Healed By My Mate

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Hazel is a 17-year old girl broken by the loss of her family. Follow her story as she suffers, she loves, she fights, and she wins. Caleb is a 18-year old werewolf who meets his mate under bad circumstances. Follow his story as he helps his mate to heal after the loss of her parents.

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[1] Flashbacks

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" I hate getting flashbacks of things I don't want to remember"
I was packing up my house and moving to an unfamiliar city. I looked into the mirror and saw a 5'2" brown eyed girl with waist length chocolate brown hair who once thought that nothing bad could ever happen to her, staring back at me.
My brother always.....I can't even complete a sentence when I start thinking about them, my family. It brings back memories, bad memories of the night when everything changed.
(6 months ago)
" Hazel and Thomas stop fighting you are distracting your father. ", Mom said.
" Let me concentrate on driving please. ", Dad chimed in.
I was angry at Thomas, he had been teasing me about not having had a single boyfriend at 17. This was mainly due to the fact that I was always reading a book and didn't have time to go on dates. At times like these I hated my brother for pointing out the obvious but I was a Daddy's girl so I replied ," Yes Dad I'm sorry." But shot Thomas a look that promised there would be hell later.
Still Thomas didn't back down, he started tickling me. I screamed at him to stop when suddenly there was a loud screeching noise of the brakes being applied and then the windows broke. Tiny pieces of glass flew everywhere.
I couldn't breathe properly, everything was spinning around. Somehow I managed to call out to my parents, to Tommy but no one answered me.
The last thing I see is a flash of blue and a sting at the base of my palm and then the world fades away.
I still have nightmares about that night. I even remember waking up in the hospital, feeling disoriented, hurting everywhere, asking for my family, and finally being told they didn't make it.
I think that was when I lost a part of myself and the rest of me just shattered. Hearing those words just made me feel alone and afraid.
I hate getting flashbacks of that, the things I never want to remember.

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