Two boys, one girl

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Cade Harrison, Elizabeth Gates, and Kaiden Brock. The popular, and charming group of best friends. Cade, realizes he has feelings for Elizabeth, but doesn't know how to tell her without ruining their amazing friendship. But little does he know, Kaiden; the shy but nice boy, could have feelings for her too. Will he tell her, keep it a secret, or wait till she finds out that Cade Harrison and Kaiden Brock; her best friends like her. Will she choose anyone? Or let it slide and act like nothing happened. Let's find out.

Romance / Action
Mary Claire R.
Age Rating:

| Chapter 1 | That feeling

Cade's POV

'Elizabeth Gates, the most popular and gorgeous cheerleader in Westbrook High.' I say teasing in my head as I jog through the hallway, trying to reach one of my best friends, Raiden before leaving school.

"Hey, Ray!" I shout, reaching him.

I hit his back as a greeting. He groans, looking at the direction we were headed to.

"Oh, hey man." He replied, sighing.

"Everything alright?" I ask, glancing at him.

"Yeah." He said under his breath, covering one side of his face.

We finally reach the front door. I pushed it open and grabbed Ray, placing him in front of me.

"No, it's not." I reply, taking his hand off his face.

As I uncover it I start seeing red and purple, covering his eye and cheek.

"Ray.." I sigh.

"Stop, I'm fine." He growls, slipping his arm out of my grip.

"Ray, you're not. What happened?" I asked in a worried tone. I was scared, worried, hurt, It was hard seeing Ray like this.

Ray and I had been best friends since 3rd grade and I promised him I wouldn't leave his side. We've always been the "touchy" type of friends. He didn't answer for a while then finally did.

"M-my dad hit me again." He said, tearing up.

I looked in his eyes and all I saw was fear and pain. I didn't want to make him even more upset so I asked no more questions and pulled him into a hug. He hugged back and I could feel him smile.

"Thank you." He whispered.

"Anytime." I replied, letting go. The bell rang and Ray walked off.

"Bye." I said, waving.

"Bye." He replied.

Kaiden's POV

6th period ended. I got up, grabbing my bag and heading out of class. I walk down the hall, making my way to the door.

"Hey, Ray!" I hear Cade shout as he jogged over to me. He hit my back as a greeting, I groan.

"Oh, hey man." I sigh and look in the direction we were heading to.

"Everything alright?" He asked as he glanced at me.

"Yeah." I say under my breath, covering one side of my face.

We reach the front door. Cade pushed it open and grabbed me, placing me in front of him.

"No, it's not," He replied, taking my hand off my face. As he uncovers it, he starts seeing red and purple, covering my eye and cheek.

"Ray.." He sighs.

"Stop, I'm fine." I growl, slipping my arm out of his grip.

"Ray, you're not. What happened?" He asked in a worried tone. I was scared and hurt. It was hard seeing Cade so worried.

I didn't answer for a while then finally I did.

"M-my dad hit me again." I said, tearing up.

He looked me in the eyes, pulling me into a hug. I hugged back and smiled.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"Anytime." He replied, letting go. The bell rang as I walked off.

"Bye." He said, waving.

"Bye." I replied.

I got home, gladly my dad wasn't home yet. I sat my bag down and went upstairs, laying in bed when I reached my room.

Back to Caden's POV

I sigh as I turn around and head home. I drop my bags as I open the door, and plop on the couch.

"Cadeeeee" My sister says approaching me with my phone in her right hand.

"What?" I questioned, glancing down at the screen.

Liz- Hey can we talk for a minute?

"Give me that!" I shout, grabbing the phone out of her hand.

"Asshole!" She yells, making her way upstairs.

Me- Yeah, what's up?

Liz- He did it again.

Me- Who did?

Liz- Harry. He won't stop drinking, he's yelling and going crazy, I can't deal with it.

Me- Okay, okay. I'm coming.

With that, I got up and left.

Elizabeth grew up mostly with her mom until her mom got a boyfriend and everything changed. He drank, smoked, took drugs, and was crazy. I felt so bad for Lizzie. I always wished I went through it and not her.

I sigh and step up the big and bulky steps to Elizabeth's house. I knock quietly and the door swings open. My heart jumped but as soon as I could see who it was I was relieved.

It was Elizabeth, she pushed me in and ran upstairs, pulling me toward her room as I stumbled behind her. She closed the door and sat on her bed, panting trying to catch her breath.

I walk and sit next to her, wrapping my arms around her shoulders. Like I said we're the "touchy" type of friends. But even if we weren't I would've still done it. I want her to feel protected and safe.

I sigh and take a strand of her hair, putting it behind her ear.

"Are you alright?" I ask.

"Yeah, thank you." She replies.

"Mhm" I say, smiling. I look at her as my hands fall to her waist, turning her to me.

"I'm so sorry you have to go through this shit." I whisper.

"It's okay." She whispered back, leaning her head on my chest. I held her for a while. She eventually fell asleep.

I laid her in her bed, wrapping the blanket around her as I kissed her head.

That's when the feeling hit me the feeling I've never felt before. I liked- I mean I loved Elizabeth, my best friend.

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