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Making Oneself

I spent hours downstairs in my home office writing. When away from home, if an idea, scene, or anything that popped into my head that I thought would be great for my book I would start a note on my smart phone and save the idea so that I could transfer it to my document when I returned home. I finished my first draft within months, a full length one hundred thousand plus word novel. I had the luxury of being able to hand my work off to friends and family to proof read and help edit. While I waited for their feedback, I started to work on the next steps, which were learning how to publish and market this book.

I knew nothing about marketing and I think that even today I still think I know nothing. Marketing is a mystery to me but in knowing nothing about it and a combination of being part naïve and part fearless, I decided to get onto social media as a way to market myself while my novel was being proof read. I started building my author profile by joining Twitter and creating a Facebook page.

You must be wondering why I am telling you this. What is the point of me giving the details into writing a book and wanting a family, and how does the social media side come into it? I may have lost you by now. I have to chuckle at myself as I sit here at my desk because I am certain that I have lost you or you are now totally board with this story and are about to put it down. I ask you to read a little further because I promise that this will link together. You need to know this because it is important.

To summarize all of this to bring these words back on track. I wrote a book, published it and did all the marketing myself, so what right, so does a thousand others if not more. Bear with me; I am going to bring this story forward in time. I am jumping forward from November 2013 to July 2014. In that time, I marketed myself as an author and gained thousands of followers on social media. I would not classify myself as a social media star but I believe that my online presence was starting to snowball and that summer I published my book. I suppose I could pat myself on the back for all of the hard work and it was. It was a labor of love and this hobby of mine even generated a little extra pocket money mind you it wasn't enough to quit my day job but it was assurance that I was on track as a budding new author and that my book was a good start.

Did I get you back? I am crossing my fingers here at my desk hoping so. We are only a few pages in and this is not the end of the story either. Please read on a little further.

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