Through His Lens (edited version)

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Not another American teen movie

'Stop jiggling your leg! You're making me nervous and I've been going to this school for 5 years.'

'Sorry.' I grumbled. 'Am I actually making you nervous?'

'No, I'm actually pretty excited. You look bomb because of my amazing skills, if I do say so myself and I can't wait to see how much your stir up the school.' She said as she bounced up and down in the driver's seat like a child on Christmas Day.

Even I will admit she's done a bloody good job. When I got up this morning, I had a quick shower and then went across the hall to her room where she did her magic. My thick brown hair, which was normally a bird's nest, had been tamed into lose waves that reached my waist. She'd given me light makeup similar to how Nora used to do hers. She used all these products that I'd never even heard of before but I liked what she'd done. I didn't look cake face which is a worry of mine when I let someone do my makeup. My eyes now looked even bluer because of the light flush of eyeshadow she used and my complexion smoother.

I was wearing a distressed denim skirt that she'd left out for me paired with a red 3/4 length v neck jumper. I'd be advised it would be slightly cooler today but in UK terms we'd still count it as roasting. My body temperature however still hasn't gone back to normal since the accident so the light fabric of the jumper was welcome. On my feet were something a little more familiar to me, a pair of converse.

I'd looked in the mirror this morning shocked at my appearance, not because I hated it but because it was like Nora was staring back at me. Well two Nora's I guess because my ghost friend was very much hanging out behind me with wide eyes.

I know what you're thinking. You're twins right so of course you look like your sister. Yes, we are twins but the differences in how we presented ourselves set us apart.

I didn't hate this though. I liked the fact that I didn't look like myself. For weeks now I've been putting on an act. An act that I'm better than I am. Looking in the mirror and seeing myself as Nora was helping me put on the fake confidence I needed.

It also helped that my stalker took one look at me, wiped away a fake tear and said. 'My sister's finally hot. I feel like a proud mum.'

Yeah, I threw a pillow at her even though it didn't have the desired effect it used to have.

The confidence I'd had earlier had very much vacated the building and blown itself up as soon as I got in the car. My legs have been jiggling ever since.

'Ok you saying that is not helping me feel better.' Nor was Tali's driving.

'Sorry I'm getting a little carried away because I'm excited. You'll do amazing babe, you've got nothing to worry about.' Her words were comforting but that fact that she was staring me in the eye rather than the road was not.

A few minutes later we pulled into a car park already filled with loads of cars. I was hoping we'd get here early so I didn't have the terrifying aspect of recreating those teen movies where a new student starts and the whole schools out front watching her walk in. Knowing my luck, I'd trip over and face plant.

Luck was not on my side today though as the front of the school was packed with different groups of kids making the most of the last minutes of freedom they had left. There was a group of guys throwing a football back and forth and some kids sat at a table finishing off what was probably homework due in the next 10 minutes. The cheerleading squad were standing off to one side glaring at certain people when they walked past and a younger kid was clutching onto a science project for fears it would be crushed in the masses.

Taliah turned off the ignition and glanced at me.

'You ready?'

'Ready as I'll ever be.' I whispered.

Taliah got out the car and as I reached for the handle a ghostly hand fell on my shoulder.

'Don't be nervous E. Squish your nerves into a tiny box just how we practiced when we were kids.' I caught my sisters comforting eyes in the reflection of the rear-view mirror.

'Pretend to be confident even if you're not. If kids stare at you stare back and try to look bored. You look amazing so don't you even dare feel self-conscious. Go on babe do me proud.'

I chuckled to myself which helped release some of the butterflies in my stomach. I took a deep breath and got out of the car, taking Taliah's hand that she was holding out for me.

'Let's do this shit.' I said squeezing her hand earning an excited grin from her.

We walked hand in hand up towards the grey concrete looking school. Is it lame to say I actually miss the history and the architecture of my school back home? Yeah, yeah it is.

As expected, people looked. It was like watching dominos fall. One-person noticed, who nudged the next person and the next. All too quickly there was silence, then the whispers started.

Every so often someone would wave or shout hello to Taliah. She was obviously quite popular here. Thankfully though she politely returned their greetings and stayed with me, squeezing my hand out of comfort.

'I've always wanted to do this. I feel like I'm in mean girls.' She whispered earning a laugh from me as unbeknownst to her I'd used the same comparison.

We mounted the stairs and I let her pull me through the main doors. Then we headed down a hallway in the direction of the reception. It wasn't as busy in here as it was outside but people still glanced our way as we walked past. I guess people weren't used to seeing new faces here.

Eventually we got to the reception desk where a kind looking older lady acknowledge and smiled at both of us.

'How can I help you ladies?' She said with a heavy American drawl.

'Eve here is a new student.'

'Evelyn Townsend?' The receptionist asked as she pulled her glasses down to perch on the end of her nose to get a closer look at me.

'That's me.'

'Lord listen to you with your cute British accent. Here's your schedule and I need you to fill these in for me sweetie and bring 'em back when you're done.'

I took the papers from her hand instantly to have my schedule ripped away.

'Damn we don't have our first class together. We do have second period together though.'

'Miss Andrews you have a class to get to don't you? The receptionist said, peering over her glasses to look at Taliah.

'Yeah but I was going to wait to show Evie where her class is.'

'Not to worry we'll get someone to take her there. Now scoot.' She clapped her hands at Taliah who was pouting.

'I'll meet you outside your class and we can walk to second period together ok?' She gave me a quick hug whilst sending evil glares to the other side of the room as she left.

I did was I was told, filing out a couple of forms and then handed them back to the lady.

'Thank you doll. Now here is the map of the campus but I'm sure Miss Andrews won't mind giving you a quick tour later. Here's your locker number and combination. There's also your planner and a booklet of different extracurricular activities you can join.'

I took everything she was handing to me and added it to my art book that I'd been told to bring with me to show my new art teacher.

'Now if you'll follow me and I'll show you where your class is.'

I followed after her through various different corridors, up and down I don't know how many different staircases, trying not to panic about how I'd already lost my bearings.

After she announced we were almost there a ringing caught both of our attention.

'Darn it. Sweetheart do you mind going the rest of the way yourself?' I didn't get a chance to answer as she was already answering the phone.

'You go through the next double doors and up the stairs then you're there.'

She waved me off and left me standing in the hallway by myself.

Ok you can do this Eve I told myself as I watched the woman walk back the way we came. Just go up the stairs it's not that hard. Only problem was once I got to the stairs I realised there were 3 different floors and she didn't say which floor my classroom was on. I stopped on the first landing and pulled out the map she'd given me. I was too busy looking at what was in my hands that when I eventually decided which direction I wanted to go in I walked smack bang into someone.

'Shit I'm so sorry!' I blurted in a rush as a pair of strong arms held me upright.

'Too oblivious as to what's going on around me, as per usual.' I whispered to myself making a deep voice chuckle.

I looked up to find a pair of amused green eyes watching me.

'Don't worry about it. Here let me help you.' The boy starting picking up my books that were now sprawled across the floor and handing them to me.

'You're new here right?'

'Yeah, how could you tell?' I reply sarcastically but smiling to show I was joking.

He brushed away a lock of his dark wavy hair as his green eyes bore into mine.

'Well the British accent is a giveaway. Unless us walking into each other has flown me 5000 miles. Apart from that I'd definitely remember your face if I'd seen you before.'

I could feel a slight warmth gradually building on my cheeks as I stood up fairly satisfied I'd picked up everything.

'Missing something?' Green eyes asked as he handed me my sketch book. 'Art student?'

'Thank you.' I smiled gratefully as I mentally scolded myself for almost losing my pride and joy. 'Yeah I am, you?' I asked nodding at the almost identical book in his arms.

'Nope, photography.'

'Ah cool. I'd love to see your work sometime.'

God try to sound more desperate if you tried. I shifted on my toes trying to hide the fact that I was becoming self-conscious under his strong gaze.

'Back at ya.'

I finally remembered why I'd been so distracted in the first place as I glanced down at the schedule in my hands.

'Hey I know I've already assaulted you and you've been a Good Samaritan to help me pick up my stuff but could you tell me where room B13 is. I think I'm a little lost.'

I looked back up catching him looking me up and down. Is he checking me out?

'I can do one better. I'll take you there.'

'You don't have to do that, I've already taken up enough of you time. Sorry again.'

I moved to walk around him but he caught my arm.

'you sure do apologise a lot don't you?' He winked at me as another blush warmed my cheeks.

'I want to show you, plus you were heading in the wrong direction. Now please let me be a gentleman.'

I laughed at the fake British accent he tried to put on and let him lead me.

'That accents going to need some work.'

He chuckled as he continued to lead me down a hallway.

'So, are you the welcoming committee?' I asked earning a smirk and a side glance that showed the brightness in his eyes.

'Something like that.' Yeah, he definitely wasn't. Not stereotyping at all but he looked a little too rough around the edges to be on a pep bandwagon.

'You know you may as well just not go.'

'Not turning up to the first lesson I have at a new school doesn't really set the impression I'm trying to give.'

'And being late does?' He chuckled.

'Is that why you're not at yours?'

He smirked in my direction but didn't reply hinting that I was probably on the right track.

Soon enough we stopped outside a noisy classroom.

'B13. Want me to go in and introduce you?'

'Nah I think I can muster up enough courage.'

'Ok, well see you around London.' I mentally face palmed for not asking what his name was or even giving mine. Oh well I guess he'll find out eventually.

'You too green eyes.' I replied earning a full smile from him either from his new nickname or when he realised he wasn't going to learn mine.

I watched him walk away until he was out of view.

'God he's so hot.'

I scoffed at the dreamy expression on my sister's face.

'Hey don't even try to lie to me by saying he's not. I saw the blush on your face when you first looked at him.'

'Stop following me creep.'

Ignoring my comment, she put her ghostly arm over my shoulder. Not that I could feel it but I could see it there.

'He was checking you out too.' She stated matter-of-factly.

'No he wasn't!' I whispered, praying that no one could see or hear me talking to myself. I looked up and down the hallway and thankfully there was no one lurking.

'Yeah he was, he just did it when you weren't looking. Little did he know you've got me as your observant guardian angel.'

I rolled me eyes shrugging her off and walked over to the door.

'Good luck babes.' she shouted before disappearing.

She really was loving this wasn't she.

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