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Waking up with Salem in my arms is the best feeling in the world.

We ate junk, watched sappy movies, and then when she began to get sleepy, I pulled her to my chest and held her while she snored softly. I’ve known this dark-haired beauty for only a few months, and have barely been able to spend any time with her for them, but she’s come to mean more to me than I ever imagined. I press a soft kiss to her temple and she squirms in my arms.

“Leo,” she mumbles, pressing her face into my neck.

“Hey, beautiful,” I whisper into her ear.

“What time is it?” She asks sleepily.

“2 AM,” I tell her, glancing at the up at the clock.

“I’m sorry,” she slurs. “You probably wanted to go home by now.”

“No, babe,” I assure her. “I want to be wherever you are. I’ve missed you,” I admit to her. “It drove me crazy being away from you, trying to convince myself that I was happy.”

“I missed you, too,” she says, pain in her voice. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want you to hate me.”

My heart aches. “I didn’t hate you. I hated being away from you. I hated hurting YOU. You told me to leave you alone and I didn’t listen… I’m glad I didn’t, though.” I rub her back in smooth circles.

“Me, too,” she says huskily as she presses her lips right below my ear and I shiver. I pull her mouth up to mine, reveling in the taste of her. She moans, her fingers winding in my hair. I bite her lip softly and something in her shifts. She kisses me feverishly, her leg wrapping around my waist as she pulls herself tightly to me. My hand has a mind of its own when it presses firmly against her breast. She hums happily in response. Getting highly turned on, my dick presses against her. She feels it and grinds her hips against me. Her hand slides in between us as she rubs me through my pants. I moan, and encouraged, she fumbles with my zipper until there’s nothing between my skin and her hand.

She grips me firmly, her hand moving slowly as I kiss her.

We don’t have much room to explore each other, so without thinking about it for too long, I sit up, grab her by her thighs, and carry her to her bedroom. I lay her on her bed and crawl over her. She smiles at me before reconnecting our mouths hungrily. I pull her sweater over her head, marveling at how perfect she is. She isn’t wearing a bra, nothing holding me back from grabbing her hard, pink nipple between my teeth and gently tugging. She moans and presses herself closer, encouraging me.

My hands slide to the waist of her pants, ready to pull them off and explore that as well, when she tenses.

“Stop,” she gasps. I freeze.

“Salem,” I say softly, bringing my face back up to hers. “We won’t do anything you don’t want to,” I assure her.

“We haven’t done this before, right?” She asks, her voice breaking.

The Salem I’m used to seeing is strong and level-headed. Seeing her this way causes a black fury to build in my chest knowing that Nathan caused this.

I cup her face in my hand, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips.

“No, beautiful. We’ve never done this.”

A tear falls down her cheek and I wipe it away with my thumb.

“I’m sorry he hurt you,” I whisper.

Her eyes widen in shock. “You know about that?” She asks, shame evident on her face.

“Ezra told me,” I admit uneasily and she hides her face from me, embarrassed. I grab her chin gently and force her to look me in the eyes. “He won’t hurt you again,” I promise her. “You’re mine now. If that’s what you want, of course.”

She grins at me and nods eagerly. I press my lips back to hers, our mouths moving in tender synchronization for too long to keep track of.

Slowly, her hand snakes it’s way back down to my length. Encouraged, I take her nipple back between my teeth and she moans, her hand increasing it’s speed, sending a jolt of electricity up my spine. I pull away from her and she looks up at me with big, trusting eyes. This time when I go to remove her leggings, she doesn’t stop me. I spread her thighs slowly, my eyes never leaving hers, searching for any sign that this isn’t what she wants. I press a soft kiss to her most sensitive area and she squirms beneath me. Unable to hold back any longer, my mouth finds its way to her, unable to retain any control. I taste her, and her fingers find their way to my hair, her legs shaking as my tongue explores her and she moans my name.

I’ve never wanted to please anyone more than I want to please Salem in this moment.

I can tell she’s about to cum when suddenly she pulls away, bringing my face up to hers. Her mouth finds mine in the darkness and her hand finds me, guiding me until I’m inside of her. She gasps, her hips moving against mine. I hungrily meet her thrusts with a force I’ve never known, her moans of pleasure driving me towards the end.

She grabs my waist tightly and she goes limp, calling out my name as she cums. I pull out and finish on her stomach and then collapse beside her, pulling her to me, pressing kisses to her hair, taking in the moment.

A few months ago, when I stopped a quiet girl in class to ask about her reluctance to use magic, I never thought that this moment would be a possibility.

A few months ago, I also never thought that we’d be fighting for our lives, or that I’d so eagerly give up my own to save this beautiful girl. At this point I can’t deny that I’m falling helplessly in love with her.

Author’s note: sorry this is a short, filler chapter, but it’s been so long since I’ve worked on this, that I needed a chapter to break through to the drama to follow. Thanks for reading.
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