Someone Special (MYG x Reader Soulmate AU)

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Lee Y/n. An average college student. Tired, overworked, and an introvert. Her family life isn't that great, and her social life isn't the greatest ether. But as a Cafe worker she knows how to get the job done. (So that she can become a lazy potato sooner rather then later, but don't tell her I said that...) One of the only things she looks forward to in life is meeting her soulmate. Min Yoongi. Part of a World renounced Idol Group, named BTS. His #1 goal in life is to (become a stone in his next life,) ahem, have his music become a safe and relatable place for his listeners. His family is made up of 6 other amazing and wonderful men that he loves as brothers. But that tight knit group is about to be penetrated by someone he never knew he was longing for. That someone is his soulmate. But he never wanted to meet or find his soulmate. That all changes when Y/n bumps into her soulmate at a convenience store. She then starts seeing him everywhere, at restaurants, on the street, and at her favorite place in the universe, at the edge of Han River. What will happen between these two as the story progresses? Read to find out.

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Authors Note

Hewo Lovelies!

I’m Artcyndy123 or Chris_applegodess! I’m a fairly new writer and would love to hear back from you guys! I love feedback, so feel free to give any. But don’t post anything to do with me or my friends, like hate comments that kill my self esteem. Hopefully we can create a beautiful community of MYG × reader fanfic fans and army.


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