Through His Lens (edited version)

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Just go with it

I wanted to play it cool but god was I nervous.

I glanced down at my phone as it buzzed with a text.

Just leaving mine. Be there in 10 gorgeous x

'He's on his way.'

'Ahhhh I'm so excited for you!' Taliah squealed.
'I guess I should get going then. Just don't forget to keep your phone on you.'

I forced myself to not roll my eyes at the command I'd already heard a million times today.
'Don't worry I won't.'

'I feel like a proud mom.' Taliah squeezed me in a hug and then held me at arms length.
'Ignoring the fact that he's my cousin and we're blood related, I hope you get lucky.'

'Thanks, I guess.' At least she's was supportive. She didn't even cringe that much when she said it which was an improvement.

'Good luck!' With one last hug she was off out the door to head to Lucas'. I can't say I'm all that confident that the fireworks aren't going to end in disaster so I made her promise she'd keep an eye on Lucas the whole night. I had enough to worry about, I didn't need to add the whole neighbourhood going up in flames to it.

As I glanced at the clock in the kitchen my nerves suddenly grew from pretty little butterflies to angry raccoons trying to scratch their way out of my stomach.
I don't even know why I'm nervous. I mean this is Harrison! I already know he loves me!
Maybe it's just the fact that I had a feeling that after tonight, the last of any possible barriers will be gone between us. Or maybe it was the fact that Lindsay had uttered those words last night when I was just starting to relax at dinner after the hell that was the football game.

'I'm just not sure we should go.'

Taliah started choking on her pizza and I almost knocked over a full glass of water.
'No!' I practically screamed making not only Lindsay, Simon and James look at me oddly, but also a full restaurant of customers and staff. I gave everyone a weak smile and tried to ignore the burning in my cheeks.

'No?' Lindsay asked as the restaurant volume went back up again.

'Yeahhh. You just deserve to have a fun weekend, let your hair down, get a little tipsy.' Ok maybe I was laying it on a bit thick. Even Taliah was raising an eyebrow at me now.
So instead I pulled out the big guns.
'My mum and dad used to leave me alone all the time. I'm used to it.'
They were dead so she couldn't exactly argue with their parenting skills.

After a few seconds she sighed in defeat making both Taliah and I release the breath we didn't know we were holding in.

'Ok just promise me.' She pointed her index finger at us with a stern look on her face.
'No house parties. You'll make sure all the doors are locked at all times. Phones are to be left on and charged all the time. The same goes for you James. Even though you're staying at your friend's house I still expect you to keep your phone on you.'

'We promise.' The three of us said in unison.

It was only then that I was able to relax again and start picking at my dinner. To be honest if after all the planning Taliah and I had done this week, we probably would've had a break down if we had to cancel.
We did however anticipate that Lindsay might go flaky and devised a backup plan of taking her hostage and forcibly getting her on the plane. Let's just say I didn't have the most confidence in that plan and really didn't want to try and execute it.
Thankfully Simon was on our side as well.

'Don't worry.' He whispered when Lindsay was distracted by the waiter.
'I'll make sure she's got a steady amount of alcohol in her system the whole weekend so she doesn't call you too much.'

Simon didn't know what we had planned but he wasn't stupid either.

'You're the best Simon.'

'I know. You owe me.' That I didn't doubt for a second.
Simon was the cool, good cop kind of parent that was pretty relaxed with us but he also used that against us when he needed a hand washing his car or help at his golf club. He always took payment of his favours and they always ending up being pretty dull. His sentence would always start with my favourite assistant, along with puppy dog eyes and a protruding bottom lip. All three of us kids didn't stand a chance against that.

They'd left for the airport early this morning and it seems like he stuck to his word as apart from one phone call this afternoon there had been radio silence. It was 9pm now so I doubted I'd get a phone call this late.

'Stop scrunching up your face like that.' Nora said appearing by my side. You'd think I'd get used to having a ghost sister but she still always manages to make me jump every time she appears.

'Like what?'

'Like you can smell something bad.'

'This is my nervous face.'

'Oh. How unfortunate.' She said although her tone was a little more on the bitchy side than sympathetic.

'You're really helping calm my nerves.' I replied, my voice dripping in sarcasm.

'Why are you nervous?'

Hmmm good question.

'I don't know, I guess I've just never done anything like this before.' I gestured around the room to everything Taliah and I had set up.
'He's always the one that plans surprises not me. What if he doesn't like it?'

'I'm not being funny but he gets to end up in a bed with you later. What's not to like?'

I gave her a stern look to prove I wasn't joking prompting her to sigh and sit at the breakfast bar.
'Eviebug...there's no doubt in my mind that he's going to love it but even so, it's the thought that counts. I think he's just going to be over the moon that you planned something for him. Guys pretend to be all macho but they've all got a soft spot. If one look at you doesn't melt him into a puddle on the ground then what you've planned will.'

Ok I had to admit, in her own way, she was making me feel better. It still didn't stop my heart from leaping in my chest when the door bell rung though.

'And that's my cue to leave. Don't worry I'll make myself scarce. You can have some proper alone time.' She wiggled her eyebrows at me before vanishing.

Taking one last look around I made my way to the front door.
'Ok Evie, you can do this.' Taking a deep breath and releasing, I opened the front door.

Of course, if my nerves weren't shot enough to pieces then my brain would match it in that state soon, because of the hot brunette with piercing green eyes stood in front of me. I non subtly trailed my eyes up his body to take in how perfectly a pair of jeans, a fitted white t shirt and a leather jacket clung onto his body. Of course, when I eventually looked back up at his face again a sexy smug smile greeted me.

'Are you going to let me in or continue checking me out?'

'Hmm I think I'll stand here a little longer.'

Gently he pushed the door open wider and took me in his arms. Obviously, I wasn't the only one hungry for him as within seconds his lips were on mine.
Then it was his turn to give me a lustful look as he stood back slightly to take in my appearance.
'Now that I'm thinking clearly, I definitely remember this dress. It's been on my mind ever since New Year's Eve.'

So he did remember. I smiled to myself as I mentally patted myself on the back.

'I'll let you borrow it after I'm done with it then.'

'That's not what I meant London.' He growled.

'Hmm maybe I shouldn't have worn this dress. It's working a little too well and we've still got a few hours to get through.'

It was at this point that his eyes left me and he took in the house.
'Ok, the dress topic isn't over with but I am very curious to see what you've got planned.'

'Well it's New Year's Eve.'

His eyes flew back to me and his eyebrows dipped into a frown. Using the back of his hand he felt my forehead.
'Are you feeling ok?'

'Yes you numpty.' I shook him off. 'It's New Year's Eve I promise. It even says so on the calendar in the kitchen.'

Ok so we didn't need to go to that length but I thought he'd find it amusing. From the smile on his face, I was being proved right.
'Ok London, I'll roll with it.'

With a satisfied smile I detangled myself from him and took his hand to lead him into the kitchen.
'Wow. This is amazing.'
His eyes glanced around the kitchen that had been made over with black and gold decorations.
'Did you do this all yourself?'

'I had a little help.' I shrugged. 'You've seen nothing yet.'

With ours fingers still intertwined I pulled him through the patio doors leading from the kitchen so we were standing on the porch looking out at the back garden.
After a few too many hours that I'd never get back we managed to get multiple strands of fairy lights hung up outside. Some were strung up on the porch, others on the fencing and trees. On the grass we'd laid out loads of blankets and cushions. We'd used a midsummer night's dream as inspiration and gone a little mad from there.

'You did all of this?'

I looked up to find Harrison staring at me with a look of awe on his face.
'I can't take all the credit. My friends are the best.'
Suddenly I felt a little embarrassed. Had I gone too over the top?
Harrison must've sensed my discomfort as he took his face in his hands and kissed me softly.
'I love it.' He whispered against my lips.

I love you I thought.

Pulling away slightly he looked me in the eyes.
'Now do I get to find out what this is all about?'

'Nope. You're going to have to wait Mr.'

A grin broke out on his face.
'Ok, I'll be patient. Now was that drunk Jenga I saw inside?' He wiggled his eyebrows and a crazy look sparkled in his eyes.

The next hour was filled with endless laughter as we took turns completing our tile tasks. The actual game I played on New Year's was a little more alcohol filled, of course that was partly because of Zara's influence. I didn't want Harrison and I to get too drunk though so I removed most of the drinking tiles and replaced them with fun truth or dares.

'My turn.' As steadily as I could I eased a tile out from the tower and scanned the text.
'Oh this should be good.' I said smirking.

'What does it say?' Harrison leant on the table and watched me with curious eyes.

'Not telling.' I walked over to the fridge and searched until I found what I was looking for. I quickly took it out and hid it behind my back before he could see what it was. I walked back over to the table and stopped when I was only inches away from him. Before I could chicken out, I started pulling off his leather jacket.

'What're you doing London?' He asked in a husky voice.

'If your patient you'll soon find out. Unless you want me to stop?' His eyes were dark when I locked on to them and after a few seconds he answered by pulling his arms out of his jacket.
With a satisfied smile I took the hem of his white t shirt and pulled it up and over his head, before discarding it onto the table. After running a hand over his golden chest, I popped off the cap of the whipped cream and squirted some onto his abs. His eyes went wide in shock when he released what I was doing before a deep chuckle escaped his lips. I bent over and took my time licking the cream off his abs, smiling when his breathing became a shallow. When I was satisfied I'd got everything off I stood up and met his lips.
'I think that's my dare complete.' I murmured.

'You've definitely got me worked up.' He ground out.

'Oops.' I giggled before handing him his shirt back. 'You might want this.'

I moved away from him to give him some space but quickly became distracted by the song change coming from the speakers outside. I walked out onto the decking so I could hear familiar tune louder and smiled when I realised it was Imagine dragon's Birds playing.
'I love this song.'

Before I knew what was happening, I was being spun and then pulled into a strong pair of arms.
'Dance with me?'

How could I say no when he was looking at me like that?

I answered by I rested my arms around his neck before he pulled me closer into him by my waist. Much to his content I wove my fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck and rested my head on his chest.
As we swayed along to the melody, I realised that this was the first time we've danced together before.

From watching American teen movies growing up I knew school dances were a bigger thing here than back home in England. I knew there was a school dance that they call a spring formal coming up as Natalie being student body president had to help organise it and she wouldn't shut up about it. She kept on going on about how the theme they'd chosen was going to be amazing. I initially hadn't been excited by the idea but if it meant I could spend the whole night doing this with Harrison then I was sold.

'What're you thinking about?' Harrison murmured pulling me out of my thoughts.

'I was thinking about how happy I am right now.'
I felt like I could've stayed right there in his arms forever. Ok maybe not forever...I like food too much, but I'd definitely come straight back to his arms after my belly was full.

'It's when you say things like that you remind me that I'm hooked on you forever. It's like I live, breath, exist because I have you.'

'Good because I don't plan on ever letting you go.' I reached up and kissed him on the lips. I intending on it being a peck but he followed me as I pulled away and took me back hungrily. I wasn't complaining, his kissed were intoxicating.
So intoxicating in fact that I didn't realise he'd pulled the zipper down on my dress until I felt a hand on the bare skin on my lower back.
I chuckled and pulled away.
'That was sneaky. You're going to have to wait a little longer.' I turned around and pulled my hair aside so he could do the zipper back up.

As his fingers traced my spine he groaned.
'I hope you know how much this dress is killing me. You're killing me.'

I laughed and brought his palm to my lips to kiss it.
My phone vibrated on the coffee table bringing me back to the realisation that I was supposed to be keeping track of time.
I picked it up and looked at the text from Taliah reminding me that I had 5 minutes.

'Am I boring you?' Harrison chuckled.

'You could never bore me. Come on green eyes.'
I lead him over to the cosy area we'd set up on the grass. He plonked himself down on the blankets and practically pulled me on top of him.

For the next five minutes Harrison pointed out different constellations to me. I had a feeling he was making most of them up as I'd never heard of the giraffe before but I was too happy to care. As he was pointing out another star a flash of pink light filled up the sky along with a bang. A few seconds went by before more colours brightened up the sky.
I had to hand it to Lucas he did a great job. The display was amazing and as far as I could there were no accidents. The two of us watched in awe until a gasp at my side distracted me.

'London. Did you do this?'

'I'm full of tricks me. I have my contacts and I should never be underestimated.' I joked.

'Never in my lifetime could I ever underestimate you.' From the look on his face I knew he was being deadly serious.
'You just however never fail to surprise me. I love you Evelyn Townsend.'

'I love you too Harrison Scott.'

He smiled as if he didn't quite realise what I'd said until he did a double take.
'What did you just say?'

I laughed at his expression and moved so I was sat on my knees facing him.
'I said that I have fallen undeniably, head over heels in love with you. So much so that my chest feels like it's going to burst.' The whole time I was talking Harrison was looking at me like he couldn't quite believe what he was hearing.
'I knew when the clock hit midnight on New Years that I loved you with all my heart and I've been waiting ever since for the right time to tell you.'

'I think I've gone into shock. Tell me again.'

I burst out laughing at his stupidity but decided to play along. Leaning my hands on his knees, I moved so I was only inches away from his face. If it weren't so dark outside, I would've been able to see the yellow flecks in his eyes.

In the blink of an eye he was lying flat on the ground with me on top of him.

'I feel like the luckiest guy in the world!'

'And I feel like the luckiest girl!'
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