Alight [Completed]

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Chapter 10 - Melody

I didn’t hesitate one second. I was drawn to him with a force far greater than rationality or caution.

He led me by the hand up the staircase, and we weaved our way through people standing on the stairs. And with every single step down the hallway at the top, my heart thundered louder and louder...

It was finally the moment of truth. The moment that the masks would come off, and the truth would be revealed.

He opened a door on the left, and I barely stepped inside before he slammed the door shut and dragged me right into him, then he untied the ribbon that secured my mask with his fingertips, sliding off my mask and placing it onto his bedside table.

It was dark inside his room, although the blinds were partially open, and slivers of moonlight filtered through the slats, providing just enough light to make out the outline of various objects inside the room. But I wasn’t looking at anything else, but him...

He traced the outline of my jawline with his thumb, then lifted my chin, but I shook my head...

“Huh-uh... masks off...” I insisted, and he gave an amused chuckle as my fingers disappeared behind his head, and I untied the satin ribbon, handing the mask to him to place next to mine.

“Finally...” I breathed.

But before I could start asking questions again, our lips fused with the force of a neutron star collision, and I just knew the damn questions would have to wait for later...

His fingers tangled in my hair, and I circled my arms around him, needing to feel closer to him.

Hot fucking damn - Angel could kiss. With every masterful stroke of his tongue, I was losing myself more and more in him, being drawn in deeper and deeper into his dark allure. His mouth was a labyrinth that I could get lost in for hours. It was as though he was pumping a potion into me with every flick of his tongue, a potent potion that put me right under his spell.

I heard myself whimper, and that level of desperation for each other escalated by the second. His kisses were the taste of sin, and never before in my life did I want to sin more badly than this. I couldn’t tear myself away from him if I wanted to; what was happening between us was that intense.

I felt his hand dropping slowly down my arm, stroking my exposed skin, leaving behind a trail of fire.

“I was trying to resist this, but this is inevitable, isn’t it?” He whispered huskily when his lips left mine for one second, then he plundered my mouth again with his.

“I don’t know why you’re trying to resist this,” I murmured in between ravenous kisses, slipping my fingertips underneath his shirt, needing to feel him, instead of fabric.

“At this moment, I don’t know either...” he groaned, then his hand skimmed my ass, finding flesh, palming it, his kiss becoming more frantic and our tempo increasing furiously again.

“Can’t stop this,” I argued with him as we both smiled into our kiss, and just like then all of those doubts, that feeling that all of this was crazy, just fell away like that.

“Don’t want to, Snow,” he reassured me as he continued to discover every crevice inside my mouth.

My hands were shaky as I explored the hard contours underneath his shirt. I wanted him, so bad. Even though I didn’t know him. Even though I didn’t know his name. I knew enough... This felt so right. It felt like I belonged in his arms, so much more than I ever belonged in Heath’s or anyone else’s. I didn’t need names. I didn’t need details; I only needed this.

He exhaled a charged breath as he tore his lips from mine, but before I could do or say anything to protest, his lips brushed the sensitive skin on my neck just as I gasped for air, I was already drunk from our kiss, heat pulsing through my body in waves. Every single thing he did lit something within me, something overwhelming, something more intense than I’d ever experienced in my entire life.

He feathered kisses along the column of my neck - up and down - the contrast between his stubbled skin and mine was exhilarating. Then his mouth trailed a path of hot, wet kisses along my collarbone, before dipping below, briefly ghosting his lips in the V-opening of my dress, finding the exposed skin between my cleavage. I moaned as I rolled my head backward...

“I’m trying to take things slow, Snow, but fuck, you’re making this hard...” his warm breath fanned on my skin, and I felt my nipples harden, straining against my dress.

He kissed a path up to my jawline again before I managed to draw in another precious breath of oxygen, and he sucked my lower lip into his mouth again, and his tongue drew frantic circles around mine, as though we were creating a hurricane of our own making.

How can a kiss make me feel like this? Like I’m hanging onto my sanity by a thread? Like I might not survive if I have to end this? Like his kisses were ending me, like I was someone else, completely?

It felt dangerous, doing what we were doing - sexily dangerous, and I couldn’t get enough of that thrill. And that kiss of ours intensified even more so when he started kissing me harder and harder, more possessive, like he was trying to lay claim to me.

He dragged his thumb along my spine, tracing the outline of the zipper of my dress, and my body involuntarily arched forward, colliding even more furiously with his. I craved closer contact; I craved the feel of his skin on mine. I knew he wanted to unzip my dress and feel more of me against him too.

“So sexy, Snow, I want to taste every inch of you...” he murmured against my ravaged lips, and I answered him with another moan.

I felt so happy like this, in his arms, my heart was contracting so hard, my senses were in complete overload. Heat poured from his body like a waterfall, and I wanted to move closer and closer into that addictive heat and be drowned by it.

“Is it crazy that I don’t even know your name?” I whispered, and we both smiled into our next kiss.

“A little. I just hope you don’t hate me when you find out...” he teased the seam of my lips with his tongue.

“I can’t hate you. I owe you my life,” I reminded him, smashing my lips back onto his again.

“You don’t owe me anything, Snow. That was what I was afraid of. That’s why I left the hospital that day. I don’t want you to feel like you owe me...”

He swallowed my response as his mouth clamped over mine again and our tongues tangled, his hands burning a path over my dress, and I knew we both were wishing that it wasn’t there, that there was no barrier between us.

“I’m not kissing you out of gratitude,” I finally got out.

“Why are you kissing me, then?” There was a shade of hesitation in his voice. As though he was unsure if he’d like the answer.

“Because I want this. Because I feel this. Because you make me feel alive.”

“Good answer, Snow. It’s the same for me.”

He slammed his lips back onto mine, and this time he found the zipper of my dress for real, slowly unzipping it, inch by inch, his body tensing against mine as more and more skin was exposed.

“You sure about this?” He asked again, but my world was spinning; there was no way anything else but ‘yes’ was going to escape my lips.


He eased the straps off my shoulders, almost touching me reverently, slow, torturously slow, then he dipped his head and dragged his teeth across my shoulder, kissing me there, and I felt myself breaking out in goosebumps from the exhilarating sensation. My eyes fluttered shut, and the building tension between us caused a ripple of heat to vibrate through my body, settling in my core. I was losing a grain of sanity with every feather-light touch.

But just as his lips were whispering over my neck again, there was a loud banging on the door. We both froze...

“Are you in there? We have a situation downstairs!”

It was a girl’s voice, and she sounded pissed.

“Go away, Iz, I’m busy,” Angel groaned, on the cusp of letting that dress slide down to the floor.

“Trust me, you’re going to want to see this. Your girlfriend is involved in a shouting match with Connor Blake.”


My body tensed. “Girlfriend?” I choked out the word.

"No - I don’t have one,” he explained quickly. “All I can think of is that your sister’s here, too...”

“Hailey?” My breath froze inside my throat. “Why did she say girlfriend, then?”

He sighed. “I don’t know. She knows about you, though. I told her I was inviting you.”


“Are you coming, or not? I don’t want my party ruined by a fight, and you invited her, so you’re responsible for her” the girl sounded highly irritated as her voice traveled through the door again.

“It’s not...” he started, but then sighed. “I’ll be out in a second.”

He groaned, and his hands paused on my exposed shoulders. “Why is it that every single time, we get interrupted like this?”

My heart pounded in my throat. “Clearly, your timing sucks,” I tried to make a joke.

“Looking at my track record, I beg to differ, actually,” he said dryly, and I had to concur. Because his timing had been damn impeccable on at least two occasions when I needed saving.

“I’ll just go check on the situation. Stay right here,” he said, reaching for his mask again. “Iz threatened us all if we didn’t keep our damn masks on, she’s seriously obsessed with this party of hers.” He tied the ribbon behind his head.

“I’m going with,” I insisted, reaching for my mask as well.

“As you wish. But we’re not finished here - not by a mile,” he said adamantly, and it was my turn to smile.

I reached towards the back of my head, but I felt his fingers brush against mine, fastening the ribbon into a delicate bow.

“Thanks for this - it’s beautiful,” I whispered, and I thought I could make out his lips curving into a smile in the dim moonlight.

“Like you, Snow. You deserve beautiful things,” he traced the contour of my cheekbone with his thumb before he sighed. “Let’s go see what’s going on, so we can resume the more important business between us.”

“Like telling me who you are,” I reminded him, and he chuckled again.

“Like telling you who I am. I will, I promise, I just couldn’t help myself earlier. Actually, I don’t seem to be able to help myself whenever I’m around you, full stop.”

He slowly zipped up my dress again, and my breath hitched as his fingers skimmed across my spine. How was it that I was so hyper-aware of him? That I combusted every time we touched? Because the fact of the matter was that I couldn’t help myself whenever I was around him, either.

He took my hand and led me towards the door. And the moment the door opened, I could hear my sister’s voice, yelling at someone, which was highly unusual for Hailey.

“I can’t believe you, Connor!”

“It’s not what it looked like - fuck, Hail, I keep telling you nothing...” That was definitely Connor’s voice, and he sounded angry too.

Angel and I made our way down the stairs, and I spotted Hailey and Connor, both with their masks off, facing off at the bottom of the staircase. There was someone else with them in disguise, which looked like Davis, if I had to guess.

“No matter how you try to spin it, I know what I saw. You and Mel sneaking out of her room, still in your clothes from the previous night. You slept with my sister last weekend, Connor, under the same roof as I!”

The whole room fell silent, and I swear even the music stopped at that exact moment. And suddenly, the world seemed to move in slow motion. Angel disentangled his hand from mine, looking at me with a strange expression in his eyes.

“I thought you said there was nothing between you and Connor Blake...” and his voice was an accusation. A cold, hard accusation, and the look he gave me was one of complete disillusionment...

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