Forever mine

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Chapter one

“Sophie, hurry up, time is far spent already" My mum called from the dining, but seriously who goes to school 7:00am these days.. Mum and her punctuality attitudes..

"Alright mum, am done" Sophie replied and rushing to the dining..

"mum where is Matt"? Sophie asked after checking all the everywhere and no sign of him

"Am here little sis"Matt replied from behind tickling my ears..

"Is that a surprise?, well sorry am not a tiny bit surprised" Sophie countered while taking a bit from her pie ,hmm mum's pie is the best..Sophie moaned in delight

"seriously Sophie, you lack sense of hum..." Matt was about to reply but stopped half way cause of taste of the pie... Sophie noticed and murmured


"I heard that, Matt said with a smile, but Sophie only replied with a smirk

"you guys should eat fast and get ready or I will clear out the table right away" Mrs Smith said jokingly

"alright" the two replied in sync and concentrated on their breakfast

Beep beep beep

"mum I think there's someone at the door" Matt said full mouthed with pie

" I will get the door mum" Sophie said and walking to the door..

" oh it's you" Sophie murmured and step out for Daniel to come in

" Yeah, it's me... Expecting someone else? "Daniel said cockily...

"Yeah.. Anybody apart from your royal stale self"Sophie retorted and left him at the door step....Daniel walk himself in and greeted Mrs. Smith and his best friend

" what's up Matt? Daniel asked averting from his cockily attitude to a good boy... Yeah, that's how he behave when he's with my mum and Matt

"am good, let's be on our way,it's 7:30am already"Daniel said after taking a quick glimpse from his wrist watch...

"Alright Son, be back at a reasonable time" Mrs. Smith order sweetly

"yeah yeah, I will" Matt said and ushered Daniel into his Mercedes Benz..

"Mum, I gat to go now " Sophie said and grabbed her car keys from the counter

"don't be...

" late... I know know mum" Sophie replied and hurried out before her mum can say another words..

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