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Not Again

*Explicit Content*


Who does he think he is?! Walking around acting like he knows me! What an arrogant, crazy boy.

An arrogant, crazy, attractive boy.

He’s got my mind all messed up. I can’t think straight anymore. He says that my father and Nathan have done something to me—manipulated me—so that I can’t remember him. What would the purpose be of making me forget him?

He’s got me questioning my father.

Wasn’t I already?


He better stay far away from me because the next time I see him I won’t be able to stop myself. I’ll make him pay for playing these mind games.

I storm into my house, the annoyance still prevalent. Going to the gym was supposed to help me de-stress, not make things worse.

I ignore the note my mom has left on the coffee table and head to my room. I strip down and jump in the shower, letting the hot water do it’s work to loosen my muscles. I take time washing my hair, letting the floral scent sooth my nerves.

When I get out, I feel slightly more like myself, my mind a little calmer.

I put on a pair of waffle knit lounge pants and a cropped t-shirt. I blow dry my hair quickly and then flop into bed, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I scroll through social media, my heavy eyes about to close when there’s a soft knock on my bedroom door.

“Can I come in?” Nathan asks, a smirk on his face.

“Of course,” I tell him sleepily, lifting the covers and inviting him in.

He slides in next to me, his arms pulling me close against his chest. I press my face into the crook of his neck, breathing in deeply.

“What’s wrong?” He asks gently.

“Nothing,” I assure him. “I’m just so tired today.”

“I can think of a couple things to put you to sleep,” he tells me, wagging his eyebrows at me suggestively.

“Is that so?” I tease.

His mouth meets mine impatiently, taking me by surprise. His tongue presses against my bottom lip, tasting me. I shiver against him. Encouraged, he lifts my shirt over my head, exposing my breasts. His hand covers one, his lips going to the other, his teeth tugging flirtatiously at my nipple. I gasp and pull away.

“What’s wrong?” He asks me, nipping at my collarbone.

“H-have we done this before?” I stammer.

“Of course we have, baby,” he laughs, his hands rubbing my shoulders reassuringly.

As he undresses himself and pulls off my pants, I can’t get what Leopold told me out of my head. They’re manipulating me.

Are they manipulating me?

Did I know Leo before?

As Nathan enters me, I get the distinct feeling that we’ve never done this before. I ignore that thought, and bite my lip. I squeeze my eyes shut and try and enjoy the feeling of him inside of me but it’s hard.

I mostly wind up wondering when it will be over. He pulls out and finishes on my stomach, collapsing next to me on the bed. I get up and creep back to the shower, feeling dirty.

There’s a knock on the bathroom door. “Hey, babe, I gotta run. I’ll call you later.”

“Okay,” I manage to croak out as I lather my skin up with soap. I get out and dry off quickly. I dress in sweats and a long-sleeve T-shirt and then pull out the directory. When I find his address, I grab my phone and keys and head out the door.

I approach his house and knock tentatively. A guy answers the door, smiling crookedly at me. He’s tall with ink black hair.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble. “I must have the wrong address.”

“You made the wrong choice, little witch,” he hisses, a sinister smile on his face.

And then he lunges for me.


I grabbed her, covering her mouth with my hand to muffle her screams. I sink my teeth into her neck, just long enough to knock her out. I drag her to my car, glancing around to make sure Leo hasn’t seen me.

When I get to Vincent’s house he and Nathan are outside waiting for me. I hoist Salem from my back seat and carry her to the cellar in his basement, dumping her on the twin mattress on the floor. They follow me, Vincent fuming.

“What was she doing looking for this Leopold guy?” He demands of Nathan.

He shrugs. “I may have taken things too far too fast.”

“What does that even mean?” I hiss at him. “It’s kind of hard to hide this from him when you have her showing up on his doorstep.”

“We may have consummated the relationship a little too soon,” he huffs.

I freeze, my blood boiling for Leo. “You did what?” I spit through clenched teeth, my fists begging to hit him. “You had sex with her? Since when was that the plan?!”

“She is my girlfriend now,” he bites back.

“I didn’t know rape was part of the plan!” I scream at Vincent, and then catch myself. “We need her on our side, do we not? Your little protégé can’t go around pulling shit like this.”

“Maybe we should just get rid of this Leonardo,” he says dismissively.

“No.” I say firmly. “Absolutely not. Maybe Nathan here just needs to keep his penis to himself.”

“I admit that it was too soon!” Nathan argues. “But she is mine now to do with as I please. It won’t happen again, I can keep her under control,” he assures Vinny.

“See to it that you do,” he says, walking to the door. “Clean up your mess,” he tells him. “Ezra will assist.”

Now I know how Leo must feel, always cleaning up after my messes.

Nathan huffs like a spoiled child and picks her up, tying her to the wooden chair.

“Let’s get this over with,” I sigh, trying not to let this get to me. I wouldn’t particularly care if Leo weren’t involved.

Having family sucks.

I have to do something to help her. I have to find a way to let Leo know what’s going on without getting caught by Vincent—I’m still on his side, I still believe in his cause. I don’t have a problem with using Salem. I didn’t have a problem with making her forget Leo, but I know I owe it to him to protect her.

Salem begins waking up, her eyes fluttering open.

“Not again,” I hear her soft voice before Nathan ties a gag over her mouth.

Not again.
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