Alight [Completed]

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Chapter 13 - Melody

“I can’t make you any promises, Snow. Except for here and now,” his words pierced my soul. There was so much undiluted honesty in his gaze. I saw him - the seriousness, the truthfulness, the heat, and I wanted all of it.

“I don’t need any promises, Knox,” I said bravely, knowing that I was putting my heart at risk here.

“I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t want this. It’s your last chance to walk, Snow. Because if I kiss you again... I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop.” His breath was a wild whisper, like the wind. His eyes burning hot, like magma. Just being in the same room as him caused an involuntary physical reaction. I knew I had to stay away from him for my own good. But clearly, I didn’t want what was good for me, because I wanted him despite all the reasons why it wasn’t a good idea for us to even start.

“I don’t want you to stop...” I whispered boldly, not caring about the consequences.

My words were barely cold before he bent his head and brushed his lips over mine, and for a moment, time stood still as we just breathed each other in. Knowing we had right now, not sure what tomorrow may bring.

I wasn’t sure whose mouth started moving first, but it felt like destiny. Like this was always destiny, written into my stars. Like I was inside that cold, unforgiving ocean that day, exactly so that he’d cross my path, find me and bring me back to life with his lips.

And even though he said that he couldn’t make any promises, his kisses were drenched with them, telling me in no uncertain terms that I belonged to him, even if just for right now. He kissed me hard, sucking on my bottom lip, releasing it, burying his tongue deep inside my mouth. Heat swirled in my lower abdomen; flames were pulsing through my veins as I felt his kisses soaking into me; if this was madness, then I wanted to be insane.

His hand tangled in my hair; I moaned into his mouth; the next moment, he shoved me right against the wall. I didn’t expect to whimper that loudly, but he swallowed it all the same.

“Sorry...” his teeth gnashed against mine in another manic kiss, which drained me of my sanity.

“Don’t be...” I wanted more, so much more...

“Snow...” he murmured, tracing the outline of my jaw with his lips. He tugged me closer, his mouth stroking over my collarbone, his breath on my neck a featherlike flutter on my skin.

His hand snaked upward, skimming the outline of my cleavage through the fabric of my clothes. He was drugging me with his kiss - slowly, sensually - he was doing things to me I couldn’t put to words. His muscles were prominent - even through his clothes. I could feel them flex underneath the fabric of his shirt with every movement he made.

I exhaled almost painfully so as his hand skimmed backward again, unzipping my dress, as a thrill shot down my spine along with the scant touch of his fingertips. I worked him out of his shirt, my eyes mesmerized by the movement of his biceps and abdominals as he stretched, letting it fall onto the floor. His hands darted to my shoulders, letting my garment slip.

“Is this a mistake?” He asked, fighting with himself, as though he was trying to convince us both.

“How can it be, to feel like this?” I countered, feeling my pulse explode like a firework as he crashed his mouth on mine again, darting his tongue in and out, tugging at my underwear with intent.

His jeans clung to his defined thighs as though he was molded into them, and I peeled them off, finding his hard ridge bulging in his underwear. He pulsed heat at me, his body screaming for release just like mine.

We kissed hungrily, dancing our way to his bed, discarding our unwanted clothes in a trail of fabric and fire. As we fell onto his bed, a rush of heat exploded right through me, from skull to toes, and we immediately started grinding, moving harder, more urgently against each other.

The way he looked at me - dear God - his jaw tensed, a heated glint in his eyes that threatened to drown me in its indigo depths. But unlike the depths of the ocean, his eyes didn’t extinguish that fire inside of me, instead fanning those flames like fuel, flashing hot, fierce, and with intent.

His fingers skimmed my underwear, and my back arched as his warm mouth clamped over my cleavage, lighting a fuse that detonated right inside my core. Liquid heat pooled inside me; I could barely breathe as his hand darted inside, brushing his fingers through my wetness, a shudder coursing violently through me as he found that delicate spot, teasing me.

“Fuck, I knew it would be like this...” he groaned as I bit my bottom lip, tilting my hips, arching further into his hand while I stroked him simultaneously with mine.

“Like what?” I whispered, possessed.

“Real. So fucking good - like pouring gasoline onto an already out-of-control fire.”

I couldn’t argue with that, so I kept my mouth shut, my eyes threatening to roll backward in their sockets from the escalating pleasure coursing through me in waves. His skin burned against mine, his tongue flicking over my pebbled peaks, then sucking and tugging, extracting almost violently-intense reactions out of me as his fingers dipped inside while his thumb swirled in sinful patterns, reminding me of my own mortality, as I was dying a sweet death under his touch.

“Ahhh... so good...” I rasped, my breathing becoming more erratic as those pulses of pleasure built at the base of my spine. His thumb drew intricate patterns, that pressure increasing tenfold as he curled a finger inside of me, rubbing, sliding in and out skillfully in a perfect rhythm.

Planets collided behind my closed eyes as my body tensed, then shivered, pleasure slamming into me like a ten-tonne-truck. I came hard, crying out as he clamped his hand over my mouth.

“Shh... don’t want anyone else to hear you, Snow. Those moans are only for me,” he said possessively; those eyes were blazing fiercely.

I came back down to earth enough to nod, and he removed his hand, groaning as I yanked his underwear off, inflicting torture on him as my hand wrapped around the base of his engorged shaft, applying light pressure whilst sliding up and down.

Our lips slammed together again, that kiss becoming dirty and feral as his pleasure built, and we sucked the air from each other’s mouths.

“I need to fuck you right now, or I’ll go insane,” he groaned impatiently, lifting himself, breathing heavily, finding a foil packet, ripping it open with his teeth.

The cold air on my naked skin made me break out in goosebumps; I immediately missed his heat blanketing me in warmth. He lowered himself back onto me; our gazes clung; for a moment, we just looked at each other, a fire lit in our eyes, as though we both knew that there was no turning back, that something had already changed irrevocably.

“You and me both...”

Our mouths crashed together first, before our groins collided, and he filled me, moving in and out of me as I grabbed onto his hips, exhaling in a shudder. Our sweltering bodies rolled together, his thrusts becoming harder, filling me deeper, our pace quickening along with our hearts.

“I love kissing you, but this... there’s no turning back now,” he whispered hotly into my mouth as our my legs tangled intricately around his hips, his grip growing firmer, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of my ass. His tongue licked my lips, then he sucked my bottom lip, releasing it again to match our exact rhythm. I was shattering inside his arms, little by little, oh my God, I was nearly there. This was highly addictive; I was fisting the sheet with one hand, the other digging into his shoulderblade in ecstasy.

His body was hot and hard against mine, his hair was tousled and sexy, and his eyes were messy with pleasure. He looked so good, moving above me, and then I couldn’t do anything but cling onto him like I was drowning inside the ocean again.

And the next moment, a violent pulse shuddered right through me, sending ripples of ecstasy through my system like a drug. I writhed underneath him as a moan tore from my throat, which he stole with his mouth, silencing me, before he groaned, releasing his own aftershocks, collapsing on top of me.

My chest heaved, my skin was flushed with perspiration as we just lay there, holding each other. And just then, I knew that there was absolutely no chance of walking away from this unscathed - it was already too late. This thing was going to hurt; there was no escaping that.

“I want you, for as long as I can have you, Snow,” he murmured against my lips, his mouth latching onto mine again, stealing my breath, stealing my heart right along with it.

And although forever was never written in our future, I still felt the happiest I’d felt in years. It was as though I found something I didn’t know even existed, that I craved deep inside my veins and inside the darkest outposts of my soul.

That was the night I really fell for him, and the night my fate was sealed, because I’d soon realize that I couldn’t belong to anyone else. He dragged me out of the shadows, back into the light, but soon that darkness would be back, threatening to swallow me again.

“You have me, Knox. For as long as we have,” I made him a promise.

But the thing was, the universe hadn’t given us much time. And little by little, I was giving him pieces of me. Little pieces, which in isolation may not have seemed like much. But pieced together, it would end up costing me my whole heart.

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