucas on her left the message. To her horror they decided to text her supposedly hot childhood babysitter that she had a dirty dream about him last night. Even though she didn't need to she downed her drink, before filling it up again as she said it would make a response, if any, easier to read.

'Ok my turn.' Lucas said eyeing each Jenga block. He pressed different parts of the structure looking for a loose tile before he was satisfied with a choice and pulled one out.

'British?' I questioned with an eyebrow raised.

'Yeah he has to talk with a British accent for the rest of the game.' Issac explained.

'I get to talk like you Evie.' Lucas said in the most horrendous butchered British accent I'd ever heard.

'I don't talk like that.' I managed to say in between laughing.

'Yes you do.'

' sound like you're in pain.'

Lucas grumbled and crossed his arms like a child, making the rest of us laugh.

We kept on going around the circle, each taking a tile out and drinking when told to. My first tile thankfully wasn't too embarrassing. I had to take off one article of clothing.

'Ohhhh what you going to take off Evie?' Xavier said wiggling his eyebrows.

'Calm down pervert, just a shoe.' I wiggled the heel in his face before dropping it to the floor.

'Ahh come on.'

I glared at him and the round continued. 10 minutes later the group was a little tipsy, Lucas and Taliah were wearing each other's clothes, Liam and Xavier had kissed, and the Jenga structure didn't look like it was falling anytime soon. Before I knew it, it was my turn again and I was praying it wasn't anything too embarrassing. I wasn't drunk enough for that yet.

'Take a shot or take a shot?' I questioned as I read out my tile.

The group instantly came to life as they looked at me excitedly.
'This is one of the best ones!' Lucas said.

'What does it mean?'

'It means you either successfully sink a basketball hoop or if you miss you take a shot.'

Taliah took my hand and led me to the patio doors.
'Come on Evie, we need to go outside for this one.'

Taliah along with the rest of the group led me to a patio area in the back garden. A basketball hoop was stuck up on the side of the house. Unfortunately, this was also an area where half the party seemed to be hanging out.

'Everyone make way!' Lucas shouted herding partygoers to the side.

'I've never played basketball before.' I said when Xavier handed me the basketball.

'What?! Never?'

'Nope. I've played Netball, is it the same?'

'No, not at all.'

'Ok well tell me what to do.'

'Stand there and aim for the hoop. Easy.'

'Sure easy.' It didn't help that I had a big audience. Everyone outside was now chanting my name.
'Ok I need to take the other shoe off for this.' I tossed my heel aside and then turned to the hoop.

'Ok here goes nothing.'

I threw the ball at the hoop, the crowd and I held our breath in anticipation. For a few seconds it looked as though I'd thrown it too far over as it hit the rim on the hoop. Luckily this worked in my favour and made the ball rebound back into the hoop.

Suddenly the back garden erupted in cheers as I did a curtsey.
'Dude that was awesome!' Xavier high fived.

'Thanks! Just don't ask me to do it again.'

As the crowd dispersed and the group started heading back inside to finish off the game, I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist.
'Is there anything my girlfriend can't do?'

Harrison kissed the side of my neck making me giggle.
'Apparently not.' I said a little breathlessly.
'Where've you been?'

I tried to sound casual but even I knew it didn't come across that way.
Harrison frowned as he searched my face.
'Did you not get my text?'

'Taliah took my phone.'

'Ah that explains why the response I got was a thumbs up.' He chuckled.
'Joseph's car ran out of gas and it took forever to find a station that was still open.'

So I was worrying over nothing.

'Luckily we made it here in time to see you killing it.'

'What can I say?'

'Modest as ever. Now hurry up and finish your game so I can have you to myself for the rest of the night.'

After a few more kisses I was sent off back to the dining room where the others were already back into the game.

'Everything ok?' Taliah whispered.

'Yeah, as you predicted I was worrying over nothing.' I said sheepishly.

Taliah squeezed my hand before handing my phone back from where she'd had stashed it in her bra.

It took another 2 rounds before Zara pulled out the wrong tile and sent the tower crashing to the ground. The rest of us cheered as she downed the drink in the middle of the table like a champ before shuddering.

'I should've known creating a cocktail out of all the different types of alcohol I had was a bad idea.' She said still scrunching her eyes up.

After a quick walk around the house I found Harrison outside with some of his friends. I wrapped my arms around his waist and glanced up at his handsome face.
'I'm all yours now gorgeous.'

A grin crept up his face and his green eyes darkened over.
'Thank god for that.'

From then on, I don't think there was a point where we let go of each other. We were either cuddling, kissing or holding hands. It felt like we were still making up for all the time we lost whilst I was away.

By the time the countdown had started we were outside in the garden along with the rest of the party.

It was now quite cold outside but we all huddled together ready to watch the fireworks that were about to light up the sky.
When people started counting down from 10, I turned around in Harrison's arms so my chest was flushed against his and my hands were linked around his neck.


'Happy New Years London.' Harrison whispered, inches away from my lips.


I looked up and instantly connected with his bright green eyes. I knew in that moment that I had 100% fallen head over heels in love with him. I loved the yellow flecks you could only see in his eyes if you were close enough. The freckles that made themselves home on the bridge of his nose and cheeks. How patient and understanding he was. The way his eye was trained to see the beauty in things that most people wouldn't even blink an eye at. My heart belonged to him.

'Happy New Years Harrison.' Instantly his lips were on mine. With one hand in my hair and the other holding my waist as close to him as possible bursts of warmth danced across my skin. My heart raced with happiness. His kisses were intoxicating as was the feeling of his skin on mine.

And just like that it felt like everything was back to normal again. We were meant for each other so one stupid mistake wasn't going to break us. We'd moved passed it.

Or so I thought.
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