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Follow, Copy, Paste

Saturday morning I wake up in my mom and dad’s camper. They have one of those goose neck trailers that has a full bedroom and bathroom equipped with a sink, shower stall and toilet, that would rest over a truck bed and stepping down to the main area is a living room and kitchen that tip out giving more space with its open concept layout. I am snuggled beneath the sheets on the pull out couch. Dad is up and is already outside. I can see him on the deck just outside my window, and the coffee machine is on and gurgling as it is brewing, the smell of a medium blend fills the air. I lay there in bed for a few minutes and grab my phone to play with.

I open up Twitter, wow more followers. For followers that I gain I send them a message thanking them for following and providing a link to my book. This morning is no different.

Follow, copy, paste, follow, copy, paste is what I do in Twitter and even then I had no idea what would become of a copy, paste of a message to a complete stranger. I never knew that this one person would make me question everything.

I receive a message back, "Hi there, thanks for following me back. You sure are popular. I write too. Here are my links, here are my websites, and I am also on Wattpad."

Wow, this person sends a lot of messages. I politely respond, "No problem, happy to connect with someone that has the same interests."

He responds back, "I am so proud of my work and I hope you enjoy what I posted on Wattpad."

Oh boy, I check out his links, do I have time to commit to another book right now? I sit up and I respond, "Your book sounds interesting, but I don't have Wattpad. I’ll have to download it once I'm home."

He responds, "Oh, how are you enjoying the weekend?"

I sigh should I answer this. Should I be worried about what I tell this stranger? I take a moment and look at his sites to see whom he actually is. He is an author, he has a decent biography, seems like a nice guy. It won't hurt to share with him a little bit more, "I am spending the weekend up at camp with my mom and dad."

He replies back, "Oh that must be nice, I used to live up north, not far from you, Rochester."

He must have seen the city where I live from my Twitter biography. I answer, "Oh yes, I would be a few hours north of Rochester, so I see that you live in Texas? P.S. Cowboys are yummy, just saying."

"Yep, been here for five years, but really I'm a Yankee. I miss it, the seasons."

I respond, "I love warm temperatures, you are lucky to not have to deal with snow."

"I admit the warm weather is nice but I miss living up north."

I answer him, "Have you seen my Twitter picture from last winter, all that snow. I can't stand cleaning the driveway."

He answers back, "Yes, I guess that would be the not so fun part."

I want to wrap this up but don't want it to sound too curt. I'm hungry, I’ll write this, "It is right around breakfast time for me, I'm going to step away to eat. I’ll have to get Wattpad to read your work and will get to it soon. Have a great day and thanks for the chat."

I send the message and shortly after, he responds. "I’ll take a look at your book too. Thank you and enjoy your weekend up at camp, Bye."

I put my phone down not thinking anything more. Mom is now in the kitchen putting breakfast together.

She asks, "So were you looking at your book sales again?"

I stretch and say, "No just sending out messages to my Twitter peeps, that's all." I get out of the pull out bed to join her in the kitchen, putting some bread in the toaster and make a glass of chocolate milk. The day goes by as planned. We eat, I go for a walk with mom, come back and relax, eat lunch then go to the beach to read, sunbathe, swim and then dinnertime arrives and soon we are into the later hours of the night. The day was a good one and by the next day I hate to say it, but the person that I had been talking to on Twitter I had already forgotten his name. I forgot about the promise I made to look at his work and download Wattpad. I forgot. I didn't mean to, it's just with family here social media sort of takes a back seat to reality. Well, back then it did.

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