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By CrimsonWords All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance

Chapter 1: The Intern of F.I.C.T.I.O.N

The 21 year old Dalinda Zila Erika arrives in the office of F.I.C.T.I.O.N. The secretary told her to wait until she is called up by the person in charge of the interns. Dalinda feels quite nervous and hopes that she becomes a intern of F.I.C.T.I.O.N. She's trying to get into the Intelligence Division to follow in her mother's footsteps. To become a scientist and create great inventions. When another intern walked out of the head intern office the Secretary said, "You can go in now, Ms. Erika." 

Dalinda took in a deep breath and walk into the office. The brown haired man sitting behind the desk greeted her, "Hello Ms. Erika, I'm David Shepard. Please have a seat." She sat down on the chair in front of the desk. He said, "So you want to Intern for the Intelligence Division?"

"Yes sir." she said.

"I'm quite amazed at your portfolio. It seems you've built a lot of inventions even before going to college. Inventing medical quipment for hospitals. You've even invented new toys for the PuzzlePop Company. There are a few weaponry designs but you've never gotten around to them. Now why is that?"

"I don't have the right equipment to build them. F.I.C.T.I.O.N is the one place that can allow such weaponary to be created."

"I see. Your relationship is with Dr. Deval Erika right?"

"Yes, she's my mother."

"No wonder. Your mother is the head of the Intelligence Division. I'm sure you'll find it great to work alongside her."

Dalinda smiled at the thought. She barely get's to see her parents so working at the F.I.C.T.I.O.N can bring her a little closer to them. "You can start on the job tomorrow morning at 8 A.M. You will have to report to the Intelligence Office to check in with Dr. Ace Eginhard."

"Yes sir, thank you Mr. Shepard."

Dalinda went to the mall for lunch break. She bought a bacon burger to eat in the food court. During her lunch she recieved a phone call from an unknown number. She answered it and said, "Hello?"

"Hello," said a male voice, "To whom am I speaking to?"


"Dalinda who?"

"Dalinda Erika."

"Is that your full name?"

Strange Dalinda thought. Why would a man ask a question like that? Dalinda said, "Who is asking?"

"Call me Cell." Dalinda froze in her place. She knew who Cell is. Cell is a terroist who rigs up a building with bombs. He then chooses one person out of everyone in the building to call. The person choosen must deactivate the bombs set around building under an hour. No one knows the real reason why he does this. All what everyone could think of is that it's just a game to him.

"I see that you've heard of me before judging by your silence."

"... I assume you have something for me?"

"Well this is the first time someone wants to get to the point. Usually they're asking silly questions such as "Why me?" "Why are you doing this?" I like this sudden change. Alright underneath your seat you'll find a bag of the right tools that can deactivate the bombs."

She looks underneath her seat and pull out a black bag that contains the tools within. 

"You'll have one hour to deactivate the bombs that are planted around the mall. There are 5 so do make haste if you want everyone and yourself to live."

She smiled and continued to eat her bacon burger and fries. 

"What are you doing?" said Cell.

"Well if I'm going to do such a dangerous task. I will have to eat first. I'm very hungry and I always hate having an empty stomach."

"You're only wasting time."

"Eating is no waste of time. After all we have to eat to live." She connects the cell phone to a pair of purple headphones with a microphone. She put the cell phone in her pocket and said, "There we go now that's better. I can eat with both hands and don't have to bother holding the phone to my ear."

"Are you mocking me? You do realize you're talking to Cell?"

"Yeah and what of it? All you want is for me to deactivate the bombs right? Not like you're asking for a show."

"Oh and what exactly would you do if did?"

"That depends. Are you asking me to give you a performance?"

"... Alright, entertain me Dalinda Erika."

She finished her lunch and dig around into her black and purple back pack. She brought out a purple and blue tech out looking bracelet that covers almost her entire lower arm. She put the bag she found under her chair into her own bag. She stands up and walk over to a young man with a skateboard that stood nest to a vapor shop. She asked him, "Mind if I borrow your skateboard?"

"Why?" The young man asked. 

"Because I need it to get to the bombs planted around here much faster. If I don't everyone in here including myself will die. Now are you going to hand the skateboard nice and easy, or do I have to smack the hell out of you for it?"

Just by her terrifying presence he handed her the skateboard. "Thank you." She said as she drop the skateboard on the ground and ride on it. She activated her device and it made a ripple in the small screen. What poped up is a map of the mall and 5 purple dots that represent the bombs. "Tch, too easy." she said. 

She went to the far left corner of the mall and entered into a shop called Melon Star. Under one of the clothing racks she found the bomb and deactivate it. "This is really too easy." she said, "You've must've called a lot of simple minded people."

"Then let me set the bar a little higher." Suddenly her tec bracelet started beeping. 5 more bombs showed up on her scanner. "Suicide bombers?" she asked.

"No more like poison gas bombers. My men are wearing protective gear so they'll be unaffected. But you have ten minutes to deactivate the poison bombs without causing any trouble."

"Okay I get ya."

She looked at the moving poison bombs on the screen and see that one of them is close by. She skated out of the store and found him. She speed up and purposely bump into him harshly. "Sorry dude." she said, "Didn't see ya there." Before he could respond she rode off and after a few seconds he plops to the ground. Some people came to his aid and started calling for help. 

"What did you do?" said Cell.

"Well you said you wanted me to do this quietly." She deactivate the small poison bomb she pickpocketed from the man. "So that's what I'm doing." She continued the same thing with the others in less than 5 minutes. It was fast and no one noticed that she was the one who caused those men to pass out. Once the poison bombs were finished she moved onto the rest of the bombs. The other three were in the corners of the mall that circled around the fountain. Which so happens to have a bomb inside the water. 

"Even when you level up the game. It still winded up way too easy." said Dalinda.

"Oh we'll see about that."

Out of nowhere a man throws a punch towards her head. She noticed in a nick of time to dodge it. When he thrown another punch she kicks up the skateboard and blocks the attack with it like a shield. The man shook his hand feeling the harsh pain on his knuckles. "It's been a while but I think I can handle this thug of yours." she said as she swung the skateboard and hit him hard in the head with it. 

Blood trickled from the left side of his head. He gotten angry and attacks her with blind rage. "How foolish." She said. She dodges his fists but also blocked them with the skateboard when she felt she couldn't step the side. People around them watched but a few men tried to step up and stop the man from attacking her. Instead Dalinda shouted out to them, "Stay out of it! This fight is between me and him!" She found an opening and kneed him in the stomach then uppercut him in the face. She spin the skateboard around and deliver the final hit to the man's head again. He past out cold onto the ground. She drops the skateboard and went into the fountain to deactivate the bomb that's in the water inside a small space inside the statue. Cell asked her, "What are you exactly?" he asked.

"Me? I'm just a clever girl who's too talented for her own good. Now I do believe the game is over right?"

"...Right. You and the others can live."

Suddenly a group of F.I.C.T.I.O.N soldiers from the Oath Division finally showed up. One of them said, "You there. The girl in purple. You're going to have to come with us."

"Looks like you have to go." said Cell, "How sad too. I wanted to get to know you more. Well until next time. Dalinda Erika."

"That's if there'll be a next time."

"Oh there will be. You just have to wait." The call ended there as Dalinda smiled at the soldiers and said, "Hello gentlemen. I'm Dalinda Zila Erika. Intern for F.I.C.T.I.O.N's Intelligence Division."

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