Simple Affair

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What it became

I'm not sure when things took a change but over the course of the summer this person, Devon and I, went from communicating and having chats on a weekly basis to talking pretty well every day. The things that I learn about him, he had a military background and at one point in his life, he was even a bodyguard for a high profile public figure. This man is captivating to me and his story is like no other that I have ever known.

Devon was born and raised in the United States. He lived in Rochester until his parents divorced and then he moved around and eventually settled in Texas. He has one biological brother whom he is close to and several step siblings from his parents remarrying. His mother raised them from a young age after his parents divorce. His father was a cop and was hardly around. When Devon was of age, he enlisted in the army where he learned how to fly combat helicopters and served in the Gulf War. He explained that he hadn't seen death but was sure that the munitions from the helicopter killed enemy and explained that out there you don't hesitate, its kill or be killed. I don't see a mean streak in him even though he has quite the resume. Without reading his books and asking questions, I would have never gotten the feeling that he had been involved in life changing events. For today he is a father, a spouse, he found another love after the divorce from his son's mother, and he is a writer and works in the high tech field, a polar opposite life to that of army and bodyguard work.

He is an accomplished writer and a modest man. I remember those early conversations about his books. Devon first made it out to sound like he was an aspiring author but after doing a little digging and him opening up with our conversations I discovered that he has been writing for years. He has received awards for his work, local newspaper articles were written about him. He has done book signings at bookstores. He even has merchandise for his fan base.

He has yet to strike it huge like the success that mainstream authors reach, but I can see that he is on his way. I would have never known and that saying, "never judge a book by its cover", that is Devon. He has never boasted of himself. To me he is a kind, supportive friend. He isn’t fake or trying to gain something from our writing connection. He is just Devon, my friend, champion and secret.

The thing that hurts is our realities, he has a spouse and so do I...

That is the barrier, besides the distance. I used to judge others for their marriages falling apart. When you find out that one was cheating and what not. I would wonder how could they when they have someone who loves them. How do these married people seem to find second lovers when some people remain single their entire lives? Well I now see how. Devon and I were perfect strangers who stumbled upon each other based on like interests. This was completely by accident, please don’t judge me and let me explain. We both write and something that started with honest talking and interaction, soon finds chemistry and attraction and then it snowballs. I know at this point that he isn't an online predator or anything weird like that. The reason that I know this is he has opened up more to me by becoming a Facebook friend. I can see into his life, and view his friends and family and he can do the same with me. He is just a normal man, with a family and network of friends and family and I am a normal woman with her own network of family and friends, we weren’t seeking this.

Now we know each other's schedules, home addresses, where the other works and what we like and dislike. We are starting to know each other on a personal and more intimate level. This is how it happens and I have a husband but right now, my heart wants another, desires another. I can't get Devon out of my head. This is how cheaters become who they are and for me this was not intentional, it just happened. I want him.
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