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That’s My Girl


I didn’t want to leave the house but I had to. I’d been wallowing in guilt and hatred for days, skipping all of my classes and becoming dependent on sleeping pills to help me escape the reality of my situation.

But leaving was a mistake, because it brought me to Professor Marcus. I’m still thinking about what he’d told me.

“You’re fighting fate,” he’d said. “There’s so much of me in you. There’s no point in resisting. You’ll come with me one way or another.” Then he let me go. I walked home, feeling ill and scared.

Banging on the front door pulls me from my reverie. I’m laying in bed, my face pressed into the pillow. It’s probably Professor Marcus, here to drag me to the pits of hell with him, where I belong.

“I’m looking for Salem,” a familiar voice says anxiously. I sit upright in bed, trying to calm my racing heart. I don’t blame him for leaving me that day, but I can’t get my hopes up that he’s here to tell me that he can get past it—if I can’t, how could he?

I can hear my mom telling him off and I creep towards the door to my bedroom, gingerly pulling it open and peeking out. I can’t see Leo’s face, but knowing he’s here gives me butterflies. She tries to close the door on him.

“They’re coming for her!” He yells quickly. “Professor Marcus—Vincent St. Clair—her father, WHATEVER you want to call him, he’s coming for her. His minion came and harassed me at the campus coffee shop. He said Salem either comes with them on her own, or they start killing the people she cares about.”

I close my bedroom door, no time to think about what I’m doing. I change quickly into leggings and a hoodie, tying my hair in a bun and writing a quick note, and then hoisting myself out of my bedroom window. My mom ever thinking we could hide from him is naïve. Now that he knows I exist, I’ll never escape him.

I take off in a sprint down the road, slowing when I reach Main Street. I make my way to my familiar classroom, anger rising in my chest. I force it down. I’m doing what I have to.

“Little witch,” a voice coos from behind me. I turn to Ezra, slightly annoyed. “Long time, no see,” he chuckles, running a hand lazily through his black hair. “I see you’re taking Professor Marcus up on his offer,” he sighs.

I blanch. Did Leo tell him about me?

“No, Leo doesn’t tell me anything anymore. Not since the two of you broke up.”

“We were never together,” I say through clenched teeth.

“Tomato, to-mah-to,” he says in a singsong voice. “Leopold is a good guy. I wish he hadn’t gotten himself caught up in this. He was crushed when he found out that you were one of the bad guys.”

“And what about when he finds out about you?” I ask, piecing things together.

He smiles sadly. “Leo never expects much from me.”

“Why are you a part of this?” I demand angrily.

“A myriad of reasons. The main one being the guy is an evil genius. You’re either for Vinny, or you’re against him.”

“Which one are you?” A voice hums from behind me, hands gripping my hips. I can feel his breath on my neck.

“You too?” I whisper.

“Me too,” Nathan whispers back. “I’ve been your father’s protégé for a long time now, really proven myself. You’re my reward.”

“What?” I hiss, whipping around to look at him, astonished. “What the hell does that mean?”

“Tsk tsk. I think she’s against us,” Ezra tells him.

“We’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”

I am Salem Miller.

I am not going to let myself go.

I am Salem Miller.

I am not evil. I don’t have to be evil.

Vincent St. Clair does not control me.

“Who are you?” He asks.

“Sienna Miller,” I answer, confused.

“Who am I?”

“My dad. Why are you asking me this?” I demand. This is strange.

“And you’ve lived with your mother because?”

“Because she’s bitter. She kept me from you. It was selfish of her.”

He smiles and ruffles my hair playfully. “That’s my girl.”

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