Fake It to Make It

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Sophia Davis; a regular high schooler living a not so amusing life. ************ After her dad left when she was 10 she started up again; meeting her best friend, Amelia Bailey, and making amazing or the best she could of memories. But after she goes in and out of three relationships it changes her life; thoughts, feelings, everything around and about her. When "love" is out of her dictionary, she gets attached by her annoying, dork, two faced neighbor/best friend's boyfriend, Ethan; who she absolutely hates. Her best friend, Amelia forces her into a date night with a random boy but on the other hand Sophia thinks it's absolutely ridiculous. She starts to like him or as she thinks and when she goes back to her "love" feeling with Ethan. She has to fake her feelings for Ethan and act like she likes someone she barley knows. She's scared to not know if these feelings are real or fake and if she's going to end up heartbroken like last time. But later on Amelia finds out about her feelings for Ethan and it ruins their friendship, horribly. Is she ready to let her walls down for one person that could maybe change her life and ruin her amazing friendship with Amelia? Or, will she ignore it, not say a word and be lonely forever? Well, let's find out how she handles it. ************ It's down to Fake It to Make It.

Mary Claire R.
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