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Tara Parker: London's number one wedding planner with a long list of celebrity names gracing her resume. Despite being in love with love itself, this wedding planner has run from it her entire life. So what happens when Tara crosses paths with a charming Liam Hendrix while planning his sisters wedding. It's safe to say that running away from love is a difficult thing to do when you've met the perfect man. Will Tara tear down her walls and let Liam show her love how she's never seen it before; firsthand? * mature content: sexual scenes, swearing, violence etc.

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1-Dry your tears sweetie (prologue)

Tara’s POV

I watched the bartender as he placed another drink down in front of me with a bright smile and I returned it with a grateful one, this bartender had quickly become one of my favourite people. He was very handsome, he was young, cute, he had kind of a Ken thing going for him with his bright blue eyes and straight blonde hair, beautifully tanned skin. If he hadn't told me the love story of him and his girlfriend of 4 years just 10 minutes ago, I'd totally be flirting right now, mostly because I was a little tipsy though.

I looked over to the dance floor where colourful lights flashed everywhere. I squint my eyes trying to search for the two bodies I was looking for when my eyes landed on the tall muscular figure dancing with a petite one, grinding against each other. Anyone would think the two were getting ready to fuck later tonight, of course, I knew better.

Jade and Justin had been two of my best friends for years. Jade was a petite brunette with the most beautiful green eyes and tanned skin, sometimes she reminded me of nature- if that makes any sense. Her green eyes, and brown hair made me think of a forest- the way the greens and the browns complimented each other.

She'd always been a stunner, even in primary school where we met she was always attracting the attention of the boys, she was the prettiest girl in class. She had always been a loyal and generous friend, I remember in year 6 the cutest boy in school and our crush at the time Jacob Riley asked her out and, knowing I was crushing on him as much as she was, she said no.

It was only until year 10 when I started to hit puberty, had a glow up and finally started getting attention of the boys that I got to return the favour when I stopped showering for 2 weeks to stop her crush liking me which he had made clear when he asked me out every time we had maths together.

Justin on the other hand, we'd both known for a lot less time. We met 3 years ago when I was trying to find the perfect cake for a wedding I was planning and stumbled across his bakery, it was like love at first sight- the cake not him- and ever since, I had come to him for every wedding cake I needed and meanwhile we became best friends.

His sassy, no-shit attitude contrasted his looks in the best way; he was tall, lean and had a load of tattoos that covered his dark brown, silky smooth skin, people probably thought he was my body guard or something every time we walked down the street together. But underneath it all he was superbly sassy, he could out bitch anyone while his hot exterior got any man he wanted into his bed.

"I'm going into the bathroom!" I called out into Jade's ear after I had made my way through the crowd of sweaty bodies.

"Alright babe, do you want me to come with you?" her thick Essex accent replied.

"Nah you both seem to be enjoying yourselves too much for me to interrupt." I grinned at her.

" I'll probs come and join you in there in a bit babe, Justin seems to have eyed on one of the bartenders and I'll likely be dumped in a minute."

I giggled at her response and winked at them both as I walked away into the bathroom.

My heels clicked against the tiles as I made my way into the classy looking, open-spaced ladies room. I looked into the mirror to check my makeup. I was wearing a 2 piece that hugged my curves gorgeously, making me feel extra confident. The blue silky material on top curved at my generously sized breasts. The matching skirt clinged onto my rounded hips and thighs, stopping a couple of inches above my knee.

My blonde hair had become a lot more wavy as opposed to the tight curls that they held earlier in the night. I took a piece of tissue and gently dabbed under my eyes to collect up all the fallout from my glittery, black eyeshadow that surrounded my deep blue eyes. I then reapplied my nude gloss over my plump lips and fluffed up my hair a bit.

Just then I began hearing light sobs from one of the stools. I lifted my head trying to locate the exact stool.

"Hello! Are you alright in the darling." I raised my voice slightly to make sure the girl could hear me.

The crying stopped and was replaced with a high pitched voice that replied "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't realise anyone else was in here."

"What's the matter darling, have you just started your period or something cause I've got a spare pad in my bag if you need it. Or I could pop to the shop opposite the club to get you a tampon instead if you prefer them."

The latch on the door slid to the left and the door slowly opened revealing a beautiful woman with dark brown eyes and almost jet black hair that was sleek and straight and reached just below her collarbones. She was wearing a short black dress that complimented her golden skin and the slits down the sides revealed a glimpse of her gorgeous figure. I looked up to her heart shaped face that had the remains of her mascara smushed on her cheeks and her bright red lipstick slightly smudged.

I grabbed a makeup wipe from my bag and walked over to her tall slender figure, just a couple of inches taller than myself but that could have just been the heels she was wearing.

"Oh darling, what's wrong? You're getting makeup all over that stunning little face of yours." I asked her as I was wiping away the makeup that was smudged around her face.

She stifled a laugh through her gentle cries and replies "I'm so sorry, it must be the alcohol getting to me."

"God if those were the effects of too much alcohol then I'd have created a second river Thames on the floor right now." I said as I smiled at her gently

Her lips slightly tugged up at the corners and she shook her head.

"I know I'm a stranger but those are the best people to talk to your problems about love."

"I just feel like my life has gone to shit." she says, as fresh tears appear in her eyes.

"Why's that hun?" I asked, my voice laced with genuine concern as I watched this poor, young girl crying in front of me.

"I found out today that my boyfriend of 4 years has been sleeping with my best friend."

For fuck sake. I hate humans sometimes. Poor girl, she only looks about 20 as well

"Fucking pair of bitches." I say with a sigh

She lets out a slight giggle as I rub my finger across her cheek gently. My mum used to do it to me all the time and it honestly used to make me feel so much better at the warm feeling of it.

"I knew he was bad news throughout our whole relationship but like a dumbass I ignored it. I doubt it's even the first time he's cheated on me."

"Hey now don't call yourself stupid hun." I say in a warning tone "he's the only dumbass for not appreciating a stunner like you."

She smiles again and looks down at the bathroom floor as her face slowly drops again.

"Hey look at me now" I tell her as I place my other hand on the other side of her face as I look into her eyes. "One day my darling, you are going to find the love of your life who treats you the way you deserve, and he's gonna appreciate you and he's going to shower you with affection and one day he's going to get down on one knee because he knows he can no longer stand you not being completely his and only his."

I remove my hands from her face and pull out my purse, taking out a shiny, rose gold card with the imprint of letters that spell out 'Tara Parker wedding planner services' in gold and details written on the back in white. I hand to card over to her.

"And when he does you are going to call that number and I will rush over to plan your wedding because you deserve the best my darling."

She looks down at the card and looks back up at me with her mouth slightly gaping open.

"You're Tara Parker? Didn't you organise that actress's wedding last month, it was all over the papers it looked gorgeous. There's no way I'd even be able to afford you, I mean you're like the Gucci of wedding planners." she beams with a giggle.

"I mean I prefer Chanel but I'll take it." I say, slightly giggling myself at the compliment. Let me check the door is big enough to fit my head through on the way out after that ego boost.

"Anyways it'd be free of charge my love, I give discounts when I feel the people are truly in love which I know you'll find." Wow I really am drunk, I mean it's true what I said about the discount but I never usually do wedding for free, I'd probably be out of business if it was a regular occurrence.

"Oh my god! Wow!" She says as her eyes now fill with light as opposed to the tears that occupied them previously.

"I mean I doubt that will ever happen but thank you anyway" she sings as she pulls me into a tight embrace that I quickly return.

"Like seriously, you've really cheered me up, I think I'd probably be crying in that stool until 3am if it weren't for you. Thank you Tara."

"Oh my goodness I don't even know your name." I laugh.

"Sarah." she replies while also laughing.

"Well Sarah you are much too stunning and sweet to be in that bathroom until 3am anyway."

She smiles a genuine smile that warms my heart as I see no remaining tears left in her eyes.

"Now why don't you go out there and enjoy yourself cause you deserve it."

"Thank you" she repeats and we embrace again until she begins making her way back out of the bathroom.

I watch as she leaves with a bright smile on my face and confidence that she was alright.

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