Simple Affair

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Rinse and Repeat

A week goes by and this weekend proves to be the same as the last. Josh is working the entire weekend again and I find myself back up at camp to spend time with my mom and dad.

I wake all snuggled up in bed, with my parent’s Chihuahua keeping me company this morning. I reach over for my phone that was charging on the shelf and I make the effort to be social on my social media. There is a message in my inbox that reads, “Hello, hope that you had a great week.”

Oh my god, it is him, the person that I chatted with last week. I recognize his photo and read his name, Devon Chambers, that's his name. I have to remember him this time. It all comes flooding back. I forgot to look at his work, oh no! He is probably going to ask.

I answer back, "Hey, how are you?"

Devon responds, "I am good, it's a bright sunny day where I am. Are you up at camp this weekend?"

Wow, he pays attention. "Yes, just spending time up at camp with Mom and Dad."

"Oh that must be nice. What are your plans for today?"

"I am going to go for a walk in a bit, may jump into the hot tub and sunbathe later, how about you?"

"I am working on the final scene to my novel."

Oh no, we are going there. What do I say? I make up a lie. "I have been having problems with getting Wattpad to download. I haven't read your sample yet but I plan to."

I wait and he responds, "That is okay. I want to tell you something and hope that you don't get bothered by it."

I reply, "Ok" Is he going to comment on my own book?

"I hope you don't think any different of me. There is a scene I am writing, it's an intimate scene and I hope that when you read it, that it doesn’t change your opinion of me."

What could he be referring to; I hope he hasn’t written some really messed up stuff. I answer, "As long as it’s nothing weird like eating each other’s poop, I'll be ok with it. Please don't tell me that it is anything messed up." I reply with a sad face and wait, oh god; there is a pause with his response. I am biting my nails over here.

He answers, "Laughing over here, no it's just a good old fashioned romp in the hay. It's intimate and my fantasy."

I exhale okay good this is still a normal sounding guy, I reply, “Okay, I won’t mind it and am actually looking forward to reading it.” He has me curious now. Let me see, can I get this Wattpad with the weak reception here at camp? I love my phone but at the same time, I hate it because sometimes a simple download can prove to be difficult. Sure enough, I do the search and the application loads onto my screen, wonderful!


“What’s up?”

“I got Wattpad to work. I am trying to find you. Are you using a pen name?"

“Yes, try D. Chambers.”

I find his sample, “Great, I got it.”

“Okay wonderful. I got to grab yours too. I am on it.”

“Thanks Devon, I’ll write a review when I am finished.”

“Okay great, I’ll do the same, I promise.”

“Alright, well I’m going to go start my day, talk to you later.”

“Okay bye.”

Wow what a nice guy. I put down my phone after looking at his profile picture; he is pretty cute. He has short brown hair, brown eyes and a clear complexion. He is yummy with that masculine look to him, he appears confidant which is hot in my books. I wonder what he is like in person. Anyway, it’s not like anything would come of it. I am married. I think he likes me, I can’t put my finger on it but I sense something and it’s a nice feeling to know that I still have it.

The day passes by just as last weekend, like a routine, a welcomed and loved routine with my parents and after dinner; I share a couple of drinks with Mom in the camper. We laugh together, talk and eventually settle down for a bit. I pull out my phone to check Twitter as my mom fills her glass with wine from a box. I have a new message from Devon.

“Hey, I can’t believe the amount of growth in the amount of people following you.” I chuckle; yes I can’t explain it either. I have thousands of followers right now and I seem to gain between thirty and fifty per day.

I decide, what the hell, I will respond to him, “Yes it’s funny how I have so many. I think once you reach a thousand, something changes, well it did for me and more people seem interested and willing to follow.”

A few moments pass; it doesn’t surprise me because it looks as though his last comment was sent earlier in the day.

My mom interrupts my daydreaming. “Hey, who are you talking to Jordan?”

“Oh just my Twitter peeps mom.”

She laughs, “How many do you have now?”

“Over six thousand” I smile after saying the number. Six thousand, I don’t even know six thousand people; I may know four hundred at the most.

She laughs, “Why do you think they are even following you?”

“Oh, I don’t know Mom. I tweet messages every day, maybe they like what I say?”

She laughs, “Have you ever asked them why they follow you? It’s not like you are famous or anything.” She says this comment not in a hurting way. She is being silly after having a few glasses of wine and I chuckle at her for saying it.

“I haven’t, would you like me to ask them?” I stick my tongue out at her.

“Sure Jordan.”

Devon still hasn’t responded to my last comment, but I decide to ask him anyway because I think he understands my personality and won’t take offence. This is off topic, but I find with talking to people from different countries that sometimes they don’t understand the meaning that is intended when I write to them. I know that some take offense to conversations that were meant to be light hearted. Anyway, back to the question. I decide that Devon is my man to best answer.

“Hey, I have a question for you. I am not drunk or anything, well I had a couple of glasses of wine with my mom but I need to ask you something?” I click send.

I look up at mom and she asks, “So what did they say?”

“Mom I just asked the question I think they may be away from their computer at the moment. Oh wait I have a message.”

I jump for joy inside; there he is my Twitter guy. “Hey Jordan ask away.” He adds a smiley face.

“My mom and I want to know why you are following me. We just don’t understand how I have so many followers.” I type it, oh man, if he reads this the wrong way he may take me for being conceited. God I hope that my instincts don’t let me down.

“Drinking are we? I am laughing over here. Well, I followed you because you and I are both writers; I think we have the same interests.”

I smile at his friendly reply, okay he didn’t take it the wrong way, I look up at my mom and say, “I got an answer.”

She winks at me, “Do tell.”

I read his response to her and smile, but that isn’t the end of this conversation with Devon, he asks his own questions, “Why are you following me?”

I had a feeling he may ask, “I followed you back for the same reasons. I try to follow back people who follow me.”

He explains, “I am honestly flattered that such a beautiful person like you is following and you are popular here on Twitter.”

This guy is smooth; I smile, “Thank you Devon, from seeing your photo you seem like quite the catch and about the popularity, I actually don’t get a lot of people who talk to me even though I send a message to them. A lot of them are fellow artists and most of their tweets are just to promote their work, books and such.”

“Why thank you! I’m smiling over here. Yes, I get that from Twitter. I seem to be stuck at the four hundred-follower mark and none of them really talk. You are pretty well the only one I talk to on here.”

“Yes me too, I get some light hearted conversations, but I have to admit that you are the person I talk to most.”

Devon answers, “Wow, I am so flattered. I am not taking up your time am I?”

“Not at all, I like talking to you and I make time for the things that make me happy.”

“You seem like a great person inside and out, I am happy that we stumbled upon each other.”

“Yes me too, well I hate to cut this short, but I am with family right now so I got to go be social. I will talk to you later.”

Devon replies, “Okay, have a great night.”

Oh man, I feel like a teenager crushing over this complete stranger. What the hell is coming over me, I have to put my phone down. We have only had a few conversations and I can’t explain it; I am starting to feel something.

Mom starts up the conversation, “I think Dad and your uncle built a campfire, I see some light over there. Did you want to take a walk over and see what everyone else is doing?”

“Yes, let’s go be social.”

The weekend goes by and I read Devon's work. His main character is a woman. This guy has got to be off the market. My guess is his main character is based on a girlfriend. It has to be, she has too much spunk. I find a lot of authors struggle with characters of the opposite sex but this guy seems to have this girl down pat. I will need to ask him whenever we talk next. Wow, I am so glad that I gave his book a chance and think I learned something about him with reading the sample.

After this weekend I don’t forget my Twitter friend’s name, Devon, sounds strong and he has a fire in his eye, I wonder how old he is? Anyway, back to reality and I return home from camp to Josh.
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