Two boys, one girl

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| Chapter 3 | Fight

Elizabeth's POV

I drove to our group's quiet place where we hang out. It's a rusty old cottage but no one goes there so we don't mind.

I sit down under the patio, leaning on the one hand behind me as the other holding my cigarette.

-a few minutes later-

I felt a hand on mine.

I turned around as I saw Kaiden was standing there.

He moves away.

I pat the ground as a sign to sit by me. He sits down, taking the cigarette out of my mouth, putting it into his.

"Hey." I say as he turns to me, blowing the smoke in my face. I cough, hitting the back of his head.

"I'm sorry for being a jerk back there." He replies, looking at ground the back at me.

"It's okay." I replied, shrugging as I turned the other direction.

He tilted his head. "It's not.."

"Yeah it is. I'm sorry for making it a big deal. It's just it's a lot to take in when you find out both of your best friend's like you." I replied in a sigh.

"Yeah and I get that." He said, sighing.

"Thanks." I say, under my breath as I turn back around.

"Mhm." He replied, handing me back the cigarette as he took one out of his pocket.

We sat there and nothing happened. We just stared off to space or admired the sunset. It was weird, i'll admit it. I wanted to get up and just..leave, but there was something holding me back. Something so little but so powerful.

A few minutes later I hear a door slam. I turn around as I see Cade.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I yell, watching Cade approach Kaiden. Throwing a punch right at his eye.

"What the hell!" Kaiden shouted as he punched Cade right in the stomach.

Cade could barely breathe.

"Stop it!" I shout, trying to pull them apart but I end up getting pushed out of the way by one of them. I stumble backwards trying to keep my balance.

"I SAID, STOP IT!" I yell as they stop and look at me.

I tried to hold them in and look strong but I couldn't, tears eventually rolled down my face.

"Can you guys not fight over me? I'm just a girl, and your best friend. And right now you're ruining everything we have. So please, for the sake of me and our friendship. Just stop.." I say under my breath, letting my hands fall to my side.

They just stared and walked apart from each other.

I sit back in my spot.

Kaiden apparently had a basketball game so he headed out. And by then it was just me and Cade.

Cade Harrison. The best football player and charming guy there is. Well, besides Kaiden.

I turn around, glancing at Cade one more time, shaking my head.

He saw me and I knew what he was thinking.

He was thinking that he was an idiot and there's no way I could forgive both of them. And it's true, I couldn't forgive them exactly right away. It'll take some time and that time better fix something's.

"I'm um..I'm gonna go." I say, under my breath, pointing to my car.

He nods and leans up against the big oak tree that's been there for years.

I get in my car and lean up against the headrest, sighing I start my engine.

'I guess this is a Two boys and one girl situation.' I say in my head, heading home.

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